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1. Resurrection: Islamic Scientific Perspectives

2. The Medical Benefits of Taraweeh Prayers

3. Islamic Revolution

4. X International Islamic Free University

5. The Pleasures of Learning

6. Qur'an & Science

7. Is Hijab Compulsory

8. Medicine and Medical Education in Islamic History

9. Islamic Medicine: 1000 Years Ahead of its times

10. Healthier Living through Fasting

11. Benefits of Obesity

12. The Human Genome Project

13. Human Cloning

14. Science and Sunnah: The Genetic Code

15. Qur'an and Science: All Things in Pair

16. The Jinn - A Scientific Analysis

17. Comets of Ice

18. Ramadan

19. The Honeybee

20. Spider Silks

21. Breastfeeding

22. Music and Muslims

23. Music Therapy

24. Quantum Theory and Reality

25. The Big Bang Theory: From a Qur'anic Perspective

26. The Muslim Belief in Angels

27. Educating Muslim Children

28. Women in Islam: Hijab

29. Issues: Hijab (Hadith)

30. Ijtihad

31. Islamic Hospital

32. Prophet Muhammed (SAW) and Science

33. Rise and Fall of Muslim Scientists

34. Scientific Evidence on the Oneness (Tawhid) of Allah (SWT)

35. Spiritual Medicine in the History of Islamic Medicine

36. Sufism and Quantum Physics

37. Transfer of Science and Technology to Muslim Countries

38. What Ramadan Means to Me

39. Why Muslims are Backward?

40. Understanding String Theory

41. Angels - A Scientific Perspective

42. Educational Reform: Balancing Values and Skills

43. Gender Violence

44. Education of Muslims in Kentucky Prisons

45. Islamic Renaissance

46. Luqman II

47. From Passionate to Compassionate

48. Monasticism

49. The Surah Al-Hadeed 57

50. An Islamic Perspective on Stem Cells in Brief

51. Understanding Tasawwuf

52. Food and Sustenance is from Allah

53. Beneficial Effects of Lightning

54. Qur'an and Determination of Sex

55. 1999 Parliament of World Religions

56. Material Comfort or Spiritual Happiness

57. The Martyrdom of Imam Hussain

58. The Status of Parents in Islam

59. CHANCE: Not Anti-God, But Road To God

60. Freedom and Islam

61. Contributions of Muslim Scientists to India

62. Hydrology or Water Cycle in Qur'an

63. Muslim Surgeons: 1,000 Years Ahead of Their Times

64. Aqeeqah

65. Sincerity (Ikhlaas)

66. Alphabets of Success from the Qur'an

67. Obscurantism

68. Shoura

69. Birds in the Qur'an

70. Qur'an and Science on Swine Flesh

71. Genetic Engineering

72. Organ Transplantation

73. An International Islamic Conference

74. Islamic Medical Institutions

75. The Second Law of Thermodynamics - An Islamic Perspective

76. Alcohol is Prohibited for Jews and Christians

77. Bible Reading Declines

78. Spiritual Dimensions in Healing in Islamic Medicine

79. Issues: Misrepresentation in the Name of Islam

80. Thinking Process

81. Coronary Heart Disease

82. Attitude of a Muslim Scholar at Human Embryology

83. Halal Dating

84. Happiness

85. Grand Unification Theory (GUT)

86. Modern Indian Culture

87. The Nature of Soul: Islamic and Scientific Views

88. Hurricanes

89. Calamities: Scientific Explanation

90. Pollution

91. Stoning to Death does not appear in the Qur’an

92. Stoning is in Conflict with Qur'anic Injunction

93. Stoning to Death is Not in Shariah

94. Stoning for Adultery in the Ahadith Law

95. Zina and Rajm

96. Menopause

97. Water

98. The Origin of Life

99. Cosmology

100. Smoking is Haram

101. Six days of Creation

102. God and Human Suffering

103. Islam Does Not Inhibit Science

104. Islamic Science: Past, Present and The Future

105. Benefits of the Breast-feeding

106. Notes on the Education of Muslim Children

107. Humility

108. Extension of Halal Concept to the Personal Habits of the Muslims

109. The Need for Islamic Renaissance

110. Family Planning

111. Inshah Allah (Allah So Willing)--The Metaphysics of the Future

112. Abortion

113. Charity in Islam

114. Life (existence) before Birth and after Death

115. Qur'an Inspires Modern Science

116. Two Social Evils

117. Contemporary World

118. The Islamic Approach to the Modern Sciences

119. The Qur'an: the Fountainhead of the Sciences

120. Backbiting

121. Veil Lifted from Purdah

122. Madrassah - 1

123. Madrassah - 2

124. Ehsan

125. The Global Bazaar and Islamic Civilization

126. Consider the Culture to Gauge Women's Rights

127. Predicament of American Muslims

128. Critical Thinking

129. Best of Both the Worlds

130. Jamaluddin Afghani

131. Can Human beings be Cloned?

132. Nanotechnology

133. Islam for Non-Muslims

134. Organ Donation Problems

135. Integrate Modern and Islamic Education

136. Juneteenth

137. Muslim Unity Through Science and Technology in the 21st Century

138. Muslims in Louisville

139. Health Attitudes of People in Bellary South India

140. America, the Global Leader in Science and Technology

141. Alcohol and Islam

142. A Muslim Woman’s Faith Journey from Struggle to Struggle

143. Are Human Rights Compatible with Islam?

144. Gender Equality and Justice in Islam

145. Islam and Human Rights in Pakistan

146. Religious Conservatism

147. Religious Human Rights in the Qur'an

148. The Challenge for Muslim Women on the road from Cairo to Beijing

