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Allah Exists: A Proof








Allah Exists: A Proof


In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful.


The photograph in the home page is one of the proofs of the divinity of the Holy Quran. Read about this miracle in item 5 in my blog published on February 16, 2006 . You might visit the URL  


We hope to prove the existence of Allah (God Almighty) using the technique of “Proof by Contradiction.”


Let us assume that there is no Allah. This implies all events could be explained on the basis of evolution alone.


We would like to consider the nature of evolution. The URL


lists the following five laws of evolution:


  1. Evolution as such. The world and its entities change.

  2. Common descent. Every group of living entities has a common ancestor.

  3. Multiplication of species. Species either split into or bud off other species.

  4. Gradualism. Changes take place through the gradual change of population rather than the sudden production of new individuals.

  5. Natural selection. Children get a mix of the parents’ genes. This mixing produces varieties. The survival of the fittest selects some to propagate while others die off.  

Let us consider each of the above laws one by one.  


  1. Evolution as such. We are told the world does not cycle. This cannot be including the future state of the world, but only with respect to the past. The first law of evolution is concerned with the past only. One might question regarding the memory that stores the state of the universe at different instances to ensure that there is no cycling. We grant the existence of such a memory. Since we do not think under evolution, the universe has an end date, the future instances are infinite. The universe, however large it might be, is finite stemming from the first bang. Thus, we know that a finite universe has no infinite memory capacity. Accordingly, evolution is concerned about the past only in so far as avoiding cycling. Further as the universe has finite memory, there is a time in future when the memory must overwrite some old state of the universe. Accordingly, cycling cannot be avoided for ever. In any case, evolution has no concept of the future.

  2. Common descent. The different species living now like cats and dogs have a common ancestor. This again is concerned with the past only.

  3. Multiplication of species. At the start there could not be many species as we have only common ancestors. Thus, multiplication of species is also concerned with the past explaining the current diversity.

  4. Gradualism. The evolution of cats and dogs from a common ancestor is explained on the basis of gradual changes in the species depending up on the changed habitats of cats and dogs. This also is concerned with the past leading to the present. Even here, we see that the cats and dogs share the same habitat. To assume that they evolved as cats and dogs under different habitats and then merged in the same habitat stretches the imagination.

  5. Natural selection. The children of course follow the parents. Thus, this law is also concerned about the past only.




From laws that are past-oriented, can there be a future oriented event? It seems improbable. The Law of Evolution has been formally modeled. To take cognizance of the cultural training performed by the human society, the evolution is now considered to be influenced by both genes and culture. From we find detailed derivation of the law of evolution. The abstract of the paper is:




ABSTRACT: A generalized fundamental theorem of natural selection is derived for populations incorporating both genetic and cultural transmission. The phenotype is determined by an arbitrary number of multi-allelic loci with two-factor epistasis and an arbitrary linkage map, as well as by cultural transmission from the parents. Generations are discrete but partially overlapping and mating may be nonrandom at either the genotypic or the phenotypic level (or both). I show that cultural transmission has several important implications for the evolution of population fitness, most notably that there is a time lag in the response to selection such that the future evolution depends on the past selection history of the population.



We have highlighted the portion relevant to our work by making it bold. So in a universe with evolution only, we should not find an event meant for the future.


Intelligent signal: One of the corollaries of evolution is that it is possible that the universe has other intelligent species. We could seek a signal from others. Likewise, we could also send a signal to others (unknown to us now; could be identified when they reply). One such signal is described below:





Arecibo message  

In 1974, a largely symbolic attempt was made to send a message to other worlds. To celebrate a substantial upgrading of the 305 metre Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico, a coded message of 1,679 bits was transmitted towards the Globular Cluster M13, about 25,100 light years away.


The pattern of 0s and 1s contained in the message defines a 23 73 two dimensional grid which when plotted reveals some data about our location in the Solar System, a stylised figure of a human being, chemical formulae and an outline of the radio telescope itself. The 23 by 73 grid was chosen because both 23 and 73 are prime numbers, which makes it easier to decode the message. The reasons for this are:

  • an attempt to factorize the length of the message would show that it can't contain a grid with more than two dimensions (since there are just two factors);  


  • assuming a two dimensional grid, there are only two possible resultant images, with dimensions 23x73 or 73x23.  


Given the limitations of the speed of light for message transmission, no reply would be possible before the year 52,174 (approximately) and hence has been dismissed by some as a publicity stunt.



 What are the characteristics of the above message? It uses prime factors to indicate some information. It uses pictorial symbols to communicate more information.  


