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Peace Be With You and Allah's Mercy And His Blessings

Let there arise amongst you, a group of people, inviting to all that is right, and forbidding what is wrong, for those are the ones who will attain felicity (succeed ultimately) - Al-Quran 3:104

The Glorious Qur'an- The Last Testament in original Arabic recitation and English meanings.
Note for Non-Muslims: Qur'an recitation starts after file name Chapter 1, files before that are not the Qur'an

woman has a right to wear her own clothes when she herself wishes to do it? And, they talk about liberating 'Muslim women' ! alas, when will you realize, Muslim women are more liberated then your women. Muslim women have the right to cover their own bodies and they do not enjoy displaying their bodies for you to feast upon, its your women who have no choice, your system exploited woman to the extent that it reduced her to a display piece and a physical 'thing' to be used.

How should the Muslims react ?
We all know the main aim of those derogatory works is nothing about literary value or contribution to research, rather the aims are all political. By inciting violence, they want a chance to show Muslims in the way they want the world to see us. Involving in blind violence against unknown civilians is not the Islamic way, nor did our Prophet teach such a thing. Had there been an Islamic Khilafah existing today, it would have raised it voice as a nation representing us, but alas we destroyed our khilafah ourselves by fooling ourselves with kufr concepts of nationalism, secularism, capitalism and democracy. Our lands are full of Muslims but led by people who have no backbone nor any interest in the affairs of the Ummah. Muslims, should speak out in the best way possible, use every means, write, speak, demonstrate but do not assume that this is the solution, it is only a temporary thing. At the same time, Muslims must work towards uniting, spreading awareness about the Islamic system, they should work towards implementing the Islamic khilafah governance in their lands and uproot the British\French\Portuguese gifted kufr systems left behind when they left our lands after looting it for centuries. Advancement and development does not come from kufr, but from Islam. The Islamic world was at the pinnacle of science and technology in every sector when the Islamic system of governance was implemented, and not to mention the social justice provided by laws revealed by Allah Himself.

Moreover, it is not for these reasons that Muslims should implement Islamic system. Being a Muslim itself, it becomes obligatory upon every Muslim to strive to implement the laws of Allah because Allah says in the Qur'an "He who rules by anything other than what Allah has revealed is a disbeliever 5:44" today the whole Muslim world is ruled by something other than what Allah has revealed? what do you make of it ? How could we ignore such a vital obligation and made ourselves busy in fighting over the length of the beard and how many rakah for taraweeh and about issues over which Islam is so flexible, while ignoring vital obligations and fard actions?
Allahu Alim, may Allah guide us. Allahhumma Ansurna Alal Qawmil Kafireen, alal Qawmidh'Dhalimeen, alal Qaemil munafiqeen, Ameen.

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