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Having a Free Will and having a Destiny scientifically explained !







Wholeness and Destiny


The whole universe is a complete, intelligent system. There is total order to all events; nothing is amiss.


From the perspective of this universal intelligence there are no 'time passages' such as those perceived by human minds. There is only one, eternal, undivided, universal moment that exists at once.


However, as a product of our five senses' perception, we observe all events taking place in an order in time. By referring to the wholeness within the essence of everything, we define the situation by saying that "all events in the universe are organized by Allah" in a timeless dimension.


There is only one, single will-power ruling over the whole universe. However, there are many, many, dimensional levels of existence as well as levels of time. What we know as our time is completely relative to our human perception, and concepts such as before and after are completely relative to our point of observation within the capability of our senses. Therefore, something that is observed as happening now for us in our dimensional level of life may have already happened in another dimension of time without our knowledge.


As an example, just consider a blast of thunder that you hear seconds after you see a flash of lightning. Your senses' perception fool you into thinking that the thunder roared sometime after the lightning occurred. Whereas, in fact, at the point of event by the clouds they both are the result of the same one event that occurs at once. Our way of observing creates the perception of a time interval, a duration of time that passes between events, a perception of time that changes depending upon our distance from the event.

Our future is always of our understanding of future: it is not future for itself. Therefore, considering the reality of wholeness, all our future is already foregone.

Past, present and future are wholly enfolded within oneness.


Thus, accepting destiny is being open to the reality beyond the limits of our senses' perception.



When We Refuse Destiny We Are Refusing the Idea Of God


"Destiny," the laying out of the entire universe in deeper dimensions, including all that dwells in it, is totally ordained by Allah: destiny never changes. When the foreordainment unfolds within our dimension of life, we observe it as our lifetimes. The future is future for us only, and in another dimension it is foregone. All events of life have already happened at some deeper dimensional levels.

When we think there is a conflict between having a free will and having a destiny, we are, in fact, experiencing a conflict between our sense of personal achievements and the idea of a separate God that rules the world from outside. Therefore, by refusing this concept of destiny we are, in fact, refusing the idea of a "separate god" that ordains the future for us. See how we are right in our refusal.

Thinking minds will never settle with the idea of a destiny controlled by an outer power. Only by understanding the truth that Hazrat Mohammed revealed to us by the noun Allah is it possible for us to avoid such confusion. Because, the belief in true destiny is an automatic result of knowing Allah as the Limitless One.


There is not a God-out-there that ordains a future for any one of us; nor is there a person whose future is laid out by a god.


By reversing ego's supposition, we can understand that it is not we do not manifest (create) our destiny, but it is our destiny that is manifested (revealed) over time, throughout our lives, through ourselves, as ordained by Allah from within–whether or not we know it. However, when we do know it, it means the awareness of that reality is unfolded through us.


From the perspective of ego, destiny is just impossible to understand and accept, as the ego will never agree to totally "surrender" and consequently attain the "peace" that means "Islam."






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