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What is Jealousy?

It's been our experience that what's underneath jealousy is fear of one kind or another. Jealousy is about real or imagined fears--fear of abandonment, fear of loss of love, fear of being dishonored in the relationship, fear of being shamed in the community, unresolved issues from past relationships, lack issues, poor self esteem, cover or mask for things from the past that you haven't healed yet, vindictive or a desire for revenge that is misguided or misdirected toward someone else.

When jealous feelings come up, it's usually because we're afraid that we won't get our needs of one kind or another met. It's been our experience that when jealousy comes up, somewhere within us, we are crying out for help.

Effects of jealousy on personality


1.      Intensity of jealousy determines & affects the success ratio, more the intensity less the success.

2.      Makes one afraid

3.      Makes one angry

4.      Can lead to depression

5.      Increases stress in life

6.      Destroys relations

7.      Makes one feel lonely

8.      Creates irrational doubts in mind

9.      Makes one irritable

10.  Jealousy affects mental & physical system badly & change can be obviously seen. These person are very weak & slimy (as per the intensity of jealousy). These persons normally face sinus / lung / cold-cough & similar problems frequently.

11.  Jealousy also affects personality by inviting unfavorable judgments from others.

12.  Jealousy is as sign of immature & unhealthy personality

13.  No matter how these peoples behaves verbally or physically they will be judged as immature.

14.  Jealousy affects personal & professional success, self attitudes, realizations, beliefs & even digestive system.

15.  These peoples satisfy very less & helps to satisfy only their ego.

Whatever is going on--whether the jealousy is "warranted" or not--fear is at the bottom of those feelings and there's a lot more going on than what is on the surface. Until we look at those fears and begin to heal them, no matter what relationship we're in, jealousy will creep in again and again.

In their descriptions about their jealousy challenges, many people talk about "withdrawing," "getting quiet," "becoming numb," "saying things they didn't mean" and "lashing out." These behaviors are all ways to shield, protect and insulate themselves from the pain they are feeling inside themselves.  


Fatal Effects of Jealousy 

How to overcome Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the worst poisons of any relationship. The devastating effects of jealousy are twofold: first, jealousy ruins good communication between people, causing a mutltitude of unfounded arguments and fights; secondly, jealousy conveys some of the most unattractive qualities in a jealous person such as lack of confidence and insecurity which are some of the bigget turn offs for both men and women.

Jealousy and suspiciousness indicate insecurity in a person’s self-worth and lack of confidence in his ability to attract and keep a partner interested. A lover who suspects his partner of unfaithfulness without having real evidence of that will literally “terrorize” him by questioning and constantly treating him as a suspect of the crime of cheating.

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