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The Da Vinci Code


By    Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed

President, Islamic Research Foundation International, Inc.

Louisville, KY


The book, The Da Vinci Code  written by Dan Brown  was published in 2003. Since then more than 45 million copies in 45 languages have been sold. It is claimed that it is the fastest selling adult book of all times. It has been on the New York Times best-seller list for an amazing 159 weeks. A paper back version has sold more than 6 million copies and has taken the No.1 fiction slot. The author Dan Brown has earned more than $425 million dollars. Much of the ground work for the Da Vinci Code, the critics note was laid by other books, including The Templar Revelation, The Woman With the Alabaster Jar, and Daughter of God.  However, Brown won a major victory against an allegation by  two authors, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. The latter sued Brown in 2004 arguing that he "appropriated the architecture " of their 1982 book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail  to produce the mega hit. The British High Court judge Peter Smith dismissed their claim, saying that fictional works like  The Da Vinci Code can be inspired by historical and other sources without the authors needing to secure rights.


The book reveals that the Grail is  not a chalice that was used at the Last Supper of Jesus (peace be upon him). Rather, it is literally the womb, bones and descendants of Mary Magdalene, who secretly bore the child of Jesus. The child's name is given as Sarah.

In the beginning Dan Brown writes "All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate."  For example Brown says that in order to consolidate their patriarchal power, church fathers declared Jesus to be divine at the Council of Nicea held in 325 CE.  In the book, Brown claims that the medieval church executed 5 million women  as witches. Scholars estimate the figure to be around 60,000.

Catholic and evangelical Christians   are upset about the Da Vinci Code because it talks about Jesus (peace be upon him) marrying and having a child.  Marriage is a sanctified institution in some religions and it is the foundation of every society. Almost every religious leader from Abraham to Moses to Muhammad (peace be upon them) married and had children. In the Qur'an  25 Prophets and Messengers are mentioned and everyone of them was married and had offspring. Some had more than one wife. In Hinduism the Gods and Goddesses got married and had children. Gautam Buddha the founder of Buddhism was married and had a son.  Mahavira married a princess named Yasoda, and they had a daughter, Anojja.  Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism also married soon after his sister’s marriage. His wife was Sulakhani, daughter of Mula, a resident of Batala, in the district of Gurdaspur. Marriage and the birth of two children did not, in any way, stop Nanak’s spiritual pursuits.




Is there something evil about marriage and childbirth? According to Abrahamic Faiths Adam and Eve got married and had offspring and  the source of all humans are Adam and Eve.


Are women the corrupters of “holy men?”  The idea prevails that the church installed mandatory celibacy and unnatural virginity as pathways to holiness. What those “ideals” produced, however, has been little more than distorted sexuality and massive amounts of debilitating guilt.


The Bible does not say that Jesus was married nor does it say that he was not married. The scripture does not talk about the life of Jesus between the ages of 12 and 29 or 30. During this time he might have married and fathered children. The Koran (Quran) says "And verily We sent messengers before thee [O’ Muhammad] and We appointed for them wives and offspring."    Qur’an 5:110 and 13:38.  


A book titled "Jesus in Heaven on Earth" written by  Al-Haj Khwaja Nazir Ahmad has published the photographs of the tomb of Jesus in Mohalla Khaniyar, Srinagar, Kashmir. The  book claims that Jesus survived Crucifixion and moved to Kashmir. There are several books written by Western Scholars abetting the survival of Jesus after the Crucifixion.


A book titled "REDISCOVERING THE REALITIES OF JESUS-his crucifixion, resurrection, ascension and celibacy" written by Akbarally Meherally is available free online at





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