149. What Does It Mean To Be a Muslim Today?

150. Women in Islam: Body, Mind and Spirit

151. Bridge-Building Between Muslims and Non-Muslims in the Aftermath of September 11, 2001

152. From Taqwa to Fatwa

153. From Baghdad to Baghdad

154. Music and Islam

155. Jesus Christ: Dead or Alive?

156. Crime and Punishment in Islam

157. Adolescent Depression

158. Procedure for the Eid-Ul-Fitr Prayer

159. 1424 Eid ul Fitr Khutbah – Part I

160. 1424 Eid ul Fitr Khutbah – Part II

161. Jesus Christ: Dead or Alive? Part - II

162. Which Hadith Do You Believe?

163. Islam and the West: - Part I

164. Islam and the West: - Part II

165. The Impact of Jesus on Religion and Politics

166. Significance of Rites in Salaah

167. What is the Islamic Dress?

168. Is Music Haraam?

169. Miseries of a Tableeghi's Wife

170. The "Spiritual Powers" of the Dead

171. Touching the Qur'an

172. Mental Health and Religion

173. Are Shias "Kaafirs"?

174. Islamic Education of Children

175. Opposing View Points

176. Opposing Rajm (Stoning to Death)

177. Amina Lawal

178. Hajj-E-Badal

179. The Muslim Responses to Evolution

180. Dialogue with Honor

181. O, You Muslims! Do You Want to be Religious Parrots?

182. Ayesha's Age: The Myth of a Proverbial Wedding Exposed

183. The Skeptic of Islamic Center" "I hate Technology."

184. Islam, Women and Gender Justice

185. Western Feminism or Rights of Women in Islam

186. Qur'anic Views on Polygamy

187. Anger Management

188. Where Husbands Burn Wives to Death

189. Same Sex Marriage and Marriage in Islam

190. The Glorious Fifteen

191. Islam And Darwinism

192. Moderation And Modernization

193. Islamic Concept of Education

194. The Islamic Concept of Veil

195. Islam And Hussain

196. Triple Talaq

197. Women Joining the Congregational Salaah in a Masjid

198. The Three Shaitaans

199. Islamic Concept of Conscience

200. Islam: The Next American Religion?

201. Honor of the Noble Prophet

202. Freedom of the Oppressed

203. The Amazing Qur'an

204. Hijab and Hajibs

205. Islamic Concept of Prophethood

206. Islamic Concept of Jehad

207. Caffeine Beverages - To Drink or Not

208. The Day of Judgment in Islam

209. A Muslim Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

210. The Development of Hijab

211. Islamic Concept of Poetry

212. God (Allah) and His Religion

213. Imam Husain, the Defender of Truth

214. Sleep

215. The Names of Allah in the Quran

216. On The Character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

217. Drugs Muslims Should Avoid

218. Schisms and Heterodoxy among Muslims

219. Who is a Muslim?

220. The Islamic View on War

221. Words of Wisdom from Qur'an

222. Islam and Unity

223. Islam and Mysticism

224. The Quran Speaks About the Quran

225. Headscarf in Islam

226. Carcinogens in Foods

227. Rise and Fall of Muslims

228. Islam Condemns Sectarianism

229. Three Veils

230. Islamic Concept of Knowledge

231. Fashioning lies, veiling the truth

232. Islam and Universe

233. Islam Vs. Modernity: Ban Triple Talaq, it’s a Sin

234. Islam on Human Rights

235. Eleven Questions and their Answers-Part 1

236. Two Views About the Prophet of Islam

237. On Upbringing of Muslim Children in India

238. Political Thought of Islam

239. Humanity and Islam

240. Trials

241. Islam on the Eve of 21st Century

242. Islamic Concept of Ijtehad

243. Splitting Hair to Cover Hair - The Issue of the Hijab

244. Growing Beard: Is it Mandatory in Islam?

245. The Exemplary Justice of the Prophet (SAAS)

246. Modern Issues in Islamic Education - Part I

247. Modern Issues in Islamic Education - Part II

248. Islam and the Plurality of Wives

249. Quranic Botany

250. Qur'anic Origin of Life

251. Islam and its Tragedy

252. I Am An American

253. Guidelines for Happiness and Success

254. The Academic Hierarchy

255. Is Killing An Apostate in the Islamic Law?

256. Did Jesus Ascend? A Quran’ic View

257. Miraj: A spiritual or a physical journey?

258. Reformation of the Syllabus

259. Secrets of a Happy Marriage

260. The Blessed Month of Ramadan

261. Social Security in Islam

262. 52 Weak Ahadith

263. Status of Muslim Societies around the World

264. Zayd ibn Thabit and the Glorious Qur’an

265. The Qur'anic Concept of Divorce

266. As-Salat

267. Road to Muslim dignity

268. Why Do People Call Us Terrorists?

269. Suffering and Evil in the World

270. Tsunamis and Earthquakes

271. Road Map to a Muslim Renaissance

272. Refrain from Lust and Ill Gotten Wealth

273. Eid ul Adha Confusion

274. Medicine of the Prophet  (Tibb al-Nabvi)

275. Status of Women in Islam

276. Pagan Beliefs

277. Democracy, Pluralism and Minority Rights - Part II

278. Islam: The Religion of Proofs

279. Democracy, Pluralism and Minority Rights - Part II

280. Polygamy in Islamic Law

281. Islam and Modern Science

282. Islam and Modern Man

283.Fibonacci Numbers: A Measure of Beauty

284. The Miracle of Islamic Science

285. The Islamic Stance on Music - Part1

286. Democracy, Pluralism and Minority Rights - Part III

287. On Algebra

288. On Algebra-Part 2

289. Music: A Question of Faith or Da'wah?

