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Prayer during Menses


Date: Tuesday, 18 August 2009, 1:51 pm

[33:62] God's Sunnah is unchangeable [39:23] The Quran is the best Hadith


How can I get myself back on track for praying after my period?

Before my period I'm always so motivated and I pray all the 5 times in a day and I run such a good habit of it...but then I get my period, and after 10 or so days of having it I get used to the not praying and then it's hard for me to start again. How can I get myself back on track? I don't want to be scared into doing it, I want to be motivated and have a passion for it. Thanks.

Peace be upon you,

The menstrual cycle is a natural cleaning process created by God. The Quran talks about menstruation in two verses:

1. In 2:222 God tells us that we are not to have sexual intercourse with our wives while they are menstruating: [2:222] They ask you about menstruation: say, "It is harmful; you shall

avoid sexual intercourse with the women during menstruation; do not approach them until they are rid of it. Once they are rid of it, you may have intercourse with them in the manner designed by GOD. GOD loves the repenters, and He loves those who are clean."

2. In 2:228 God says that divorced women must wait three menstrual cycles before marrying another man. This is to ensure she is not pregnant: [2:228] The divorced women shall wait three menstruations (before marrying another man). It is not lawful for them to conceal what GOD creates in their wombs, if they believe in GOD and the Last Day. (In case of pregnancy,) the husband's wishes shall supersede the wife's wishes, if he wants to remarry her. The women have rights, as well as obligations, equitably. Thus, the man's wishes prevail (in case of pregnancy). GOD is Almighty, Most Wise.

So as you can see, God already speaks of the menstrual cycle in the Quran. He also spoke of prayer, fasting and reading Quran; NEVER did He say that women are NOT allowed to pray, fast, or read (even touch) the Quran while menstruating. Such an idea is an innovation that has no place in Islam.

The menstrual cycle is a natural cleaning process created by God. Why should women NOT be able to worship their Lord during this time? Do you suppose He forgot to tell us that menstruating women shouldn't pray, fast or read quran during this time? My suggestion to you is to keep performing your religious duties all the time.

I highly suggest for you to read the following article:


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