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Encouraging public displays of delusions

I find religious belief odd to start off with, especially when it comes to public displays of delusional thinking… that somewhere, some invisible chap dictated what you have to wear in order to show your devotion to him.

What I find particularly disappointing is that women always seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to religion (after all, the guy in the sky is male, so why should we be surprised) followed by hollow justifications such as purity etc. While it actually just boils down to male jealousy or some males inability to behave like gentlemen….

If that god (in this case Allah) wanted woman to look like amateur ninjas he would have created them so ugly that you want them to cover up and not have wasted his time making them attractive to the male of the species. Not that he did, it is a simple evolutionary process to ensure mating and survival of the species, but lets pretend for an awfully long second that there is a male chauvinist pig in the sky with an unhealthy interest in our sex lives.

So here we have the following situation:

The United States consulate in Johannesburg recently hosted the burkas Project, dealing with Muslim identity from the perspective of Muslim women who wear the burka (an outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions for the purpose of cloaking the entire body) and niqab (a veil that covers the face).

Of course it was done as a PR stunt by the US consulate, trying to appease the adherents of Islam in a small token way, in the vain hope that their stuff-up in Middle East will somehow be easier to swallow.

Youngsters are a soft target, and they know it (politicians don’t hug babies because they love them, but because their parents do) ….. one wonders what the response would have been if they decided to pull this PR stunt with adult women..

O well lets look at some of the responses:

People would laugh at us as if the religion was a joke. I felt as if I was a ghost at times and like I was mourning. It was tiring and hot. I used bright colours to show that I was not mourning, but happy. The circles represent the fact that there is no end to people’s ignorance — they knew nothing about us, but chose to laugh.

And you are surprised that they laughed, as they say in the classics, when in Rome do as the Romans do. … circles representing ignorance? Errmm it was her choice to disappear from sight behind a cloth, and she knew the consequences, it was her choice and not as if she was born with this outfit. I think the circles represented her own ignorance about human behavior.

didn’t know my true identity because of people’s negativity. I felt as though I was doing something wrong because of people’s stares. First, I felt dehumanised, then I felt pure and innocent — that’s why I put a white ribbon on my burka. I realised that people’s minds have not changed, so the pins symbolise the cruelty. This experience has taught me to respect religion far more than I ever have.

Lets make this simple. You covered yourself up like a mummy with certain symbolism attached to it (not your own) in an environment where it is not the norm…. and it taught you to respect a delusion more? Eish.

The judgement that oozed from the customers’ eyes pierced my heart, causing me to look quickly down in humility. I missed my inviting smile, daring red hair, my feminine soft hands and everything else God had blessed me with, but I knew that a piece of cloth didn’t define me, nor did I have to look like everyone else to feel that little inch of acceptance, but I began to feel weary.

Errm yip, you decided to cover up your “god given” features…. your choice, not those who “judged” you.

Every child was scared of us and even asked if we were good or bad people.

Aaahh trust little children to express truthfully what adults are really thinking. Perfectly normal.

Many women are reclaiming the burka, reinterpreting it in light of its original purpose, giving back to women ultimate control of their own bodies. You see, I am not controlled by my miniskirt and revealing shirt, so I’m never harassed like sexual dirt!

O bingo. Sexual dirt??? Excuse me… and what is the male role in all of this??? I mean what does it take for a woman to be considered sexual dirt?? A warped religous conviction maybe?

No it does not give you back ultimate control, you abdicate that control to a piece of cloth…. and a miniskirt etc does not control you either…. you get the drift.

The meaning of this way of dress extends to the depths of modesty, privacy and morality. Being feminine represents purity. Being pure comes with morals and dignity, which are linked to respect and faith and, ultimately, when this puzzle is built, a picture of contentment, serenity and peace is established. Why do they consider it derogatory when they have no knowledge of Islam?

And they leave the most deluded thinking for last…. this piece of cloth acts as a symbol for modesty, privacy, morality… hmmmm and the male version for this is?

So they want to promote knowledge of Islam by parading girls around in mobile prisons (mind prisons as well)?

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