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ISRAEL A FAILED STATE...... response to Bharat




I am fully aware that it was Prime Minister Narsimah Rao who initiated a secret pact with Israel and after him every one is towing the same without application of mind. Today India buys 30% of its arms from Israel. You don't live with Jews and you have not experienced what they do to other communities where ever they are in power. When they feel it is a shame for them to say Merry Christmas while living in a Christian Country what makes you think they have any respect for Hindus?

There Organized Leadership is bigger criminals & racist than any corrupt & racist Indian organization or Political Party.

I ask all those Hindu Fundamentalist, "How you can treat Indian Muslims who are 3-4th generation citizens the way Israeli's are treating 3.5 Million Arab Muslims by forcibly colonizing their Home Land?

If you guys have any brain to understand your own relligion you would have asked for "One Country one Law" long time back. What you are doing to those Radical Sikhs who are creating a another Pakistan in front of your very own eyes? You will wake up when Punjab will become Khalistan.

It was Jewish controlled Police Union in New Jersey who called "Indians are cockroaches, animals, illiterates and illegal go home" in the presence of Print & TV Media. What the coward more than 30,000 Hindus who live in that town where this incident took place? they are honoring & licking the feet's of those who called the worst ever called Racial slurs in the history of America for a minority community.

It is the Jewish Rulers in Springfield (New Jersey) under whom a Hindu house wife was racially abused, intimidated, threatened and kept in the Court till midnight in a minor traffic case for filing a complaint against a Jew who hit her & her 41/2 year old son. Then her 5 & 9 yr old children were stopped at Gun Point by a woman Jew Cop from meeting their mother during recess when the Jewish rulers were eating & drinking inside the court room in the presence of their Judge. The same Rulers in writing refused to allow a 11 yr old Hindu student to recite a universal prayer 'Om Jai Jagdish Hare" nowhere that says that you have to be a Hindu to recite it or convert to Hinduism at Holiday Celebrations the fancy name given to Christmas celebration by them.

If you file a complaint against a Jew in NJ you can be threatened with racially biased threatening e-mails, letters, phone calls and can be interrogated by state Police on charges of Terrorism. If nothing is working your business in 375 Sq Feet can be audited for 2 months just to nail you down. The Courts can dismiss all your complaints even if there are tons of evidences of corruption, trickery, half truth and complete lies against the Jewish rulers.

You need more evidences come and live in New Jersey.

with best regards,

Bharat <> wrote:

I don't see any answer in Proud Hindu group emails, to Dr Sharma.

How come Israel is a threat to world peace? How come a tiny 5.5 million nation, and world-wide 13 million Jews are threat to world peace? Why Bharat/India is suffering from relentless Islamist terrorism and christian missionary offensive? Are they Israelies?

Israel was the only country stood by Bharat during Kargil invasion by Pakistan, and potential war with Pakistan after Parliament attacks. Israeli technology is helping Indian soldiers in Kashmir to successfully fight Islamist terrorirsts from across the borders, do you have any idea about this? Israel is one of the biggest modern arms suppliers to India, after Russia. Israelies even teaching dry-land agriculture in Rajasthan.




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