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Research: 8000 Female Hadith Scholars


Mike Ghouse

This is an interesting development. Most of the opposition to this will come from a small, very small, tiny, weeny group of insecure Muslim men (make no mistake about it, it is not just Muslim men, all little men act like that ). Men who need to grow up and accept that whether male or female, child or senior, all are fully capable of dealing everything about Deen and Duniya.

The only superiority one can achieve is, how humble one is and how much good one does to Allah's whole creation. It is the Taqwa. It is ironic and paradoxical, that the exalted one is the most humble one.

Is there a need to feel superior? Absolutely not. Every ritual in Islam is geared to make us think and feel equal and most importantly humble. Arrogance and spirituality are inversely proportional to each other. Meaning - higher the arrogance, lower the Taqwa, lower the arrogance, higher degree of Taqwa.

Indeed, God is an equal opportunity creator, he has created a binary world, world of action and reaction. There are hundreds of verses where the opposites are mentioned equal number of times. Balance is the ultimate goal, for us Muslims through the concepts of Justice, Fasting, Salat and Zakat we can strive for that elusive balance. When there is justice, just nations, just businesses, just relationships, just economies and just laws, every one in the society will progress. This is not communism, where equality is forced, it is accomplished through choice and free will. One may want to be a millionaire and others may just want to earn a little and live a life, that is their choice, nothing superior or inferior about it, as long as Just means are employed to get there.

Our community, whether Muslim or not, can uplift itself by absorbing the essence of Islam - that of Justness. We should take away all the un-wanted barriers for every individual from desiring to contribute towards the overall development of the community. If we cannot encourage the strivers, we should learn to shut up.

Speak up! silent no more.

Mike Ghouse


8,000 of women Hadis-scholars for 1,400 years makes 5/6 per year each year continuously for 1400 years on the average. Hard to believe such number unless hard work is dedicated to find every insignificant women with microscope over 1/4 of the globe in the messy history of 1400 years of genocides, revolutions, counter-revolutions, assassinations, rebellings and killings. Suppose the number is true. So what? All 8000 women scholars had no impact on the hundreds of terribly anti-women Hadises and patriarchal interpretation of Islam. Each of them were subjected to Sharia Laws of (1) possibility of being beaten, (2) possibility of co-wives, (3) half witness, (4) half inheritance, (5) no witness in Hudud cases, (6) not to be judges in Hudud cases and so on. NOTE:- THERE IS NOT A SINGLE WOMEN SHARIA IMAM IN MUSLIM HISTORY. THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT. Recent effort of glorifying Women-Hadis scholars is an eye-wash to take your eyes off the anti-women nature of Sharia laws. See bellow, I quoted only 42 such evils. Lest we forget it is not advice but laws that makes or breaks life.

Hasan Mahmud

 1. It is better for women to pray at home than at the mosque. It is offensive for an attractive or young woman to come to the mosque to pray though not offensive for women who are not young or attractive when this is unlikely to cause temptation. Shafi’I Law f12.4.

2. Women can visit mosques but must not wear perfume...( Sunaan Abu Dawud 2.0565) 3. Wife must shave her pubic hair if husband returns home at night after a long journey…(Shahih Bukhari 7.62.173)

4. A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife...( Sunaan Abu Dawud 11.2142 ). 5. If a woman is to prostrate to another person (besides Allah) it will be her husband. (Sunaan Abu Dawud 11.2135).

 6. If a woman abandons her husband’s bed for the night then the angels curse her until morning…(Shahih Muslim 8.3366).

7. Female circumcision; The Prophet said Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband. Sunaan Abu Dawud 41.5251).

8. Female circumcision is obligatory. Shafi’I Law e4.3

9. There is no maintenance allowance or lodging for the wife who has been given an irrevocable divorce - Shahih Muslim 3514 and 3530).

10. A divorced woman must marry another man and must intercourse before she can remarry her former husband…(Malik’s Muwatta 28.7.18).