290. Bank 'interest' and Muslim Society

291. Evolution in the Light of the Qur'an

292. Muslim Decline & Future Prospects

293. The Epistemological Hijaab

294. Does the Qur'an allow men to beat Women?

295. The Islamic Stance on Music - Part1

296. The Islamic Stance on Music - Part 2

297. The Active Nihilism of Terror

298. An Islamic Perspective on Women in the Political System

299. Israel a Failed State - Response to Bharat

300. Sufism and Neurotheology

301. Human Brain: Activate the God Spot

302. From the Fear of Allah to Spiritual Friendship...

303. Al-Khwarizmi-the Father of Algebra

304. Al-Khwarizmi-the Father of Algebra - Presentation

305. The Redefinition of Islamic Economics

306. Journey by Night

307. Islam without Islamic Law

308. Women in the Mosque

309. Shariah, Fiqh and the Sciences of Nature – Part 1

310. Shariah, Fiqh and the Sciences of Nature – Part 2

311. Shariah, Fiqh and the Sciences of Nature – Part 3

312. Shariah, Fiqh and the Sciences of Nature – Part 4

313. Shariah, Fiqh and the Sciences of Nature – Part 5

314. Shariah, Fiqh and the Sciences of Nature – Part 6

315. Shariah, Fiqh and the Sciences of Nature – Part 7

316. Wife Beating

317. Is Islamic banking Islamic?

318. Indian Heart, Muslim Soul

319. Myths About Islam

320. Superstitions at the Speed of Light

321. Is Veil/Hijab Becoming a Symbol of American Muslims?

322. Veiling and Hijab as understood by Muslim feminists

323. The Barbaric and the Civilized

324. The Price of Opulence

325. Brain Death – An Islamic Perspective

326. Circumcision - Medical Benefits

327. Misinterpretation of Qur'anic Verses on Hijab

328. Islamic Headgear is Not Essential

329. Critical Thinking on Terrorism

330. Hirabah versus Jihad 

331. The Challenge to Islamic Jurisprudence

332. The Curse of the Infidel

333. The Rise of Professionalism in Moral Awareness

334. QUR'AN: Playing into the Hands of the Extremists? (Khan Qur'an)

335. The Place of Tolerance in Islam

336. The Qur'an: A Divine Guidance or a Historical Document

337.  Intolerant Faith

338. Islam and the Theology of Power

339. The Nature and Role of Hadith: An Analysis of a Re-evaluation

340. Misinterpretation of some verses of Surah Ahzab on Hijab

341. Islam Terrorism, and the “Separation of Church and State”

342. Self-Criticism

343. Is Heaven Open to All Muslims

344. Hijab is not Obligatory

345. Muslims Killing Muslims

346. American Muslim Community Should Rise to the Occasion

347. The Meaning of Life

348. Stars, Stripes, Crescent

349. Non-Muslims in Muslim History

350. Women and Masjid

351. The Natural Good

352. Zheng He, the Chinese Muslim Admiral

353. Where is (the Justice of ) Allah

354. Spiritual Significance of Jihad

355. An Examination of the Issue of Female Prayer Leadership

356. Real Debate About the Status of Women

357. Women as Imams

358. The Islamic Basis for Female-led Prayer

359. Peace and Conflict Resolution

360. Fatwas, their Acceptability and their Relevance

361. RAMADAN - Mending Habits and Developing Character 

362. God's Command to Angels

363. Muslim Women Scholars Must Bloom Again

364. Unseen

365. A Sine on the Road to Makkah

366. Rape against Muslim Women

367. Muslims in Guyana

368.  Women Leading Mixed Congregations

369. Real Debate About the Status of Women

370. As You Are, You Will be Lead

371. Meaning and Significance of Religion

372. If you are a parent.....

373. What's your problem with Islam?

374. The Qur'an Does Not Mandate Hijab

375. Hijab An interpretation of Islamic women's dress

376. Logic, Reason, and the Spirit of Inquiry

377. Mind-building:A neglected dimension of the Prophetic heritage

378. Polygamy in Islam

379. Religion and Reason

380. Does Islam permit critical thinking?

381. Rethinking Islam

382. Rethinking Islam Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s

383. Revolutionary Role of Islam

384. The Principles of Success in the Light of Seerah

385. Taqlid: Meaning and Reality

386. Taqlid: Blind Adherence or Rational Acceptance?

387. Who Will Guard the 'Guardians of the Faith'? 

388. Islam and Scientific Fundamentalism

389. The Koran and Cloning

390. Good Governance in Islam

391. Shah Waliullah and Moderation

392. Where is Enlightenment

393. Justice, Gender and Islam

394. The Characteristics of the Islamic Society

395. Words not spoken, kisses not delivered!

396. Is music prohibited in Islam?

397. The Islamic Society and Its Characteristics

398. Benefits of Becoming a Muslim

399. In Search of Knowledge

400. Rethinking America's Muslim Youth

401. The Muslim Youth in America: Problems and Solutions

402. Treatment of Women

403. Evolution by Intelligent Design

404. Harmony in Indian History

405. The Role of Girls’ Madrasas in India

406. Women and Islam: the real deal

407. The Role Models for a Muslim Woman

408. The Beautiful Names of God

409. Shura and The Islamic Vision of Democracy

410. Tasbih

411. Fatima az-Zahra (A)

412. Imam Ali Bin Abu Talib A.S. 

413. The Role of Rationality in Religion

414. Men choking the Faith

415. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan-Man with a Great Vision

