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White Nationalism

Posted On Sunday, 25 May 2008 at at 17:32


by Mr Cognisant


White nationalism now there’s a scary phrase, it conjures up in most people quite disturbing images however, white nationalism is merely the wish to preserve white western culture and hand it over, improved or intact to our future descendents. That is what it means in essence, if one takes away all the embellishments added by others and there are many added by others, all of which both detract from the central theme and cause untold harm. If we were to take white nationalism exactly as it is, it would neither cause harm nor attack others, it is at its central core a preserving ideology, recognising the uniqueness of all peoples, whilst striving to preserve our own equally as unique culture. So why the sense of disquiet, why does the phrase white nationalist cause such controversy, why have many already skipped to another, less controversial site, merely at reading the words “white nationalism”, the reason is very simple they have been trained to, convinced by a variety of means that nationalism is an evil, this has a twofold effect, it prevents the credible growth of nationalism, whilst attracting the hooligan, the thug and the ruffian. Opponents are then able, quite rightly to point to violent outrages committed in nationalisms name, most ordinary people, even now abhor violence, for good reason it hurts, it is a component most people have no wish for in their life however, the bully always seeks a home and in certain circumstances is sure to find it.

Yet if we move away from thuggery and look at the greater picture, most nationalists are decent law-abiding people, seeking as I have stated preservation, in former times patriotism was lauded as it enabled the elite, to galvanise the people, to march as cannon fodder for Machiavellian interest, matters wholly unconnected to our countries defence. We see this today, as again men fight for interests unknown, oh they will talk of al-Qaida, this supposed terrorist organisation with a global reach however, in reality it is all a game, involving the shedding of precious blood once more. Yet nationalism could solve this situation at a stroke, end, at least to a very large degree, the mutual enmity between Islam and the west, of course the neo-cons in Washington and the wider world would never see their plans halted and so the killing goes on. In this country the UK, we have a purportedly “nationalist” party, this party tags itself The British National Party, yet its website has been described as the most pro-Zionist on the web. Most of its campaigning centres around attacking Islam, helping to further ferment ill will, its actions in this regard could be construed as anti-nationalist, given that nationalism seeks to preserve, rather than foster hatred or create enemies for our civilisation and people.

I believe that The British National Party have done nothing more than jump on the bandwagon, believing quite wrongly as it happens that, this is the route to power, nationalism is not about power, not about bowing to mammon, it is about the preservation at any cost, of our people and civilisation. To that end the BNP are not nationalists and should never be perceived as such, from what I have seen of the BNP and I have seen a considerable amount, they and many of their followers seek prominence rather than true societal change. Regrettably many of its members and supporters, would rather display loyalty to party than to people, this has created a schism within nationalism that I fear will remain indefinitely. It is rather a shame therefore that we have no alternative, no credible alternative except small parties that seem to spend more time infighting than establishing a realistic counter. Of course infighting is nationalisms curse and has been for a considerable time, talk of a movement is ridiculous when infighting is so prevalent, it is perhaps for this reason that independent nationalism is beginning to take on, a forum this weblog fully supports advocating it and a youtube account supporting the notion of the UOIN, which may I say has had some interesting comments from supposed nationalists and BNP supporters. The comments relate to an Ian Stuart interview and also to a “Rivers of Blood” video concerning Enoch Powell, the comments are as follows, for the
Ian Stuart video a commentator calling himself BarkingX said, “Ian Stuart Donaldson - ugly, bitter, violent and stupid” and another BNP supporter with the moniker BritishStrength commented regarding Enoch Powell, Enoch was a/ a careerist and opportunist, and (most importantly) b/ wrong.

Now I have to say, should such comments emanate from leftists then that would of course be understandable however, these comments have been left by so-called nationalists, people who one would have thought, had a better understanding than the general public. RAC music is of course a matter of taste, it is to my mind a form of “battle music” similar in fact to other forms of rebellious rock however, RAC has a message, one which counters current orthodoxy, it is for this reason that young teenagers, cannot access it via record shops on the high street or via music television. I myself have of course listened to this particular genre, finding it in the main not to my taste however, this is unsurprising given that I am no fan of rock music generally, to my ear it is just a noise. Some nationalist songs by RAC groups I can of course listen to finding them inspiring or just well crafted the interview with Ian Stuart Donaldson is interesting, given his undoubted influence upon nationalism both here and abroad. I find that one doesn’t have to agree with everything another says however, nationalist thought is generally quite similar with some variation. Yet we find that BNP members seek to attack a man, who choose to stand up for his beliefs, the same can be said for Enoch Powell a man at a different side of the spectrum to Ian Stuart, Enoch Powell rather than expressing his anger as Ian did, choose to elucidate the problem differently.

This it appears is also not good enough for the despicable BNP, a party seemingly making a point of creating division within nationalist ranks, I and many others believe that, to equate this bunch of fools with nationalism would be a remarkably foolish act however, to the uninitiated the BNP are nationalism, this in itself is the problem. There are many issues that the BNP fail to address, such as the Jewish question, Negro criminality, the power of finance, racial difference, miscegenation and many others, the issues facing the west are far more serious than Islamic radicalism. Yet on each count they fail us completely. Instead of promoting nationalism they instead opt for populism, seeking only political office and of course, as we know power corrupts, that is of course unless it is tightly controlled. We must move away from the BNP realising finally that, they present as much a threat as other parties, if not more so, yet we have nowhere to go, there isn’t a viable alternative, factions that have split from the BNP seek only to score points or extract revenge, none of which advances nationalism.

For now the best solution is I believe independent nationalism, individuals holding true to the central core of nationalism, working as a block to thwart populism and counter the dark state. Currently we have no leaders, no individuals worthy of our support, so we must convey our message via our own mechanisms; we must of course strive to present nationalism in its true light, rather than adhere to the fallacies presented by the owned media. Over time on this weblog and perhaps others, I and others will endeavour to present nationalisms case, we will not shy away from controversial issues, neither will we surrender to populism, nationalism is a viable alternative and the image presented to the wider world is incorrect. It is hoped whether you agree we our viewpoint or not that you will at least give us fair hearing. 14

It is worth noting in this instance that, The League of Independent Nationalists, is now known as The Union of Independent Nationalists, UOIN 

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