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(A few TRUE Sunnahs of our Nabi (S) from amongst many)


  1. Utmost devotion to Allah.


  1. Spending a lifetime in productive pursuits, with constant God-consciousness.



  1. Maintaining the highest strength of mind and character, with an ever-smiling face even in the most terrifying circumstances.


  1. Gentleness and considerateness in dealing with others.



  1. Forgiveness - and LOVE - for the worst enemies!


  1. Practice of mercy in all situations- the conquest of Makkah being the unparalleled demonstration of this mercy.



  1. Utmost generosity.


  1. Sacrificing his time, convenience and what little comfort he rarely had, for the welfare of others: feeding others while himself remaining hungry; clothing others while himself wearing coarse garments patched time and again; NOT KEEPING ANY WEALTH WITH HIM IN CASH OR KIND.  BUT DISTRIBUTING IT TO THE NEEDY BEFORE SUNSET EVERYDAY.



  1. Extreme humility together with full dignity.


  1. Highest rational tolerance.



  1. Goodwill for all and ill-will towards none.


  1. Eating less, sleeping less, talking less!



  1. Total abstinence from quarrelsomeness.


  1. Spotlessly clean in personal habits - in body, dress and surroundings.



  1. Always truthful, honest, faithful, fulfilling every promise, and exercising self-control at its highest.




AL-BALAAGH COMMENT:  There are quite a few amongst the bearded (and non-bearded) brigade who claim that they are "AASHIQ-E-RASOOL" (S), that is, LOVERS OF THE PROPHET (S), who walk on the path of the SUNNAH. Let these gentlemen take a stock of their daily ACTIONS and ACTIVITIES,  and search their CONSCIENCE whether they honour a single one, or ANY of the above 15 Sunnahs of the Rasool (S).. HONESTLY!





Courtesy: AL-BALAAGH         VOL. 28     NO. 4       NOV./DEC.   2003

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