11. A woman can’t travel a day’s journey without her mahram…(Shahih Muslim 7.3105) 12. Majority of women are in hell... Shahih Bukhari 1.6.301.

13. Women, slaves and camels are same; must seek Allah's refuge from all these...(Sunaan Abu Dawud 11.2155).

14. A prayer is annulled by a passing woman, dog and a monkey...( Shahih Bukhari 1.9.490).

15. Menstruation is a defect in women for they cannot fast and pray during their periods... (Shahih Bukhari 3.31.172).

16. People ruled by a woman will never be successful...(Shahih Bukhari 5.59.709).

17. Women should be beneath men on four things (Al-Ghazali’s Ihya’ Ulum al-Din.Vol II p373).

18. A woman must keep her sexual organs ready for service at all times (Ibid 7: vol. I, p235)

19. Women are half devils (Ibid .vol. II, p367).

20. Never walk behind a woman. Said ibn Jubayr said: “Temptation came to David (peace be upon him) merely through a glance. Therefore. He told his son (Solomon) (peace be upon him): “O my son! Walk behind a lion or a black cobra, but never walk behind a woman.” (Ibid,vol. II, p370)

21. A woman is like a rib---that is why she has the crookedness...(Shahih Bukhari 7.62.113).

22. Women, house and horses are evil omens..( Shahih Bukhari;7.62.30).

23. Nothing is more harmful to men than women...(Shahih Bukhari 7.62.33)

24. Devil advances and retires in the shape of a woman; so when one of you sees a woman, he should come to his wife and have intercourse with her…(Shahih Muslim 8.3240).

25. The house, the wife and the horse are bad luck…(Shahih Muslim 26.5523)

26. Women are more harmful to men than anything else…(Shahih Muslim 36.6603)

 27. Muhammad has no concern for a woman who cries loudly, shaves her hair and tears her clothes in bereavement…(Shahih Muslim 1.0187, 0188)

28. Because of Eve women are unfaithful towards their husbands…(Shahih Muslim 8.3471).

29. Can’t tell a wife secrets, amount of property…etc. no musical instruments for her (Ref: p675 - A Dictionary of Islam, 1994 by T.P Hughes; Publisher Kazi Publications, Inc. 3023-27 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

30. Women should beg a man not to divorce her (Shahih Bukhari 7.62.134).

31. Marriage gives the man the right to enjoy a woman's private parts...( Shahih Bukhari;7.62.81).

32. Wife can’t leave home - Shafi’i law m10.4.

33. If a woman claims to be having her period but her husband does not believe her, it is lawful for him to have sexual intercourse with her. Shafi’i law e.13.5.

34. The husband is not obliged (N: but rather is recommended) to pay for his wife’s cosmetics, doctors fees, the purchase of medicine for her, and similar expenses. – Shafi’i Law m11.4.

35. Support of a divorced wife is for 3 months. Shafi’i Law m11.10.

36. No reason is required to divorce one’s wife/s (Many references, Sharia the Islamic Law –Dr. Abdur Rahman Doi, p173).

37. It is recommended for a woman to wear a covering over her head (khimar), a full length shift, and a heavy slip under it that doesn’t cling to the body. Shafi’I Law f5.6.

38. A majority of scholars (n: with the exception of some Hanafis, as at m2.8 below) have been recorded as holding that it is unlawful for women to leave the house with faces unveiled, whether or not there is likelihood of temptation. It is unlawful for women to be alone with a marriageable man. Shafi’i Law m2.3.

39. Some Jihadis had sex with the captive women in the presence of their husbands and some were reluctant to do so (Sunaan Abu Dawud 11.2150).

40. One can have sexual intercourse with a captive woman after she is clear of her period and/or delivery. If she has a husband then her marriage is abrogated after she becomes a captive - Shahih Muslim 8.3432.

41. Ali had sex with booty captive women...(Shahih Bukhari 5.59.637).

42. Some Jihadis practiced coitus interruption with captive women...(Shahih Bukhari 7.62.137)




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