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Hindu Scripture and Oneness of God
By T O  Shanavas, M.D.
“He knows truth who knows
This God as one.
Neither second or third
Nor fourth is He is called;
Neither fifth nor sixth
Nor seventh is He called;
Neither eighth nor ninth
Nor tenth is He is called.
He surveys all that breathes
And that breathes not.
He possesses the Power of Supreme
He is One,
The One Alone.
In Him All divine powers 
Become the One Alone.”
[Reference: Atharva Veda 13.5. 14-21]
“He is One and one remains alone;
There is no Second God.”
[Reference: Atharva Veda 13.5.20]
“God is One the Lord of Men,
exceeding far and wide.
We observe His Holy Laws.”
[Reference: Rig Veda 8.25.16]
“There is no parallel to Him,
Whose glory is truly great.”
[Reference: Yajur Veda 32.3]
“He is One.
Come together, you all, with power of spirit,
   To the Lord of Heaven,
Who is only One, the Guest of people;
He the ancient desires to come to new;
To Him all pathways turn; really, He is One.”
[Reference: Sama Veda. 372]
"Seek Him everywhere
All is within His speech.
He knows all things.
Full of Wisdom,
He determines
What ought to be done,
He is our recourse,
All powers are vested in Him
He fulfills all our aspirations.
He is the source
Of all our nourishment and vigor,
Intelligence and strength.”
[Reference: Rig Veda 1.145.1]
"He is all-pervading, unchanging supreme being
Is the purest of pure.
 He permeates all eternal laws
And Manifest throughout
The universal life forces—
The sea, the earth, and the mountains.”
Reference: Rig Veda 4.40.5.
“You are the Father of this world, moving and unmoving. You are to be adored by
this world. You are the greatest Guru, for these exists none who is equal to
you; how can there be then another, superior to You in the three worlds, O Being
of Unequal Power?”
[The Holy Geeta page 708]


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