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To marry educated or uneducated women?! (Part 3)

 By: Majed Thabet Al-kholidy


Having shed sufficient light on the aspects of marrying uneducated women, it is time to shed light on the aspects of marrying educated women. Again, this is not my personal point of view, but the opinions of others as supported with some real examples taken from our society.


Some men look at the educated women as better than uneducated because of their way of thinking and style of life. Educated women, according to some men, are well behaved and more rational than uneducated ones. "Educated wives are not narrow in their thinking and look at life from a more rational perspective", said an educated young man.


As a matter of fact, educated women do no need orders to do things for her home. She is more careful to do her duties at home and outside home as well. "My educated wife always does everything without tasking her to o so and that makes me feel rest, and saves my time", said a husband of an educated wife.


Educated women, according to some men, deal with life with a sense of responsibility. They realize how life is difficult especially for those who have children with a limited source of incomes. Such wives feel a sense of responsibility and tries as much as possible to offer something for her home and children. "An educate wife tries as much as possible to make the marrige life better and suitable", said that man.


Educated women know the importance of how to grow up children. This make them take it as a matter of duty to do best for growing up her children. They, subsequently, pay attention to heir education, their behaviors and their relations etc. This helps the man and contributes to establish a more stable life.


Educated women also help the husbands in their financial responsibilities of home needs. That is to say, some educated women get chances to work so that they help the husbands in the home expenses. "My educated wife works as a teacher in a one of the governmental schools, and though her salary is not too much, she offers many things which are required for home" said a husband of educated wife.


Educated women can be good wives since they look at life from a wider point of view. They, for example do not make problems if the husbands talk or contact other women because they have an idea that the husbands' relations with other women can be colleagues, friends and so on. In contrast, uneducated women never believe that there are normal relations between men and women and subsequently, they may move earth and heaven if they know that their husbands have relations with other women. For this, the husbands take it easy to talk about their relations with other women, knowing that their wives will not create any problem or even ask any question about such relations with other women.


Of course, there are more positive aspects of marrying educated women. These are only some cases, I hope, dear readers, you shed light on some other cases. Such cases are to be compared with the aspects of marrying uneducated women so that men can realize which one is better to select for future life. Finally, I hope this topic is interesting for you so that you react and send responses to my personal email or the email of the newspaper's editor.





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