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Holocaust- The Glory Of The Well Adjusted

By Case Wagenvoord               17 September, 2009 

I don’t remember what triggered it, but the most terrifying epiphany I had in grad school was when it struck me that the only difference between Adolph Eichmann and a clean-cut Air Force first lieutenant sitting in a missile silo in the wheatfields of Kansas was that Eichmann had been given the opportunity to carry out his orders while the lieutenant hadn’t. However, if so ordered, this apple-pie American boy would not have hesitated to press a button that would have resulted in the death of millions.

Slaughter is slaughter, whether the ideology driving it is anti-Semitism or anticommunism.

So great is our revulsion at the Holocaust that we treat it as an aberration, the result of a group of mentally unbalanced Nazis, a historical fluke that could never happen again. This view is reinforced by movies such as Luchino Visconti’s “The Damned” that depicted a Nazi Germany rift with sexual depravity.

The tragic truth is that it took more than depravity to make the Holocaust the stunning success that it was.

Once the Nazis decided that extermination was the only efficient way to rid Germany of its Jewish population, they assigned the task to the SS. The idea was to keep it an interparty operation.

The poor sots tried everything including mass shooting and packing their victims into trucks into which carbon monoxide was pumped. Not only couldn’t they get the numbers, but their executions were going psycho on them.

Reluctantly, the Nazis decided they had to bring in the German civil service and German industry. This led to the Warmsee Conference, chaired by SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich

Before the conference, Heydrich was very apprehensive over how the civil servants and industrialists would react. After the meeting, he was thrilled by the enthusiasm with which participants greeted the plan.

The Holocaust was a product of corporate management. As one writer puts it:

“Even a single transport of German Jews required the involvement of many municipal authorities other than the local police. An assembly and loading area, usually in the cargo depot, had to be made available by local railway authorities. Officials from the Finance Office collected property inventories from the deportees, liquidated the property, and turned the proceeds over to the Tax Office.”

Engineers drew up blueprints for the death camps while contracts were inked for their construction. Marketing managers of the large chemical firms were thrilled with government orders for large quantities of poison gas.

The point is that the Holocaust was executed by people we’d feel very comfortable sitting next to in church or at a concert. They were solid citizen, respectable in their behavior and mores. We’d feel as comfortable with them as we would our first lieutenant.

This suggests that the Holocaust was not an aberration; the mindset that made it possible is permeates Western society.

The question that has always plagued me is what is the mechanism that numbs our moral sensibilities to such an extent that we would be willing to perpetrate mass slaughter, especially if we knew we would never ever see a dead body? Is it group think, or the bland language of our policymakers that scrubs murder clean of its gore? It must be an adrenalin high for a bored civil servant to implement a policy of state-sanctioned slaughter.

I suspect it all comes down to the language, and its tepid drone that normalized horror and gives it respectability. A normal voice or a dry paragraph drowns out the screams of the victims.

Yes, it’s the voice; it’s the nasal drone of the official spokeshill as it fills the air, soothing, reassuring, denying, euphemizing the vile, beautifying the ugly, making of death an abstraction. It is a voice Orwellian in its beauty to create truths out of falsehoods.

It’s a voice monotonous in its movement, a dulling cadence that moves neither too quickly nor too slowly as is casually drops labels and clichés, trying to pass jargon off as depth, concealing its dehumanizing void behind a shield of faux-positive delivery, painting uncertainty as certainty, hinting at truth in words that conceal the linguistic nihilism that is at its core, pumping itself up on a word steam of its own self importance, a smokescreen spinning itself out of the stale cobwebs of fantasy. It is the voice of the serene barbarity of the civilized.

And it drones on and on and on and on until we drop into a hypnotic trance, and all of our doubts and misgivings are put to rest, as once again God is in His heaven and we can sleep the sleep of the dead.

What time bombs we are in our well adjusted normality. All we need is a workable label and we are off to the races.

Case Wagenvoord is a citizen who reads. He blogs at and welcomes comments at

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