Let us consider the number of chapters in the Holy Quran: 114. The prime factors of 114 are 2, 3, and 19. One interpretation of these numbers follows:


The number of lives is two: life on earth, the here life; and the life after earth: the Hereafter. Another interpretation is in the Hereafter there are two places: Heaven, and Hell.  


The human population is divided into three categories: Muslims, Peoples of the Book; and others.  


The number 19 is the number of guards as explained below. The URL has the following:



 Over it are nineteen.  
(  Al-Muddathir, Chapter #74, Verse #30) (Yusuf Ali – English Translation)






From we get Verses 27 to 31 of Chapter 74 to explain the significance of nineteen.



27. And what will explain to thee what Hell-Fire is?


28. Naught doth it permit to endure, and naught doth it leave alone!-


29. Darkening and changing the color of man!


30. Over it are Nineteen.


31. And We have set none but angels as Guardians of the Fire; and We have fixed their number only as a trial for Unbelievers,- in order that the People of the Book may arrive at certainty, and the Believers may increase in Faith,- and that no doubts may be left for the People of the Book and the Believers, and that those in whose hearts is a disease and the Unbelievers may say, "What symbol doth Allah intend by this ?" Thus doth Allah leave to stray whom He pleaseth, and guide whom He pleaseth: and none can know the forces of thy Lord, except He and this is no other than a warning to mankind.



 So the prime factors of 114, the number of chapters of the Holy Quran has specific message to mankind. What about the Verses in each chapter? There are very many numbers of them. How are these chapters arranged? The arrangement is not in the order of revelation; not in the order of the number of Verses, neither increasing nor decreasing. They are arranged in some random fashion until a plot was made recently to give the purpose behind the arrangement.


Now, let us turn our attention to two Arabic words: Allah, and Muhammad. What is the relation between these words and the Holy Quran? We show that the arrangement of the Chapters of the Holy Quran is a message for mankind.



From Ramadan twice&translator=1&search=1&book=&start=0&records_display=10&search_word=all we get:




Narrated Abu-Huraira: Gabriel used to repeat the recitation of the Qur'an with the Prophet once a year, but he repeated it twice with him in the year he died. The Prophet used to stay in I'tikaf for ten days every year (in the month of Ramadan), but in the year of his death, he stayed in I’tikaf for twenty days.  (Book #61, Hadith #520) (Sahih Bukhari)  


The URL gives part of the Tradition without the – in the year of his death, he stayed in I’tikaf for twenty days – which are found in the same Tradition in ALIM CD.  


The arrangement of the Chapters of the Holy Quran follows the sequence given in the recitation during the year of the death of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. When were the words Allah, and Muhammad known? Were these words decided after the death of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him? No. The following tradition establishes that the words were written earlier. rubbed&translator=1&search=1&book=&start=0&records_display=10&search_word=all gives:




Narrated Al-Bara bin 'Azib: When Allah's Apostle concluded a peace treaty with the people of Hudaibiya, Ali bin Abu Talib wrote the document and he mentioned in it, "Muhammad, Allah's Apostle ." The pagans said, "Don't write: 'Muhammad, Allah's Apostle', for if you were an apostle we would not fight with you." Allah's Apostle asked Ali to rub it out, but Ali said, "I will not be the person to rub it out." Allah's Apostle rubbed it out and made peace with them on the condition that the Prophet and his companions would enter Mecca and stay there for three days, and that they would enter with their weapons in cases.  (Book #49, Hadith #862) (Sahih Bukhari)  




From the above the words Allah, and Muhammad were in existence in the written form before the Ramadan of the year of death of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. We comment on the existence of the words Allah, and Muhammad earlier than the sequencing so that there be no claim that the words were given the shapes based on the arrangement.

 The experts in Arabic claim that the Arabic grammar allows only certain vowels between the consonants and thus the Holy Quran printed for Arabs does not contain vowels. However, the non Arabs need the vowels to properly recite the Holy Quran. Thus there are two forms for each Arabic word: with vowels and without vowels.




A plot of the number of Verses against the Chapter number gives the word Allah without vowels and the word Muhammad with vowels. The plot and the words are shown in the picture in the right. The picture in green is the word Allah without vowels and the one in blue is the word Muhammad with vowels.  


This arrangement of the Chapters of the Holy Quran was given 14 centuries back. However, the message is decoded now. An arrangement given 14 centuries back cannot be derived from the past history of the universe. That is, evolution alone cannot produce the result. Hence, God Almighty exists. End of proof.  

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