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Aims and Objectives:

1. To revive the Islamic Renaissance through intellectual advancement of the Muslim Ummah by awarding research grants, scholarships and establishing centers of higher learning, which integrate Islamic and modern education.

2. To promote the understanding of al-Qur'an and Hadith in the light of modern knowledge.

3. To promote the establishment of Ijtihad to tackle modern problems facing the Muslim Ummah caused by advances in modern science & technology, genetic engineering, medical breakthroughs, etc.,


Anyone disagrees with any specific article, he/she may write an article with his/her opposing view points giving pertinent reference. It is the bedrock policy of IRFI to encourage Critical Thinking, Opposing Points of View and Ijtehad. Articles that support the goals of IRFI, such as Islamic Renaissance, intellectual advancement, upliftment of the Muslim Ummah, interpretation of the noble Qur'an and Sunnah in the light of modern knowledge will be published with the approval of the editorial board.

Programs & Activities:

1. Organizing lectures, seminars, national and international conventions to promote the revival of Islamic Renaissance.

2. To raise funds to establish an Endowment Fund for purposes of awarding research grants, scholarships and establishing centers of higher learning which integrate Islamic and modern education.

3. To award grants for publication of Books that meet the Aims and Objectives of the Islamic Research Foundation.

4. Publishing a Quarterly called 'Aalim (previously 'ILM) that promotes intellectual growth of the Muslim Ummah that includes opposing points of view.

5. Establishment of a first rate Islamic Research Library for conducting research by students and scholars.

6. To cooperate and work together with other organizations for a common cause.

7. Conducting Essay Competition for Muslim youth of the world.




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