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Hijab Accidents

My question for el mo7ajjabat: Were you ever seen by accident without your Hijaab?


( Thanks Cat for the lovely drawing! )


LoL, I swear, I think I am the most one seen and honestly, is it because I don’t think or clumsy or what i am not sure.. but here are some incidents:

  • When I first wore it, I kept forgetting, and went out talking to the people who work in the house and wonder why they were looking at the floor and not at my face lol!

  • Once I was taken by an ambulance to the hospital here in Switzerland. It was when my little boy was about 10 months, and they didn’t allow me to put anything but what i already had on. Thank God I had Pjs on!

  • When I was at the hospital for my second boy, they told me the next day to get out of bed and bath my son. So, I went in that babies’ room (such a nice one BTW). So, since it was all nurses and mummies, I decided to take off my hijab as it’s not easy to bath the boy wearing it. So I did. and then a daddy came in with the mummy to bath his kid loooooooool! I couldn’t just drop my son in the water, so I just went on as if nothing had happened, finished, put on the hijab and went out!

  • Also at the hospital, my son’s pediatrician came. He knocked and came in. I wasn’t wearing it. He shook my hands and started talking. I felt, ‘What’s the point? looooooooool. I mean, I didn’t want to panic you know! It was the first time I met him, and he didn’t know I wear it but I think he was shocked when I visited him in his clinic later on.

  • Once, we called a satellite guy to come and fix the Tv. I don’t remember hearing the doorbell, I just saw a guy coming in, smiling “Bonjouuurrrrrr Madame” and I just froze then smiled back. I went inside very calmly, and put on my Hijab and sat back in the salon again!

  • I was in London once, in a salon and wanted to cut my hair. The girl told me she’d take me upstairs to cut my hair. So I went upstairs and sat on the chair . She started to cut my hair and suddenly a guy came, took something and went back down. I looked at her, about to say something but she just shrugged “never mind him, he’s gay!”

These sort of things happen a lot to me. Do they happen to you or is it just me? 

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