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By Ghulam Muhammed

Thursday, May 15, 2008



The world should thank the lawmakers of the US for their two term restrictions on elected Presidents, or it would have taken a world war to take out the new Hitler of the world who goes by the name of George W. Bush.

His speech at the Israeli Knesset, today, on his visit to Israel on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel, was a virtual rehash of Hitlerian world view with its own self-serving convoluted logics and untruth. When he talks about killings of innocents and human rights, he is blind to his own role in the killing machine that he converted out of the US during his presidency. Lofty ideas on religion and prophecies cannot hide the stark the fact that the murderous streak of this mad man can never be satiated by the bloodshed in Iraq and Afghanistan. He tamely accepts that Israel has a covenant with God that had granted the Israelis their own homeland. For him, Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims all belong to the other side of old good and evil conflict and have to be destroyed. Throughout his 20 minutes speech, he was so committed to the state of Israel, as if he was ready to hand over the United States of America to the Jews, whether the people of US agreed or not. There was no doubt that all his speeches throughout his visit to Israel were drafted by Zionist neo-cons still lurking in the nooks and corners of the White House. In that sense, he was just a slavish actor, playing out a role dictated by the playwrights and director of the Zionist World Order. This was in no way the voice of the majority of the US. It was the voice of a very miniscule minority that has a deadly stranglehold on the Presidency of the US. This minority has suffocated the majority of the people of the US and forced them to follow its dictates, with Israel its main cause célèbre. This President is not the leader of a free nation. It is being openly and publicly controlled and manipulated by the American Jewish oligarchs.

Bush has spoken about his vision of a peaceful Middle East, after having demolished all potential aggressive tendencies by using the Japanese example. He mentioned who could imagine that the Japanese hara-kiri – the supposed precursor to today's suicide bombers, could be so tamed after the use of two fist size atom bombs, that today Japan is not only a robust ally of the western world, but is a bulwark against anti-western movements. In effect, he made out a case of bombing Iran with a nuclear bomb, so as to subdue the whole of the Muslim world. This he thought was the most easily available option to bring peace to Middle East, with Israel at its center.

The biggest mistake Bush and his Jewish handlers are making is to compare their old adversaries with the new ones from the world of Islam. Hitler and Communists had short lives and departed from the world stage with varying degrees of irrelevance. Bush and his Jewish handlers cannot take on Islam with the same degree of brutal force. Islam works in strange ways. The more it is challenged, the more it bounces back. Islam as an ideology is not manifest in the sacrifices of suicide bombers or the terror tactics of the extremely despondent desperadoes. Islam penetrates in the remotest recesses of human beliefs and commands its relevance at all ages and stages.

Jews have survived through centuries of Muslim dominated societies. Muslims have always accommodated them, came to their rescue when the Christians came hunting them. Jews through all their past have suffered more at the hands of their 'co-religionists' than at the hands of Muslims. However, the new birth of Jewish/Zionist militancy forces them to overstretch themselves. President Bush was very poetic when he said, that the 7 million Israelis should count themselves as 307 million strong, as the people of the US stand by them. Even when he was uttering these hollow words, the dour faces of Ehud Barak, Tzipi Livni and Olmert, sitting on the front benches, were enough to project the utter unbelief of Bush poetry. It is not far in history that time and again US has charted its own ways, distinct from the deepest aspiration of the Zionists in America as well as in Israel. There is no guarantee that it cannot happen again and again. American Jewish neo-cons are not the only players in US game. Other players could surface and boldly shake off the tentacles of Zionist octopus.

The most surprising omission in the Bush speech to the Knesset was any hint of the much touted peace moves that Bush thought he could deliver in the dying days of his bloody presidency. On the contrary he reiterated that Israel need not compromise with the killers who are out to see Israel being wiped out from the face of the earth. He ruled out anything to do with Hamas. They are still terrorists and even though elected democratically, are beyond the pale of democracy as defined by US and Israel.

On the whole it was an open crusading speech. Not many in the world's new emerging power will abide by the terms of Pax Americana, especially in the dwindling days of its fast deteriorating economic power in the 'non-polar' world.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai  

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