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By Dr. Javed Jamil


The latest chapter from Dr Javed Jamil’s work, “Scientific and Social Theories of Quran: Theory of Physics”, captioned “Role of God” is too good to believe. It was an Iman-booster of highest kind. For the first time, I have read such a thought provoking discussion in Physics on the Role of God. I am reproducing below a few excerpts from the chapter for the benefit of those who do not want to read the full chapter. But I would advise the readers to spare some time and read the full chapter.


It (the current scientific establishment) has only tried to infatuate itself by calling this omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient being as Nature. Can science enlighten us how particles, or space, or waves forming “Nature” possess faculties of intelligence and wisdom? Can it explain why all the physical laws remain the same everywhere in the universe? (Einstein’s theory of relativity postulates that physical laws are the same in all co-ordinate frames all over the universe.) Science claims itself to be the truth and nothing but the truth, or an effort to arrive at the truth. But its signal failure has been its inability to recognize the greatest truth of the universe.

It was therefore accepted as a fundamental principle by scientists all over the world that God has to be kept out of science at all costs. Heisenberg confirms this when he says:" The mechanics of Newton and all the other parts of the classical physics constructed after its model started from the assumption that one can describe the world without speaking about God or ourselves. This possibility soon seemed almost a necessary condition for natural sciences to grow.”

When there was a huge campaign against religion and God at the social and political level, how could scientists be allowed to talk of God?

This is difficult to understand however why there is insistence on finding a solution without God when a solution with God deals problems much easily. For example, scientists try to argue that coincidences and accidents, random selections can occur repeatedly in a way that it can lead to evolution of a better and more intelligent life. But they are not ready to accept that more than the probability of finding innumerable number of such coincidences in a way that they lead to what is desirable, the more probable is the presence of a Being who is designing this. This is like assuming numerous coincidences that led to the making of car rather than accepting that it has been designed and manufactured by a company.

Occam’s Razor means the number of entities required for explaining anything must be kept at minimum. Why then is this principle forgotten when we find that the easiest way to describe the creation and evolution of the universe and intelligent life within it is to accept the presence of an All-Knowing, All-Powerful, Wise God.

The UTR says that the universe as a whole rotates on its axis. It is this rotation, which has led to the creation and sustenance of the universe, and is responsible for all the properties of the universe as a whole and its parts. Now, the uniform, continuous and uninterrupted rotation requires regular supply of energy from outside. Thus the universe exists because it is rotating due to an incessant supply of energy from outside the universe, and would cease to function as soon as this supply is discontinued. As the supply of energy is stopped, the Uniglobe will stop rotating and all its components will lose their individual and collective properties. The universe will be dead. The rotation of the universe as a whole thus leads to two fundamental conclusions. First, if the Uniglobe is rotating, it must be rotating relative to a preferential frame of reference that surrounds it on all sides. Second, the universe is having an uninterrupted supply of energy from that external source. That external source can be none other than God.

In the aftermath of the UTR, it can be seen that the role of God becomes permanent. It ceases not for an iota of time anywhere in the universe. He makes the universe rotate and creates it. He keeps rotating it by continuous supply of the provision for its existence. If the laws in the universe are regularly in force and the energy and mass retain their status, it is on the account of the continuous rotation of the universe at God‘s behest. Ultimately, He may choose the time of its death and preside over its demise by deciding to abruptly suspend or terminate the supply of energy causing the rotation of the universe to stop within no time. The universe will not die because the entropy would ultimately become universal, as demanded by the second law of thermodynamics. It will also not die because, due to long, continuous burning of fuel, stars will lose their luster. Finally also not because, due to freezing of the planet, animals and planets including human beings will be deprived of the source of their life. The universe will take its last breath because God may decide enough is enough.

God does not play dice nor needs He to be told what to do. He knows what He wants, and how this has to be done. He makes man exist. He provides him the means to survive-- to admire the beauty of His creation, to ponder over the mysteries of His Empire and to endeavour to know His Mind. God has programmed man’s life but has given the keyboard and the mouse to him to let him function with sufficient freedom.




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