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Suicide Among Muslim Youth - by Syeda Tabassum


It is no news that suicide rates in metropolitian cities are increasing at an alarming rate what comes as a shock is age group of people that commit suicide. Recently there were incidents in Bangalore where a teen aged 14 or so and a kid, 8 committed suicide because they were chided by their parents. There is no dearth of examples where people in their twenties resort to end their lives when faced with unfavourable events in their lives. If you are one that is suffering from suicidal tendencies then before taking your life please take time to read below.


Whatever may be cause of your decision to end your life before taking any further steps try postponing your plans to tomorrow. Again tomorrow postpone it to day after tomorrow. Why not live for one more day and see what happens? Talk to someone, reach out to family and friends tell them you need help there is nothing to feel ashamed of. You will be amazed to know you are surrounded by wonderful people. Would you still like to end your life? Change your life style, pick up a hobby, go for a make over and try to look your best. This will make you feel good about yourself. If you wanted to learn something say a dance form or playing an instrument. How about mastering it before taking your life? By the time you complete your course you will reach a state where you will love yourself because you are a better person than you were before you took activity up and you will realize for yourself how stupid you were in the first place to even think of killing a beautiful person that is you. Turn spiritual, it is the best time to look inside for answers, discover your true Self, cleanse your soul, explore a higher level of conscious and learn the true meaning of life.


You are special to Allah (SWT). Our beloved Prophet (SAW) whom Allah loves so dearly was also tested with hardships then would He not test you too? Turn to Allah for help He will never turn His’ slaves down. God loves you so much that He wanted you to turn to Him and hence all these calamities and grief in your life. He is preparing you for a better life, He has planned something big for you in life. Take it as a test of Faith and persevere patiently to see what is it that Allah (SWT) wants to grant you.


Now coming to the cause of your decision end your life. It could be one of these: troublesome childhood, break up, rejection, loss in business, unemployment, death of someone near and dear. These events push you into mental depression which calls for professional help. For more on depression here


This is just a small phase in your vast life and it will end sooner than you can imagine. At this point you are high on emotions and filled with negative thoughts. You cannot think clearly or logically. Do not stress yourself with more pain by imagining things just go with the flow. Wait patiently until the dark clouds are gone giving way to golden sunshine. If you have lost your job, take it as a break and do something you always wanted to do before you find a new job. If you are betrayed or wronged by someone forgive and forget. Be at peace that it was not you who has wronged a fellow human; atleast you do not carry the burden of betraying someone’s trust on the back of your head. Be happy that you are true to your conscious, you can sleep peacefully.


Accept what is happening in your life, be a silent spectator do not let the outside events agitate the inner atmosphere of your mind. Things cannot get any worse. Be emotionless do not react to anything. Be prepared. But prepared for what?


Be prepared for the surprise part. Slowly as the time passes you will see for yourself how miraculously events will unfold in due course of time and you will realize whatever has happened in the past was for your own good. You would not have asked for more.


Live to enjoy the surprises that God will bestow on you.

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