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Islamic Hijab; a gift for faith, happiness and fashion

Monday, March 17, 2008 

Black propaganda around the issue of women in Iran and the rest of Muslim world is being intensified by the western mainstream media whereas it is very obvious that despotic states of US and Israel are trying hard to provoke anti-Iranian and anti-Muslim sentiments among the nations by falsifying the truth and showing a tampered perspective of situation of women in Iran and Islamic countries.


As you may know, the issue of women's condition and their equal rights to men is a sensitive and critical issue for international community and specially United Nations, so the western media try to stimulate nations against Iran for the so-called "violating women rights", in the contrary, a simple research will show that these liar governments are the main violators of women rights themselves and treat to females such as financial merchandise.


The main goal of despotic powers and their partners is to advertise the industrial productions of international companies, therefore they choose women as their advertising tools and force them to use their abilities and attractiveness to promote and introduce a special service or production in the television channels or newspapers. There is not any sign of humanity and fairness in this process and the governments those who accuse Iran of breaking the international laws for women's protection must make a basic revision in their performance.


I think that Iran is providing its girls and women with the best types of personal freedom by getting help from the teachings of Islam. For example, Iranian women are free to choose Islamic Hijab and decide to be covered with scarves or shawls where it is forbidden in many European and American countries.


It is a historical fact that Hijab is a personal choice for Persian and Muslim women because it both keeps the women healthy and fashionable and also allows them to act on their religious believes.
Today there are thousands of Hijab fashion designers around the world as well as in Iran and help the Muslim women to keep their freshness, beauty and faith with together.
The new series of pictures that I've posted of Persian and Muslim Hijab wearing women show that not only Hijab doesn't limit or restrict women, but also makes them happier, more comfortable and more independent.


Hijab fashion types as the gifts of Islam to women are becoming more popular every day and the number of Muslim women in the all countries is being increased unbelievably.

Labels: Fashion, Hijab, Islam, Islamic Culture, Persia, Persian culture

posted by Kourosh Ziabari at 4:44 PM 

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