416. Muslims: To thine own selves be true

417. Muslim Contribution to World Peace

418. Muslim Women in Science

419. Women in Bad Marriages Given Unfair Religious Rulings

420. Educating Muslim Girls: A Comparison of Five Cities

421. Lailat-ul-Qadr - The Night of Power

422. Where did the Trinity come from?

423. Moon Sighting Controversy of 1426H  Eid ul Fitr

424. Muslims and Eid

425.  Barzakh

426. Is beating the woman in the Shari'ah?

427. Rufaidah bint Sa'ad - Historical Roots of the Nursing Profession in Islam

428. Modern Education of Girls is Opposed

429. Can A Woman Be A Leader Of Muslims?  Part -1

430. Isal Thawab - The Sending of Rewards for the Dead

431. The Golden Age of Islam

432. Barzakh- Part Two

433. Female Leadership in Islam

434. Jilbab- A Critical Study

435. Qur'an: The Word of God

436. Sexism and Islam

437. Women in the Middle East

438. Can A Woman Be A Leader of Muslims?-Part 2

439. Can A Woman Be A Leader of Muslims?-Part 3

440. Women Bashing and Islam

441. The Process of Learning in Islam

442. Words of Wisdom from Prophet Muhammad

443. Forgiveness in Islam

444. Euthanasia and the Physician-Assisted Suicide

445. Islamic Medical Ethics-Questions and Answers

446. The Voice of a Woman in Islam

447. Hijab is for both Men and Women

448. The Oldest Quran in the World

449. The Creation of Man before Adam

450. After Ten years of Atheism

451. Defining Islam in America

452. Response to "A Critical Study of Sahih Bukhari"

453. How Divine are Shariah Laws?

454. Nusuk - Sacrifice

455. The Significance of the Hijrah

456. What is the Cartoon controversy?

457. Mohammad Cartoon Protests aren't Unique to Islam

458. Cartoons-Conspiracy Providing Opportunity

459. Freedom of Expression has Responsibilities

460. Five Questions Non-Muslims Would Like Answered

461. Islamic Feminism Revisited

462. Crescent Moon: Symbol of Islam?

463. Denial, Double Standards and Destroyed Lives

464. Global Peace and Justice: An Islamic Perspective - Part 1

465. Hudud: Central to Islam?

466. India's Muslims

467. Rise of the Secular Society

468. The Political Misfortunes of Muslims

469. Darwin Vs Intelligent Design -1

470. The Status of Woman in Islamic Law

471. Why a Scientist Believes in God

472. War and Peace in the Quran

473. Interest: The Islamic Perspective

474. Muslim Minorities in Europe, the Real Target of the Cartoons

475. The Social Bomb - Destruction of the Traditional Family

476. The Physics Of The Day Of Judgment

477. Engaged Islam

478. Violence and Muslims

479. Ultimate Manifestation of God

480. Prophet Mohammed: A Pioneer of the Environment

481. The Condition of Muslim Women: What Can We do?

482. Truth Behind Tales of Temple Destruction

483.Whither Muslims?

