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The name and address of the writer who is a Muslimah

And wife of a Tableeghi is withheld at the author's request.



I was happily married woman.  My husband, a medical doctor, was kind, loving, compassionate, and a model father to our two children.  He was a perfectly NORMAL human being, with exemplary behaviour, an extremely good Muslim, and I can proudly say that he was a credit to the human race….. until he was rudely snatched away from me and my children by the Tableegh  Jamaat!


When this happened, he turned into a mere caricature of a human being.  He discarded his normal, man's clothes, donning the Tableeghi calico maxi-kurta, which is really a female dress.  He grew a bushy, Viking-type of ferocious, frightening beard, started carrying that eternal "Miswaak" stick in his front pocket where fountain pens are usually kept.  He wears his calico trousers miles away from his ankle and thinks that that is the real Islam!


Before his transformation, he had bought beautiful furniture for me - a lovely dining room table and chairs, a color television, and a gorgeous bedroom suite.  No sooner the demon of Tableeghism gripped and grabbed him, than he came home one day and ordered me to wear the Ninja purdah "with immediate effect."  He stopped me from going out - even to buy the bare necessities for the kitchen - saying that I must remain confined to the four walls of the home, because that's what Islam teaches and that is how our Rasoolullah wants us women to be.


He sold all our furniture - yes, ALL, and this is no exaggeration!  We had to sit on the floor and eat; we had to sleep on the hard floor.   He said that that is how our Prophet slept.  He did not sell the TV set; he actually SMASHED it to pieces, saying that the money gained from selling the TV would be Haraam!




He seldom stayed at home.  He lost all feelings for his children and for me.  He travelled with the Jamaat all over South Africa and overseas, doing "Da'wah" work - staying away for months on end.  When I broached the question of family life and our conjugal relations with him, he became violently abusive, and so incensed that he slapped me and beat me up badly.  He accused me of listening to the "non-sense" of the non-Tableeghis, who are enemies of Islam; he said that I was grossly "disobedient" and a "disgrace" to Islam!



He does not practice as a doctor anymore.  He is giving every minute of his time to the Jamaat.  I had to find work to support my two children.  And for this effort of mine, I was beaten up badly AGAIN!  He said that there is NO need for me to work, as we must have our faith and "tawakkul" on Allah, and Allah will provide us with food!  That's what his "Hazrat" told him.


He does not want to divorce me: "You can rot in Hell for ever, you B----", were his words - the last swear word coming out from the "holy", "Paak" lips of a "lover of Rasoolullah"!!  My happy home, which was a haven of peace, love and tranquility, turned into a veritable hell when my husband came under the evil shadow of this pernicious cult of Tableeghism.  I know of many other homes that are broken up and economically destroyed by the Tableegh Jamaat.  The wives of the Tableeghis have been forced to seek their satisfaction elsewhere, seeing that their husbands are never at home!  Parents have lost their sons to this Evil Creed; wives have lost their husbands to this Satanic Syndrome of Tableeghism!


I want my Muslim sisters all over the world to know that if they wish to ruin their lives, then they must marry that creature with a beard and long kurta, three-quarter trousers, who passes himself off as a "human" being!!   Your marital life will be destroyed, your happiness will be destroyed, your Islam will be destroyed, and you will be TERRIBLY traumatized!



In compliance with your policy, I am furnishing you with my full name, address and telephone number, but PLEASE do not publish my name for obvious reasons.  You may use my nom-de-plume. 





(Phoenix, Durban, South Africa)


Courtesy:   AL-BALAAGH         Vol. 25,   No. 2          MAY/JUNE  2000      p.4 

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