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Secret of 'There is no god except ALLAH'


La-ilaha-illallah: It possesses secrets among which are:

All its letters are palatal, which is a subtle indication that to utter it is an act that proceeds from one's innermost, which is the heart.
None of its letters is dotted, a subtle indication of its freedom from any deity other than ALLAH.
It has 12 letters:(l-a-i-la-ha-i-ll-a-a-l-la-h),which is the number of the months of the year, four of which are sacred and that is the Name of Majesty:(a-l-la-h).One letter stands alone(a),three are connected(l-la-h) and the four together are the best of the 12 months, just as the sacred months are the best of the year: Dhul-Qaida, Dhul-Hijjah, Muharram and Rajab(3 of them are consecutive and Rajab standing alone),(Aside from Ramadan, also the best of all months).Those who says it sincerely, his sins for the entire year are remitted. Insha'Allah.
The night and day are 24 hours and the Phrases of Witnessing are 24
letters: (L-a i-la-ha i-ll-a a-l-la-h Mu-ha-mma-dun ra-s-u-l u-l-la-h)

Each letter thus remits the sins of an hour.

There are 7 words in all and the entrances to Jannah are 7: each word thus blocks one entrance for the person who utters them.

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani an-Naqshbandi


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