484. Empty Pockets, Angry Minds

485. Seeking Knowledge an Imperative

486. Islam and the West – Internal Cracks and External Conflicts

487. The Crusades

488. Why the Western urge to ridicule the Prophet?

489. Muslims and the West: A Culture War?

490. Women and the Interpretation of Islamic sources

491. Why Islam is a Women-friendly Religion

492. The Deconstruction of the Myth of the "Oppresses Muslim Women"

493. Debate on Women Issues

494. Utilizing Female Resources

495. Al-Muqaddima as a Da'wah tool

496. Dissident Watch: Sami Angawi

497. Malaysia: Both Genders Under an Apartheid

498. Quran and World Peace

499. Freedom of Expression and Islam

500. Understanding the Qur’an - What is needed?

501. The Rejuvenation of Knowledge in the Islamic World

502. What Went Wrong?

503. A Lesson From The Holocaust For Us All

504. The Language of Khutbat-al- Jumu’ah

505. Muslim woman and Intellectual in 20th Century Egyptian Public Debate

506. Muslims Almost Totally Dependent On Others, Says Mahathir  

507. Understanding the Qur’an. What is Needed?

508. Women and the Revival of an Authentic Muslim Consciousness & Thought

509. Understanding "Kufr"

510. People of the Book

511. Catholicism and Evolution

512. What is wrong with Islam?

513. Was Jesus - 'Isaa (a.s.) raised  "Dead" or "Alive" ?

514. Muslim Women in History

515. Educating Muslim Girls: A Comparison of Five Cities

516. Why a Cartoon Causes an Uproar

517. The Cartoon Controversy

518. Destruction of Islamic Architectural Heritage in Saudi Arabia: A Wake-up Call

519. Muslim Contributions  to Indian Science-2

520. The Da Vinci Code

521. Holding Muslim Leaders Accountable  

522. Extremism Isn't Islamic Law

523. I Was a Member of the KKK

524. Indian Muslims: Past, Present and Future

525. Pop Culture in the Name of Islam

526. Qadar: A Measured Destiny

527. The Split Within Islam Must End

528. Were Muslim Rulers Iconoclasts?

529. A Muslim Woman’s Guide to Empowerment

530. Food, Water, Air and the World Bank

531. Muslim Contributions to Science: An Exhibition

532. Muslims and the Da Vinci Code

533. Renewal of Islamic Civilization: Ijtihad

534. United States  in the Middle East

535. Muslims Can Change Negative Views with Deeds

536. The Confluence of Religion and Science

537. Prophet Jesus and The Da Vinci Code

538. The Da Vinci Code

539. A Cycle of Fortune and Misfortune

540. Hindu Patron of Muslim Heritage Site

541. Islam and Development

542. Misconceptions Feed Fanatic View of Islam

543. Modernity and Muslim Protest

544. Mother & Daughter-in-Law Syndrome

545. Self Criticism

546. The Economic Life of Islam

547. Why Are Jews so Powerful?

548. Women Who Suffer

549. Gentleness, Caring and Love

550. Muslim Societies Must Discover a Contemporary Meaning of Islam

551. Are Science and Islam Compatible?

552. The Exercise of Hikmah .. Wisdom

553. People of the Book

554. The Great Game of Genocide

555. Water and Ecological Balance

556. Were Muslim Rulers Brute, Fanatic and Intolerant?

557. Teach Not our  Children the Undeniable Falsehood

558. One Thing Sunni and Shi'a Militas Can Agree On: Suppress Women

559. The Big Lie About Islamic Fascism

560. The Muslim Malaise

561. The Third Islamic Renaissance

562. Pluralism and Islamic Civilisation

563. Traveling across Borders of Hate

564.Woman: Her position in Islam

565. Muslim Renaissance in India

566. Islamic Renaissance

567. Islamic Banking, is it  Islamic?

568. Islam is Not the Enemy

569. Bigotry and Ignorance of Islam

570. After 10/8: Getting to the Root of Homegrown Terrorism

571. Consistency Between Qur'an and Modern Science

572. Grief and Religion

573. Pop Culture in the Name of Islam

574. Raising Children as Citizens of the World

575. The True Obedience to our Prophet Muhamad

576. The Debauchery of American Womanhood: Bikini vs. Burka

577. Islamic Education in China

578. Foster Parenting

579. Shia versus Sunni, the World’s Longest Running Feud

580. Un-Islamic Islam

581. Head-Cover for Women Originates from the Bible

582. Did Muslims and Hindus interact during Muslim rule?

583. Not so smart when it comes to the Middle East

584. Can Sharia (Islamic Law) Work in the 21st Century?

585. When Modern Science Agrees with the Qur'an

586. Reasons to Consider Divorce

587. The Custody of Children in Shari'ah

588. Scientific Approach to the Quran

589. Time of Change

590. Global Poll Exposes the Reality about Muslim Women's Attitudes to Islam and the West

591. As a Means to Love Him More Dearly

592. Choosing a Life Partner

593. Can Muslims be Americans? They ask...

594. In Word and Deed

595. Names of the Qur'an

596. Muslims in America

597. Prejudice Against Muslims

598. Sources of Islamic Law

599. The Search for a Rational and Coherent Worldview

600. The Islamic Threat - Myth or Reality

601. Nationalism, Not Islam Motivates Most Suicide Terrorists

602. Quranic way of life 

602. An Islamic Renaissance 

603. Averroes -The Great Muslim Philosopher 

604. Mr. Bazargan's Letter To The Pope

605. Big burqa debate - Veiled Muslim women are victims of male-imposed bondage

606. Caluclation based calender is consistent with the Nobel Quran and the Sunnah 

607. Cleric In Hijab Rape Claim 

608. Hijab - Let Muslim Women Speak For Themselves

609. Hijab Wearers Blame Crime Not Clothes 

610. We have turned Iraq into the most hellish place on Earth  

611. Islam And Modernity 

612. Islamic Moderates And The Great Theft 

613. Life And Beyond According To The Quran 

614. Muslim Leaders Sexist Sermon Causes Uproar 

615. Pope's call for dialogue: One Muslim's response  

616. Raped By A Muslim 

617. Scientific Iranian?  

618. Islamic clerics criticise Shabana stand on veils 

619. Sheik covering for mens weakness 

620. The veil: too obviously hidden 

621. University In Muslim Countries 

622. We are more then what we wear !!! 

623. America's Muslims Aren't as Assimilated as You Think

624. Blinded by a Concept

625. Insurance in Islamic Law

626. Is it a Crime to Be a Muslim?

627. "Is the West Racist Toward Muslims and Arabs?"

