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Iqbal's opinion - Lal Masjid Case

To: Dr. Jamil,
Assalamu Alaikum!

You have a great point that President Musharraf has
made many mistakes as a ruler. I disagreed with
President Musharraf when he refused to take off his
uniform. I disagree with his efforts to replace a
Supreme Court Judge. In case of Lal Masjid, as a
supporter of the rule of law, I find President
Musharraf's actions very commendable due to the
following reasons:

1) The cleric of Lal Masjid had no right to collect
unlicensed ammunition at a large scale. Pakistani law
and constitution does not permit collecting unlicensed
guns and other ammunition at a Masjid and Madarsa.

2) Lal Masjid Cleric had no right to become a self
imposed police in Pakistan. There is a process in a
civilized country such as Pakistan. If someone is
breaking the law, then one should bring it to the
attention of the administration, write in the news
media or hold peaceful rallies. Finally use the ballot
box to change the representatives in Pakistani
congress. Just imagine what would happen if hundred
Masajid would make hundred different police
organizations (just like in Iraq where they are
killing persons of other school of thoughts,
destroying other Masjid etc.). Our clerics had always
been ready with a Fatwa against other groups and that
led to killing of thousands of other Muslims (of other
school of thought) in the name of Islam. Let the
Pakistani Government control the civil matters (at
least the administration has no religious bias).

3) If the cleric of Lal Masjid had nothing to hide, he
should have surrendered and fight it out in the court
of law.

Note: Before coming to USA, I grew up in Pakistan and
have seen many Political party leaders of
Jamaat-e-Islami, Peoples Party, Muslim League and
others being arrested. These people never came out
fighting with guns but surrendered and fought their
cases in the court. When MMA (a political group
consisting of various Islamic Parties) felt they
wanted to bring Islam in the country they organized
themselves as one Islamic Political Party, and then
fought it at the ballot box and won many seats, that
is the way it should be.

4) Islam does not support killing innocents but by
using the innocent civilians as human shields at the
Lal Masjid, the cleric had violated Islamic
principles. This has caused the death of so many
innocent persons.

5) Islam discourages man from imitating women, but our
reverend chief cleric of Lal Masjid violated the
principle by running away, disguising himself in a
burqa. Such actions of La Masjid cleric have taken
away the sanctity of burqa and have thus encouraged
law enforcement agencies in Pakistan and in Western
countries to check women, wearing burqa, more
thoroughly. I wonder why our great Islamic Scholars
in Pakistan never cared to condemn this action while
they came out supporting illegal actions of the Lal
Masjid clerics. I am disappointed at their use of dual

6) Pakistan is a peaceful country but by secretly
harboring persons of interest to the local police,
the Lal Masjid cleric was breaking the law and pushing
his own agenda. He was endangering the lives of his

7) Mr. Edhi, a well known social worker in Pakistan,
tried to motivate the cleric of Lal Masjid to
surrender but he hung up on him.

May Allah help our clerics in Pakistan use Masasjid in
a legal way and promote Islam per the instructions of
Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)! May Allah help
Pakistani clerics refrain from collecting guns and
ammunitions at the Masajid or giving safe havens to
the wanted persons! May Allah help Pakistanis live
peacefully and resolve all problems in a civilized
manner by using all available legal means! My Allah
help Pakistanis excel in education and make great
scientific achievements and become on of the top
achievers in the technical world!

Wa Asslam,

Iqbal Kazmi
Plano, TX



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