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The Voice Of Aqsa's Blood Cries From The Ground

Yahya Abdul Rahman - Dec 12, 2007

The tragic news is that 16-year-old Aqsa Parvez is now dead. She was brutally murdered by her 57-year-old father, Muhammad Parvez, after she refused to wear the hijab. Once again, in the name of piety innocent blood has been spilled. Once again, the life of a woman has been snuffed out by a man who felt his children where his own personal property which he could treat as he so wished, even if it means physical abuse and murder. And once again, fellow Canadians will look upon Islam and Muslims as being barbaric and that Muslims lack any kind of sanctity for human life.

Many Canadians will come to the conclusion that the name of Allah and the snuffing out of innocent lives go hand in hand. Yes, abuse against women cuts across all cultures and religious communities but that fact will be overlooked in this case.

I am so angry that my heart is constricted with rage. This is not the peaceful religion I entered into 14 years ago, this is raw fanaticism and has nothing to do with the faith I embraced. To hell with cultural sensitivities, any kind of interpretation of Islam that would condone this hideous murder is worthy of our lowest contempt.

Now, every time people see a hijab-wearing woman walking down the street they will wonder if these women are forced to wear it for fear of the dangerous consequences if they refuse. It doesn't make any difference whether most Muslim women in this country wear the hijab as a result of their own choice or not - the voice of Aqsa's blood cries from the ground and will drown out all other voices.

Yahya Abdul Rahman is the editor of Montreal Muslim News. He can be reached at:



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