628. Islam Walking a Tightrope Between Violence and Reform

629. Islamic Terrorism Has Nothing to Do with Islam

630. Islamo-Fascism' is an Oxymoron

631. Lessons to be Learned from Lebanon

632. We Need to Break this Cycle of Violence

633. Are we Muslims Obeying "Decrees Determined" by Allah?

634. The Beautiful Veil of Knowledge 

635. Woman’s Dress in the Qur’an

636. A Shining Example for the Muslim World

637. Ancient Prejudices Against Islam

638. Calling for a Paradigm Shift

639. Challenge of Conservatism

640. Terrorism Cannot be Blamed on Islam!

641. Did Muslim Rulers bar Hindus from Administration

642. Citizen Diplomacy in Iran

643. Ethical Guidelines for Muslims in Business

644. Keeping the faith

645. Nationalism, Not Islam, Motivates Most Suicide Terrorists

646. Neocon Pope

647. The Truth About Women and Islam

648. War is Not a Solution for Terrorism

649. What Can One Admire About the Islamic World

650. Where is God when Disaster Strikes

651. 7 Myths About Islam

652. For Prophet and Tsar

653. Islam & the West: Searching for common ground

654. Obstacles to Marriage

655. Experiences of a Recently Converted Hindu Woman

656. Terrorism And Muslims

657. The Sufis and the Salafis

658. A Bavarian Provocation

659. A New Face for Islam in North America

660. Afghan Women: Forgotten and Betrayed

661. Could the Pope be Joking

662. Debunking Myths

663. Hizbullah's Victory has Transformed the Middle East

664. Muhammad’s Sword

665. Pope Benedict XVI’s folly

666. Terrorism and Islam and Our Response

667. The Koran and Muslims

668. The Pope, Islam and History

669. The Shame of Being an American

670. There are no Islamic Terrorists

671. Women Participation in Masjid

672. The Lawful Membership of a Democratic Civic Society

673. Islam Beyond the Five Pillars

674. Muslim Intellectual Stagnation

675. Jihad and Muslims

676. Jihad Explained

677. An Open Letter to Hezabollah and Hamas

678. Islam - The Easy Way

679. Love, Marriage and Family

680. Citizenship: The Lawful Membership of a Democratic Civic Society

681. A Case Against Profiling Muslims

682. A Renaissance of Reason

683.  An Islamic Renaissance?

684. Are Muslims Enemies of Peace? – Part 5

685. Are Muslims Enemies of Peace? – Part 6

686. Bringing to Fore the Glory Days of Islam

687. Death to the Apostates

688. Empowerment of the Indian Muslim Woman

689. Evangelicals Fear the Loss of Their Teenagers

690. Hard Work and Fasting Feed the Soul

691. Hero of the Ming Dynasty: The Man Who Mapped the World

692. Hijab-Why Muslim Women Wear the Veil

693. How I Came to Love the Veil

694. Ijtihad and Science

695. India's Untouchables Turn to Buddhism in Protest at Discrimination by Hindus

696.  Is Islam a Violent Religion?

697. Islam and the Pope

698. Islam Hijacked

699. Islam in America

700. Islam, Muslims and Europe

701.  Religion and Terrorism

702.  To Progress, Islamic Countries Must Advance Women's Rights

703.  War is Not a Solution for Terrorism

704.  Why ISNA and Their Fiqh Council of North America Will not Stop Promoting Fitnah

705.  Woman’s Dress in the Qur’an

706.  Are Muslims Enemies of Peace? – Part 1

707.  Atatürk, His Wife and Her Biographer

708.  9-11: Five Years Later

709.  Azaan the Fact

710.  Being Muslim in India Today: Some Reflections

711.  Islam, Peace and Jihad in the Wake of the Pope’s Remarks

712.  Does Islam Permit Critical Thinking

713.  Islam versus Christianity – A Reply to The Pope

714.  Muslim Unity is Need of the Hour

715.   Pope Benedict XVI Also Not Infallible

716.   Muslims in America

717.    Natural Death of Jesus, Son of Mary

718.   Saudi Women Joining NRA

719.   Terrorism is Not a Muslim Monopoly

720.   The Impossibility of Mini-Islamic States

721.   The Status of Women in Islam

722.   Tirade Against Muslims

723.   U.S. Hispanics Embracing Islam

724.   War is Peace

725.   No Religion or Civilization has a Monopoly on Reason

726.   On the Holy Qur’an and its Interpretation

727.   Pope Spoke His Mind - and Heart

728.   The Confluence of Religion and Science

729.   The Scientific Paradigm Given in the Qur’an

730.   The Sword of Islam

731.   Ahmed Zewail: The West and Islam Need Not be in Conflict

732.   There is More to Muslim Women Than a Head Scarf (Hijab)

733.   Response to Turning Swords into Bombs

734.   Veil (Hijab) Furor Hides an Arrogant Bias

735.   21st Century: Poverty, Knowledge and Equality

736.   A reality Check on Terrorism

737.   About Astronomy

738.   America Alone: The End of the World as We Know it

739.   An Islamic Renaissance

740.   Anglican Archbishop Attacks Veil

741.   Calculation- Based Calendar is Consistent With the Noble Qur'an and the Sunnah

742.   Cleric in Hijab Rape Claim

743.   Clothes Aren't the Issue

744.   Conflict

745.   Goodbye Religion

746.   Gulam Noon: A Monster of Our Own Making

747.   Hijab in the Light of the Qur'an and Hadith

