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Hype (on Hijab)

Posted by thinking it over on March 5, 2008

As Salaam Alaikum,

“I want to wear it but I want to wear it when I am strong enough.”

“I don’t wear it, but I respect the girls who do wear it– they are so strong, and I wish that I was like them.”

“I’m not wearing it because I want to wear it when everything in my life is almost perfect, like, when I stop doing this and that. I don’t want to send mixed messages. There are many girls at this University who wear hijab yet have tight jeans and stuff. I don’t want to be like that. Hopefully soon I will wear it.”

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. These are the apologetic comments I hear from girls who do not wear hijab— in this context, the head scarf. They are so sad about not wearing it, and just wish that they could, but are not on that “spiritual” level yet. Okay, cool. But frankly I’m not buying it. And what I really mean to say is that I frustrated that many of these girls are being apologetic about their own beliefs— that they frankly do not believe in wearing a head scarf, or the whole concept of what Sunnis/Shi’ites believe hijab is.

O.k. so I don’t exactly know these girls beliefs and maybe they really do feel that they should really wear hijab, but as a non-hijabi guess what? I don’t believe that I must cover my head and with so many other Muslim women who do not cover their head, I wonder why I do not hear this very frank belief. Please do not tell me that these girls really believe in hijab… they don’t! That’s why they don’t wear it, their cousins don’t wear it, and their mothers don’t wear it as well. I mean you don’t see such a phenomenon when it comes to pork!

I get so irked by these girls who do not wear hijab yet apologize and kiss butt to those who do. I think that this is simply a case of where people are so intimidated about expressing their beliefs, that they just act like they believe in it. So sad, right? I am one of the very few non-hijabi girls who is frank when it comes to this issue, “I don’t believe that I have to cover my hair. Neither do I believe that covering my hair is somehow better, and is meant for a strong person. Frankly, I believe that covering your hair in the name of Islam is an innovation. God says cover your breast. I do that.”

And I just love to see the drool almost develop around hijabis mouths when they hear these apologies and the cheers towards them. “Yes, you are a weak child. I am strong child. Praise me.”

Over here, that’s not going to happen. Not going to happen at all.

What else do I hate?

Oh I hate this “virtue” of the hijab propaganda. You know the propaganda that says that women who wear hijab are not looked as if they are sexual objects. Hmmm. I don’t buy that argument either.


Well let’s look at gender apartheid in the Muslim community. Even the woman covered from head to toe still participated in gender apartheid. If really women were not looked at as sexual objects, there would be no need for such a thing. But of course these women participate in gender apartheid and sexual discrimination.

I have seen girls dressed in hijab, jilbabs, etc, etc literally pause and stand aside for 2 minutes as they walk to their car to avoid men. What the heck? If men weren’t going to look at you because your clothes are not making you appear as a sex object, then why pause? I don’t know.

It’s all hype ladies and gentlemen. all hype

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