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Hijab Ban is Self-Defense

By Lone Nørgaard, Jyllands-Posten,


Translation: Zonka.


Lone Nørgaard is yet again pushing some much needed information about the significance of the muslim hijab, which is more being used politically and as a way to prevent integration into the infidel societies in which the muslims live. See also Pull the veil from the eyes article from last week.


Ban the muslim hijab, even though it can be difficult to do in a democratic country. The argument for a ban must be that it is self-defense, since the islamists are using the hijab to manifest themselves politically.

Between you and me, I’m pretty tired of using my limited spare-time to study islam, islamism and euro-islam-wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing Tariq Ramadan’s latest escapades.

It is too depressing and sorry for the melodrama on a Sunday – despairing.

But there is no way around it neither for me or all the Danes who consider the multi-cultural utopia and the islamization of Europe as a threat against the Western democracies. We have to turn off the TV, sleep an hour less a night and use the gained time to do our homework.

Which consiste of reading the Quran, books, newspaper articles, blogs and magazines – in English and German as well – that critically analyses the developments current and historically.

Particularly readers of Politiken and Information, including the large homogeneous cultural elite, who have DR2 and P1-morgen as the other main source of news, have a extensive project ahead of them, since they rather not be challenged on their goodness-, multiplicity- and victim-perspective.

On the other hand, I’m rather convinced that the Politiken-segment wants the same for their children and grand-children as I do for mine, that they can inherit a well functioning and peaceful society.

Against that I’m rather puzzled over Tøger Seidenfaden [chief editor of Politiken] and like-minded’s vehement refusal to familiarize themselves with political islam and its “roadmap” for islamization of the West.

Basically the “instructions” are that muslims shouldn’t integrate as individuals in the societies, where they are a minority, but settle in groups, so that they can be a majority in those areas.

Then the demand is that they should seek to influence the social, cultural and religious institutions in order to get muslim special demands introduced. Implementation of sharia is the goal.

To describe the strategy more detailed, then the first priority is to create an islamic consciousness: Women are to wear hijab and everybody eat halal-meat, because this gives visibility in the muslim society.

They know, who they are, and sharia can then be introduced. I can inform that I in Valby and on Frederiksberg [parts of Copenhagen] where I have lived for the past 25 years, can verify an explosion in the numner of not only hijabs, but also burkas.

Next priority is to create the organizations that puts islam into the center of awareness.

In Denmark these count among others Dansk Islamisk Råd [Danish Islamic Council], Det Islamiske Trossamfund in Danmark [Islamic Faith Society, Denmark], Islamisk Videns- og Informations Center (IVIC) [Islamic Knowledge and Information Center], Mahaj-ul_Quran, Hitb-ut-Tahrir. The same pattern are repeated all over Europe.

Each of these organizations works out the principles: What are our goal, where do we want to go, which means should be used? How does islam fit in here, and how to introduce sharia?

Once this hurdle has been overcome, the muslims must move on to the third phase, that is the local authorities. They must insist that they have many muslim children in the school, and whether the school shouldn’t consider those children when it comes to diet, dress-code, the ramadan and in the curriculum as well.

They are thus to introduce themselves to the local authorities and institutions who are made responsible for the demands and the problems.

This way islam will slowly be accepted as a public responsibility of central importance.

In Denmark authorities are now working around the clock with islam, which now is a legitimate and natural subject in city councils or the school managements daily work and in the administrative procedure.

Everybody has gotten themselves used to, that the problems that are created by muslims, must be solved by the institutions of democracy. Nurses, social workers, police, teachers and other school personel, prison wardens and lot of other people are working hard, while the misery grows.

Women Assassinations [Honor Killings], gang crime, vandalism, eating habits, strain on the hospitals and lacking work compentance all problems, the local [authorities] must solve while rolling their eyes, over muslims who portray themselves as victims, who is without blame for their difficulties of fitting into a modern way of life.

The hijab is a front-runner for this islamization process – conscious or unconscious for the wearers of the hijabs.

But how should I and others view the women, who – rightfully – claims that they freely have chosen to wear the hijab?

Suggestion: By a temporary (5-10 year?) ban on uniforms like what was introduced in the 1930s, because nazis, conservative youth and the communists misused the uniform politically. The Danish boy-scouts were exempted, because you per definition wasn’t a hooligan just because you wore a uniform.

Today islamism threatens the free world, but that doesn’t mean that everybody who wears hijab is militant. Thus a ban on hijabs must be argued differently, by claiming that the current danger is that the islamists with the Muslim Brotherhood and Ramadan at the front are using the hijab to manifest themselves politically.

A ban on workplaces in public institutions are thus only necessary because we’re being confronted by a growing radicalization of muslims.

By using a temporary ban it opens for an interpretation of the head-scarf as something different and more than a ahistorical expression.

By using this angle both the scarf and the debate becomes more differentiated, because we are aware that it is a problem to ban scarfs in a democratic country, because it is!

However, the ban is so to speak a kind of self-defense.

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