748.   Hijab or Niqab

749.   Hijab Wearers Blame Crime, Not Clothes

750.   Hijab-Coverings Uncovered

751.   Let Muslim Women Speak for Themselves

752.   Is Face Veil (Niqab) Compulsory

753.   Is Islam a Threat to the Maldives

754.   Islam and Modernity

755.   Islam and Science: Oil Rich, Science Poor

756.   Islam and Science: Q&A – The Iranian Reformer

757.   Islam and Science: An Islamist Revolution

758.   Islam and Science: Ambition & Neglect

759.   Islam and Science: The Data Gap

760.   Islam was the Greatest Civilization in the World

761.   Islam, Maldives & the Reform Movement

762.   Islamic Era Science

763.   Islamic Moderates and the Great Theft

764.   Islamic Renaissance

765.   Islamic Society of North America Accuses Pope of Poor Scholarship

766.   Jesus, Dead or Alive

767.   The 'Ascension' of Jesus

768.   Jihad Against Poverty and Ignorance

769.   Mr. Bazargan's Letter to the Pope

770.   Liberation or Sexploitation

771.   Life and Beyond According to the Quran

772.   Muslim Leader's Sexist Sermon Causes Uproar

773.   Niqab and the Banner of Political Call on Islam

774.   Perspective on the Muslim Woman's Veil

775.   PMU Statement on the Niqab

776.   Pope's Call for Dialogue: One Muslim's Response

777.   Raped by a Muslim

778.   Russian Islam Goes its Own Way

779.   Scientific Iranian

780.   Sheik Covering for Men's Weakness

781.   Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

782.   Spencer: Muslim Rape? They Were Asking for it

783.   Talaq-The Divorce Issue

784.   Thanksgiving in Islam

785.   The 'Burqa' Controversy - to Cover or Not to Cover

786.   The Disintegration of the Islamic State

787.   The Essence of Hinduism

788.   The Hijab: Never Voluntary

789.   The Scientific Paradigm Given in the Qur’an*

790.   No Religion or Civilization has a Monopoly on Reason

791.   The Veil: Too Obviously Hidden

792.   Top Ten Misconceptions About Islam

793.   Turkey: Archeologist Claims Islamic Headscarf Derives From Sex Rites

794.   Universities in Muslim Countries

795.   US Turns Space Into its Colony

796.   Veils

797.   We Have Turned Iraq Into the Most Hellish Place on Earth

798.   What is Religion

799.   What it Really Feels Like to Wear the 'Burqa'

800.   Who is Responsible for a Rape


801. Arab Women's Political Participation "Is Only Symbolic" - UN Report

802. Arab World Must Improve Status of Women

803. Are Muslims Enemies of Peace-Part 1

804. Are Muslims Enemies of Peace-3

805. Are Muslims Enemies of Peace-4

806. Assaults on Islam Come Fast and Furious

807. Beyond the Hijab

808. Britain Unveils Its Prejudices Against Muslim Women

809. Death of Jesus in Quran

810. Debate Grows Over Muslim Women Wearing Veils

811. Deconstructing the Veil

812. Does Islam make the Face Veil Obligatory for Muslim Women

813. Domestic Radicals a Concern

814. Educating Muslims

815. Every verse of the Koran has four kinds of Meaning

816. Expert says there is no theological justification for the wearing of the veil

817. Extreme Interpretations of Islam

818. Facing the Facts About Veil

819. God will not change the condition

820. Halaqa Musings

821. Hijab - Take off the Veil, Sister

822. Hijab...a Must, Not a Choice

823. Hijab-Behind the Muslim Veil

824. Hijab-Even Other Muslims Turn and Look at Me

825. Hijab-Modesty Gone Berserk

826. Hijab-Racism is the Real Obstacle

827. Hijab-The Head Covering

828. Hijab-Veiled Muslim Women are Victims

829.  Hijab-Why Muslim Women Wear the Veil

830. How did the spread of Islam affect the World

831. How Islam Lost Its Way

832. Imrana Case

833. In Search of Al-Farabi

834. Indian Muslims can be Torchbearer for Islamic World

835. India's Muslims-When Identity Becomes a Problem

836. Islam and Democracy can Co-Exist

837. Islam Thrives as Russia's Population Falls

838. Islamic Agenda for a Better World-1

839. Islamic Background of Western Renaissance

840. Islamic State Part 22

841. Israel, Palestine 'should be one'

842. Jesus Dead or Alive - Rebuttal from Mubasher Ahmad

843. Jesus-Dead or Alive-Second Rebuttal of Mubasher Ahmad

844. More on Jesus-Rebuttal to Mr Mubasher

845. Knowledge

846. Malaya- Critical Thoughts on Islam

847. Memo to Grand Imam Tantawi- Hijab

848. Morality and Religion

849. Motherhood

850. Muhammad 'Abduh

851. Muslim Rulers-1

852. Only Connect

853. Progress in Pakistan

854. Quran and Islamic Jurisprudence

855. Relations with Christians according to Muhammad

856. RIBA

857. Seven Habits of Highly Successful Muslim Youth

858. Shirin Ebadi-No Liberty for Women

859. Suffering, Ongoing Muslim

860. The Basis of Our Civilization

861. The Burqa is a Coffin

862. The Decline and Fall of Arab Civilization

863. The Decline of Western Civilization

864. The Eminence Islam Attaches To Women

865. The Islamic Mortgage

866. The Niqab and I

867. The Sahabiyat

868. The Search for a Rational and Coherent Worldview

869. The Swimming Hijab

