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The Origin of Whirling: Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq r.a

FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 2008 


Once the Prophet s.a.w was giving Friday Khutbah and a Bedouin came and stood by the door of the Masjid.He was a simple and rough man of the desert.He addressed the Prophet s.a.w without using honorary titles but called out to the Prophet s.a.w directly without ceremony.This upset the Sahabas but they were quiet and watched to see what would happen.

The Bedouin demanded,"When is Judgement Day?"

This was the first time that he had appeared before the Prophet s.a.w and it was a difficult question involving a long discussion.So,the Prophet s.a.w did not answer and continued his Khutbah. The Bedouin demanded again about the Judgement Day.The Prophet s.a.w still continued the Khutbah and the Sahabas were becoming frustrated.

When the Bedouin called out to the Prophet s.a.w the third time,Archangel Jibrail a.s came and spoke in the Prophet's s.a.w ear. Then,the Prophet s.a.w addressed the Bedouin,"That is a long journey which needs a lot of preparation and many provisions."

This means:"you need to do the best in your life so that when you are questioned at the Judgement Day,you will be able to answer for yourself."

The Bedouin answered,"Ya Rasullallah,I've not prepared much of prayers and fasting.All that I have prepared is love of ALLAH and love of You."

When the Bedouin said this,the Sahabas were all listening with the utmost attention to what the Prophet s.a.w would say,because it was a very important question.The answer would show what the Judgement Day would be like. Would it be a day when ALLAH would run after us through a jungle with a machine gun? Would it be like "Fear Factor" on TV with worms to eat? At this point,everyone was listening very carefully.

The Prophet s.a.w addressed to the Bedouin directly and said,"You have answered the Question.For you,this is enough.You will be with the ones whom you love." The barefoot Bedouin never stepped inside the door but took this answer and left.

The Sahabas who were engaged in advanced devotions,praying all night and fasting often,were amazed at this response.The Prophet s.a.w said the Bedouin had enough,just like that! (Sohih Bukhari,Muslim,Musnad Ahmad)

At that moment,Sayyidina Abu Bakr r.a stood up and took his cloak and whirled.(Shaykh showed us by covering his face with one end of his Jubbah and turned.)

When he whirled,it was like a great turbine engine.He went to such a high speed that it generated a burst of air,just like a jet engine.He whirled so fast and with such intensity,that the spiritual force pulling him up surpassed the force of gravity holding him down.This is the ORIGIN of what the Whirling Dervishes practiced in later centuries.In Islamic History,there are many such Karamahs where the laws of physics are surmounted in highly sophisticated ways at the bidding of a Saint.

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani


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