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Islam in North America:

Locate a mosque nearest to you: Find Mosque in U.S. & Canada

Islamic Society of North America: ISNA



Qur'an in Arabic and translations in English, Francais, Deutsch, and many other languages: Holy Qur'an online

Links to enrich your knowledge on Qur'an:


Further links to enrich your knowledge on: Qur'an recitation

Take online courses and learn Quran - AlQuran

Books related to Islam:

Koran - English Translation by Dr. T.B.Irving

Islamic Books: Online Islamic Books by Subject

Rare and ancient books are also available around 3000 titles:

Books on Islam Basics you can download for free

Al Muhaddith Islamic Library


Islamic Education Websites:

The Encyclopedia of Islamic History is the work of scholars whose intent is to create an enduring record of the role played by Islam in global history -

Learn the Quran by Online Teachers

Creating and maintaining a balanced, holistic, and authentic center of information on Islam and interactive discourse, with an aim to promote dialogue and understanding through a variety of media. -
Reading Islam where East and West meet

Useful information about Islam -

Moon sighting News, Analysis and Articles:

Islam For Us - Informed Commentary:

1000 years of Islamic History Educational Website: Muslim Heritage

Directory of History of Science related websites - History of Science resources

A World of Knowledge, a community of sites dedicated to providing high-quality informative web content

useful Islamic Information, Islamic articles, questions and answers, U.A.E resources visit at

Further links to enrich your knowledge on: History

The Arab Academy is the the world's leading provider of online Arabic language courses and proficiency tests. It offers web based interactive courses for adults, youth and children. Use our FREE advising services to know the course that suits your language level and areas of interests

Islamic Lectures -  delivered by Shuyukh from around the globe.  Listen, learn and act upon the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh), conveyed by these scholars.

Learn about Islam - the Muslim way of life.  An Islamic blog bringing you information on 5 Pillars of Islam, Quran, Hadith, Islamic History, a Library of links to Online Books, Lectures(bayan) and other resources. Ahmeds World of Islam

Islamic Studies Resources: Various aspects of Islamic knowledge including belief (aqidah), worship, manners, fiqh, kalam (theology) as well as other disciplines such as economics.

Thesis and Disseration resources for writers -

Questions and Answers:

Islamic site answering 'tough' questions and accusations rose about Islam: 

Answering the missionaries: 


Women in Islam:

Special sections for sisters: Sisters' Section

Further links to enrich your knowledge on: Woman


e-Materials on Islam:

Learn to pray- Audio and Visual program for free:

Islamic Virtual School :

Download free Islamic e-books of various topics.


You can read Qur'an free online both in Arabic and English and also transliteration.




Informative site on Islam :

Islamic World Online:

Good site for converts to Islam: 

Good site for Daees: 

Interesting topics for Christian to ponder:

Diversified Islamic topics:

Further links to enrich your knowledge on: Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

Further links to enrich your knowledge on:

Further links to enrich your knowledge on science:

Further links to enrich your knowledge on: Muslim & Christian

Further links to enrich your knowledge on: New Muslim's

Further links to enrich your knowledge on: Others

SimplyIslam Online Islamic Shopping Islamic Clothing and more!

Unite the entire Muslim ummah using Internet: Islamic World

Further links to enrich your knowledge on: Dawah

Learn Arabic and Islam using a classic methodology under traditionally-trained western-born scholars: Islam

An Online Islamic Store that offers DISCOUNTED PRICES on Books, CDs, Cassettes, Videos and more: Discount Islamic Goods

Discussion,  General Issues, Community Events, Activities, Poetry, Music, Movies, Ismaili Business Websites & Information, All Information you need, Bring the Topic here.
Ismaili-Net - 21st Century Forum : Offers Digital Quran Products like Quran Reading Pen, Digital Quran, Quran Mobile, Quran DVDs etc. : Offers Quran Read Pen, Quran products etc. : Offers Black Seed Oil , Kalonji Oil. A Remedy for All diseases -- is a free and comprehensive resource that is a collection of open college courses. Some of the Subject specific links are as below.

100 Ethics and Media Law Resources for Journalists




Matrimonial Sites:

Matrimonial site for all religions. India's No. 1 Matrimonial Portal with lakhs of Live Matrimonial Profiles and 50,000+ Photos.

Muslim Matrimonial:

Online Islamic marriage and family magazine, with articles, advice, wedding photos, regional Muslim wedding customs, recipes and Islamic knowledge resources. Plus thousands of Muslim matrimonial ads from all over the world with photos and confidential mailboxes

A quality service for marriage minded Muslims. Browse the ads and place your own ad for free.




Comparative Religion Books for Free View or Download

JEWS FOR ISLAM converting Jews to Islam (Highly recommended !!!)

What did Jesus really Say ? very informative

Who is Our Savior ? (Allah or Jesus) exposes Christianity !


Free Islamic books and tapes delivered to your mail:


Dawah (how to invite to Islam) Books you can download for free'


Free Arabic Netscape Browser:

Sinbad Arabic viewer


Free Copy of the Quran:


Receive Daily Ayat Translation for Free:


Receive Free Islamic Stories for Kids:
(a great free list to join for Muslim Mothers)


Free Muslim Yellow Pages Directory:













Al Shaab in Egypt

The Truth in the USA

Al Ayyam: Online Arabic Newspaper from Bahrain.

Asharq Al Awsat: Middle East Newspaper (in Arabic)

Islamic Republic news agency in Iran

Harbinger Column

Islamic Voice (India)

Middle East Times

Renaissance Islamic Journal

DAWN, Karachi

The NATION, Lahore

The NEWS, Karachi & Islamabad



Om Kalthoum (one of the greatest Arabic Muslim singers)


Similar sites offering a wide variety of resources to spread Islam:


Free International Telephone links Call to most Countries Free (no more Phone Bills)

Free Internet Provider Links Cancel AOL for insulting Muslims
and get online absolutely FREE (no more Internet Bills)

Submit url to All Search Engines Free Easy one step url submission to Top search engines (promote Islamic sites on the web) especially mine :-)


Muslim Greeting Cards:
Ramadan e-cards
Free e-cards
Collection of e-cards related to Islam and other Islamic events



Many links for different types of scholarships - Scholarships

A World Directory - A complex regional resource containing news, pictures and links   UAE local business directory

The search engine on the Internet called  for those who don't know that allows you to put in anyone's first and last name, and will give you the person's date of birth, address, and telephone number.  The information is free and available to anyone.  Please check your name and if you wish to have it excluded you can email zabasearch at to remove your information.


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