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By the Editor


P O Box 1925

Lenasia 1820




It is a firm and fanatical belief among a segment of the Muslim Community to ask for all their spiritual sustenance and temporal needs from holy men, or "Awliya-Allah".  These Muslims have become a group of beggars who cannot stand on their own feet (i.e. by their OWN righteous deeds or A'MAAL), but keep begging the saints at their mazaars (mausoleums) for everything, and beseech them for intercession with Allah Ta'Aala.



Almighty Allah disillusions these people in pellucid, unambiguous words when He says that the DEAD ones (whether Walees or non-Walees) CANNOT hear if anybody speaks to them, nor can they reply:


                        "If you call on them, they will not hear your call;

                        And even if heard it, they could not answer you,

                        And on the Day of Resurrection, they would want

                        To have NOTHING to do with your SHIR-K

                        (having associated them with God)".         35: 14



And Again:


                        "And you cannot make those to hear who are in their graves."   35:23


Allah points out to us our heinous MISCONCEPTION and unforgivable fancy in thinking that the Awliya hear our supplications and answer our prayers by interceding with Allah:


"And who is in greater error than he who evokes beside Allah those that - even till the Day of Resurrection - cannot answer him, and they are heedless of their call."       46:5



The Qur'an, ever a PRACTICAL guide, states a simple physical truth: that the DEAD people CANNOT hear or speak.


However, we are determined to prove that Allah Ta'Aala is wrong (Na-oozubillah), by insisting on going to the mazaars of this peer and that peer and wasting hours there asking the DEAD BONES lying inside the tomb to "help" us!  And we pride ourselves on the fact that we have 'Aql, sense, intelligence, understanding!  When Allah insists in the Qur'an that we must ask Him only, we, in effect, say: "Nothing doing! Our Peer Saheb will grant us whatever we want!"  Therefore, according to the diseased "logic" of these hagiolaters (Peer-worshippers), their Peer Saheb is GREATER and MORE POWERFUL than Allah Subhaanahoo Wa Ta'Aala (Astaghfirullah).


                        "And call not beside Allah on that

                        Which can neither benefit you nor harm you."  10: 16





As water is off a duck's back, so are Qur'an's exhortations ineffectual to the Peeri-Mureedi gang.  They couldn't care a tinker's damn when Allah tells them NOT to ask from a human being.  Apparently they KNOW that they are right.  If they are right, then, ipso facto, Allah Ta'Aala and the Rasool (S) MUST be wrong! (Taubah).  What a pity these people read the Qur'an only for the purpose of accumulating barrelfuls of "Sawaab." They do not understand a word of what they read, and thus their ignorance and SHIR-K is perpetuated and their Eemaan weakened.  Their eyes will open only on the Day of Reckoning when Allah will ask them to produce their "helpers."


                        (And Allah shall say):

                        "And now indeed you have come (back) to us alone,

                        As We had created you at first: and you have left behind

                        You all (the favors) We had bestowed upon you:


                        (HELPERS) OF YOURS WHOM, YOU SUPPOSED, HAD A

                        SHARE IN ALLAH'S DIVINITY  with regard to yourselves!

                        Indeed all bonds between you are now cut off, and your (pet)

                        Fancies have forsaken you."   6:95


The question of the so-called "Waseelah" (intermediation) does not arise at all, because Allah's pronouncements regarding asking Him ALONE for help and NOT from any  other human being, are CLEAR, UNEQUIVOCAL and UNAMBIGUOUS, as the verses quoted above indicate.




                        "Tell them (O Prophet): (Let alone others),

                        EVEN FOR MY OWN SELF I do not have the

                        Power to control any harm or benefit except

                        What Allah pleases."  10: 49



The Noble Prophet's (S) greatness as a human being is unmatched and unparalleled in history-and this fact will remain so till Doomsday.  It is our Eemaan (solid faith) that:


                        "To cut a long story short, YOU are the great one after Allah!"


Now: when the GREATEST among men HIMSELF cannot exercise the power of doing harm or good to anyone, then how can any LESSER mortal - no matter how profoundly pious or how awe-inspiring a Sufi (Walee) he may be - claim that he has the power to grant benefits of any sort to anybody?


The Prophetic vision of Rasoolullah (S) had shown him that some day the MISGUIDED ones in his Ummah will construct magnificent mazaars for their favorite "Peers".  They will burn the Hindu-originated "Agarbattis" made from cow-dung, give annual GHUSL (washing-up) to the mazaars and drink that dirty water to gain "spiritual strength" (as is done at the Ajmer Mazaar of Khwaja Mu'eenuddeen Chisti  ( R ), and then KISS, and make SAJDAH to the one lying in the tomb.  They will also beseech and supplicate the DEAD "Peer" in the grave to give them this and give them that.


Rasoolullah (S) therefore commanded his followers to ask EVERYTHING from Allah, as the following Hadith from TIRMIZI SHAREEF clearly indicates-


                        "The Prophet (S) said that everyone must ask what he

                        Needs from his Creator - so much so that (even ordinary items like)

                        SALT, and STRAP OF LEATHER  for the shoe when it breaks, should

                        Also be asked of Allah."   (Tirmizi)


It is a great pity and tragedy that Muslims, ignorant of the teachings of the Qur'an and the precepts of our Nabi (S), have "reconstructed" Islam to suit their own preconceived notions and putrid ideas inherited from their parents and Hindu ancestors.  They have attributed miraculous powers (which is only a FIGMENT of their imagination) to their "Peer Sahebs" who, to all intents and purposes, seem to have OUSTED Allah Paak!


                        "The Sufi and Peer have usurped the position of God;

                        The two of them have caused the Almighty to become unemployed!"



Courtesy:  AL-BALAAGH   Vol. 25, No. 2,   MAY/JUNE  2000      p.4

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