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Prayer Attire - Is it really necessary?



I realise this stems for cultural practices, as in some countries, a certain fashion or make of prayer clothes is required to fulfill the obligation of Salaah.


The truth is, as long as a Muslimah is covered from head to toe, save her face and her hands and has performed her ablution, she is ready for prayer, insha'Allah. Therefore, there is no need to worry about having the "right attire" to pray in, especially when one is out and about.

This also highlights the importance of Hijab. You cannot pray if you care not fully covered in accordance to Islamic principles! Being covered for Allah does not only mean being covered during prostration or bowing, it means being covered all the time.

It is great that women purchase prayer clothes. I agree that they are comfortable and airy to pray in and they are easy to manage, especially when you are at home and are uncovered. However, Islam is simple and there is no need to worry when you are without your prayer attire. You are allowed to pray in whatever you are wearing, as long as you are adequately covered, in accordance to Islamic principle.


Posted by hijabhaven at 21:55

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