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Guidelines for Happiness and Success

by Ibrahim B. Syed, Ph. D. 
Islamic Research Foundation International, Inc.
7102 W. Shefford Lane
Louisville, KY 40242-6462, U.S.A.


Here are few simple ’GUIDELINES’, which were formulated from an Islamic

Perspective in keeping with the teachings of Islam, in order to lead “A BETTER AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE’.

1.    Submit to none except God (ALLAH), the Creator of the Universe; keep your trust in Him and seek His forgiveness; praise Him and pay Him your gratitude, whatever be your circumstances. Pray regularly.

2.    Excel in benevolence; let it be for the approval of God (Allah) only not for fame or earning gratitude.

3.    If you hear about the suffering of people in any part of the World, pray to Allah (God) to bestow upon them His Mercy, and send them help, as much as you can.

4.Your accomplishments   are   due to the graciousness of Almighty Allah (God), for without His guidance you can do nothing. 

5. Believe in the equality of human beings, irrespective of caste, creed and color. Hold every man  and woman worthy of respect, deserving courtesy-and good treatment.

6.    Help those who are in need to the best of your ability without expecting any benefit in return.

7.    Never hurt the feelings of any individual   either by your words or your deeds.

8.    Hypocrisy is one of the worst qualities of human character so avoid being a hypocrite.

9. Always uphold justice and never delay in imparting justice.

10.   Pay the laborer before the sweat dries on his/her eyebrow. Never tax anyone beyond his/her capacity.

11.  Pay raises and provide facilities to your worker before they are forced to demand it.

12.  Never betray the trust of the people at any cost.

13.  Cheating in trade, illicit gratification, and smuggling are crimes against society.

14.  Respect your nearest and dearest and in case of need extend them your help/assistance.

15.  Help the needy without burdening them with obligation.  Just discharge your own obligation.

16.  Forgive those who offend you, instead of   revenge, which could lead to endless misery.

17.  Look after the wellbeing of your neighbors.

18.  Do not indulge in ‘unkind remarks’ or bad-mouthing; it is a great sin in the eyes of God (Allah).

19.  Avoid inconsistency in the words you utter and the deeds you perform.

20.  Overlook the shortcomings and faults of others.

21.  Whenever you find severed relations make efforts to bring the parties round for peace and harmony.

22.  Do not exploit others' disadvantages for personal benefits.

23.  Be true to your conscience.

24.  Support the pious in the battle between Good and Evil.

25.  Control anger and practice patience.

26.  Be firm in your resolutions and you will have sound basis for success.

27.  Choose for others whatever you choose for yourself.

28.  Be punctual, and do not make anybody to waste their time.

29.  Value time, life is short and there is much to be accomplished.

30. Do not delay in breaking good news and never reveal other’s secrets.

31.  Do not seek reward for the help you are able to render to others.

32.  Do your best to prevent when someone is treated with brutality.

33.  Never break the promises you make.

34.  It is your religious duty to obey Parents, respect elders and carry out your obligations to your family.

35.  Do not expect anything from others, so that you can avoid dejection on denial.

36.  If you come across a man who is hungry feed him; and attend the sick.

37.  Extend right advice to those who seek it and be generous to others before they seek your support.

38.  Do not tell lies, or give false evidence.

39.  Good deeds bring Spiritual happiness and emotional peace.

40.  Live a moderate life, as far as you can. 

41.  Look for good advice irrespective of the source.

42.  Speak to others at their level of understanding and foresight.

43.  Do it today and do not put off till tomorrow.

44.  If you give loan to someone in his hour/her of hardship, be patient for return; it would be better to forgive the loan. 

45.  Give service to others over self-seeking desires.

46.  Raise your children to love their Religion and respect their elders.

47.  Pray that the people of your Country may become morally upright and lead a clean life.

48.  Direct your energies for the wellbeing, advancement and amelioration of mankind.

49.  Adopt tenderness of speech and gentleness of manners to make way into the hearts of people.

50.  Never be ashamed to admit mistakes and never put blame on others for your own failings.

51.  Eschew extravagantness and do not let miserliness and greediness overcome you.

52.  Always remember those, who helped you or have done you a favour/good.

53.  Our duties and obligations are just as important as our rights and privileges.

54.    Guard yourself against envy, pride and superstition.

55.  Give gifts to your friends and relatives; it strengthens human ties and affection.

56.  Don’t show your virtues and acts of benevolence, but recognize and acknowledge goodness of others.

57. Whenever misfortune strikes you, seek forgiveness from God (Allah) and be patient It will pass. 

58.   The more grudges you carry, the heavier your burden becomes. Forgive, and let them go.

59. Anger and spite can eat away at life until there's almost nothing of value left.

60.  When someone has wronged you, it hurts. There is certainly no sense in using your own time and energy to prolong that hurt. Forgive, and you can begin to move away from the pain.



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