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Getting kicked around by "civilized" nations

About detention for years without charges, torture cover-ups, and Uncle Sam's system of punishment and reward - Jan 26, 2008

Sophie Harkat and Mohamed Harkat were interviewed Thursday on the CBC Montreal radio program "Radio Noon Montreal." The topic of the show was: "Does Canada need another security certificate law?" Listen here (MP3 format, 32 megs, 47 min)

Except for the politicos, who responded by rote as if pointed questions had not been asked, the show overall made a good case for abolishing this blight on the Canadian justice system.

The one thing that nobody talks about when discussing secret trials in Canada is the event being used to justify them as well as our wading in blood in Afghanistan. 9-11 was, to all appearances, perpetrated precisely to create an environment where individual liberties could be eroded with impunity in the US, Canada and Britain, and support could be evoked through fear of terrorism for unending wars of conquest.

Not surprisingly, Stephane Dion found out on his trip to Afghanistan something that Harper hadn't breathed a word of - out of embarrassment? Apparently, torture really was going on in the Afghan detainee centres. No kidding.

According to &&Canwest, spokespersons are backtracking all over the place and Hillier seems to be hiding.

And Harper has been caught having told a deliberate lie on November 14: "The agreement with the Afghan government works well".

What we have in Harper is a Prime Minister who can't admit to ignorance or error. In other words, he's a danger to Canada.

Building a NATO detainee centre isn't likely to stop brutal interrogations by the CIA. Who's going to stop the CIA?

A blog called "Impolitical" does a much better job of analysing the general situation than I could:
More questions on the Afghan detainee issue
About those knives being drawn

This should embarrass the Manley trio as well, who tried to put the presence of blood and fecal material in the detainee cells down to inadvertent causes.

Afghan puppet president Karzai is currently blaming Britain for the failures in Afghanistan. Nicely takes the heat off the US for the mess they left behind when they dropped everything and headed for Iraq. Afghanistan was just a perfunctory nod at the fake Bin Laden hunt; the real goal was Iraq.

Poor Britain, but hey, if you want unending, profitable wars, somebody's gotta get their patties grimy.

When you sit at dotty old Uncle Sam's gnarled feet you have to be able to roll with an occasional kick in the choppers. But if you're a good old boy, he might forget to wear his specs while looking at your military coup, and he might take out his hearing aid when you test your nukes. Pakistan's Musharraf is a good old boy.

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