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India among top 10 destinations for US students

March 6, 2008

India is one of the top ten destinations for American students to pursue their studies, according to US Consul-General for South India David T Hopper.

Addressing students of American College at Chathirapatti near Madurai on Wednesday evening, Hopper said on the flip side, Indian students too preferred to study in the US.

Of the 5,83,000 students from about 200 countries studying in the US, Indians numbered 83,833, constituting 14.4 per cent, the largest single foreign group.

Hopper said most of the US students chose to study in the UK, Italy [
Images], Spain and France [Images], besides India. About 2,23,000 US students were studying abroad and the number had grown by 10 per cent a year in the past decade.

He said in the US, women graduated from high school at the rate of 87 per cent, compared to 85 per cent by men. Education alone would empower women and one of the best investments in the world would be to send girls to school.



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