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Simplicity is Divinity Profound

By Dr. Syed Liaqath Peeran

All Muslims are required to cultivate simplicity as a second nature in their personality and should maintain the command of Allah and His Prophet (Pbuh).

Simplicity is a spark of divinity. In it is found humility and persons with these characteristics are god-fearing and gentle in their manners and courteous to the core. They are kind in their behavior and sweet tongued in their speech. Simple people shun ostentations, show, pomp and pride. They walk on the earth with humbleness and do not boast of their lineage, knowledge or achievement. Simple people do not attempt to stand tall and do not show off any of their talents or possessions. They are unassuming, but in no way are they weak in the bearing or personality. They are strong minded with a will of iron and strength of steel. The most magnetic personality of the world is our holy Prophet (Pbuh). He was most simple in manners, in living, in talk, speech and behavior. His most staunch enemy would acknowledge his greatness, his simplicity and humbleness. Allah says that the most humble and meek shall rule the world.

Satan, the accursed, who is a staunch enemy of man, has promised to Allah that he will not be able to disturb and mislead the humble people, who are devoted to Allah and fear Allah and are quick in obedience and also in repentance, when a wrong occurs. Simple persons have no airs about themselves and do not carry any class and chaste feelings. They mingle with one and all. They are lovable and their faces glow with joy and happiness and it is contagious. Simple people are helpful for persons in need and always give a helping hand to whosoever seek their help. They are selfless in their service, without any expectation of any reward in return. They bow to the service winds like a tree or grass without being uprooted and adjust to any circumstance and are highly elastic in nature. They are sincere in all their attempts in all their endeavors. They take success and failure in their stride. They do not show their disappointment and failures by changed behavior. Their behavior is constant and does not change according to the circumstances. Simple people are good people who believe in all good things of life.

All Muslims are required to cultivate simplicity as a second nature in their personality and should maintain the command of Allah and His Prophet (Pbuh). Simple people are devoted to their duties and they serve Allah and His Prophet with simple minded devotion. They do not suffer from duality of thoughts and action. They are neither double tongued or colorful in their temperament.

(The writer is editor of 'Sufi World'. He can be reached at Visit:

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