870. The Sword of Islam

871. The Veil (Hijab) Controversy

872. The Veil and the Niqab

873. The Veil in Christianity

874. The Veil is a Barrier to the World

875. The Veil War Continues

876. Thinking Skills

877. To Veil or Not

878. Tolerance and Diversity in Islam

879. Response to "Turning Swords Into Bombs"

880. Uncovering the Context

881. Vatican on Hijab

882. Veil (Hijab) in the Arab world

883. Veil or Not to Veil

884. Veils in the Spotlight

885. Virtues of the Blessed Companions

886. What Have We Forgotten in Islam

887. What is Wrong With Our Education System

888. What Life is Like Behind the Niqab

889. What's Holding Back Arab Women

890. Why do Muslim Women Wear Veils

891. Why Do Some Women Want to Use Burka or Hijab

892. Why Fear the hijab

893. Why I Shed Bikini for Niqab

894. Why I Won't Veil

895. Why Muslim Women Wear the Veil

896. Women and Economic Independence

897. Women Debate Wearing Islamic Head Scarf

898. Women in Islam - Turabi

899. Women, Islam, and the Veil (Hijab)

900. Women's Plight Holds Back Arab Renaissance

901. Yvonne Ridley Speech at WAMY

902. Why Not Consider Ru'uatul Bil 'Ilm

903. Towards Light

904. Origins of Islamic Law

905. Greatest Exposure of Theological Fallacy of 2006

906. Islam and Dialectical Reasoning

907. Islamic Banking

908. The Veil and Veiling

909. The Emperor Mogul Akbar and Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi, Mujaddid-I Alf-I Thani

910.  A Quiet Revolution in Algeria- Gains by Women

911.  Controversial Fatwa

912.  Egyptian Sheik DR. Abd AL-Sabour Tantawi

913.  Malaysian PM-Muslims at crossroads

914.  Marriage Mirage In Kerala

915.  Status of Women in Islam

916.  The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades

917.  The Role of a Muslim Doctor

918.  The Story of Moses and The Guide

919.  The Story Of The Bull

920.  This Is What A Feminist Sounds Like

921.  Towards a Proper Understanding of the Sunnah

922.  Truth About April Fool's Day

923.  Turkey's Glorious Past, Uncertain Future

924.  Turning Swords into Bombs

925.  Uncovering the Context

926.  Virtues of the Blessed Companions

927.  Wali's Consent in Marriage

928.  When Faith Goes Too Far

929.  When Justice Becomes Personal Revenge

930.  UN Assembly Leader Seeks Women's Rights

931.  Un-Arranged Marriages

932.  Use Islam's Rich Legacy as Inspiration to Excel

933.  Violence Against Women

934.  Volunteerism in Islam

935.  What have We Forgotten In Islam

936.  What's Holding Back Arab Women

937.  Where do Muslim stand in India

938.  Why Hijab Controversy

939.  Islam - The Easy Way

940.  Beyond the Crusade and Jihad

941.  Conservative Hijab Updated

942.  Does Islam Encourage Wife Beating

943.  Dumb Things Muslim Women Do to M -Part 3

944.  Finding Fault with Fatwas

945.  How Islam Lost Its Way

946.  Human Rights Women and Islam

947.  Indian Muslims and the Media

948.  Islam A Closer look at Women in Iran

949.  Pace of Reform and Progress in Muslim Ummah Needs to Accelerated

950.  Knowledge is Key to success

951.  8 Habits of Highly Effective Muslims

952.  A Local Conflict with Global Implications

953.  Ahmed Deedat

954.  American Islam

955.  An American Muslim

956.  Anger Management

957.  Atheist  Becomes a Believer

958.  Aurangzeb

959.  Balancing the Prophet

960.  Can there be an Islamic Democracy

961.  Democracy in Islamic Perspective

962.  Did Islam just copy from Judaism

963.  Did Jesus of Son Mary Ascend

964.  Divorce a Labyrinth for Arab Wives

965.  Does Islam make the Face Veil Obligatory

966.  Does the Quran or Muhammad Promote Violence

967.  Emperor Akbar and Shaikh Ahmad

968. Female Saudi  Newscaster

969.  Forgiveness

970.  Founding Fathers and Islam

971.  Hijab has nothing to do with morality

972.  Hijab Modesty Gone Berserk

973.  Hijab of Muslim Women

974.  Hijab Religious or Cultural

975.  Hijab to Wear or to not to Wear

976.  Hijab Women are like our Private Parts

977.  Historical Perspectives  on Terrorism

978.  How I See Palestine

979.  How the West Will Conquer Islam

980.  HRH Aga Khan IV and Muslim Ummah

981.  Indulgent Men

982.  Iran and Muslim Renaissance

983.  Iraqis Show us the Door

984.  Is Nikab Obligatory

985.  Is the Black Stone an Idol

986.  Is there Anti-Semitism in the Quran

987.  Islam and Democracy can Coexist

988.  Islam and Modernity

989.  Islam_Ingrid_Mattson

990.  Islam Thrives as Russia Population Falls

991.  Kindness to Animals

992.  Memo to Grand Imam Tantawi

993.  Nobel Prizes for Muslims

994.  Self Criticism

995.  Young Muslims Guide to Sex Education

996.  Yvonne Ridley Speech at WAMY

997.  A Global Dialogue of Civilizations

998.  A History of Zionism and Its Ideological Roots

999.  A Refutation Of Astrology, The Weakness Of Its Achievements And The Harmfulness Of Its Goal

1000.  Abu Hanifah, 'Imam e Azam'

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