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Don’t allow female ministers in Parliament without ‘hijab’: MP


KUWAIT CITY : The government and Parliament should strictly adhere to the Islamic teachings in granting women their political rights, says MP Mohammad Hayef Al-Mutairi to Al-Watan Arabic daily. Urging both authorities to enforce the Elections Law based on the Islamic teachings, Al-Mutairi said the government should ensure the two female ministers - Education and Higher Education Nuriya Al-Subaih and State Minister for Housing Affairs and Administrative Development Mudhi Al-Humoud - will abide by the Islamic teachings in carrying out their duties in their respective ministries. According to Article 17/2005 of the law and as stated in the Holy Quran, Al-Mutairi stressed women should always wear ‘hijab’ (veil). He also asked the government to be objective in implementing the law, which should be enforced among its members first to serve as an example to the people. Al-Mutairi added the executive and legislative authorities should not allow Al-Subaih and Al-Humoud to enter the Parliament without ‘hijab.’

Meanwhile, MP Mohammed Faleh Al-Obaid applauded the appointment of Ali-Barak as the country’s Health Minister, describing it as historic and a better opportunity for the country to upgrade its health delivery and infrastructure to the level comparable to the developed countries, reports Al-Watan daily. Al-Obiad promised to present a health proposal before the parliament aimed at attracting local and foreign investors into the health sector.  Admittedly, the present bad state of the country’s health delivery and infrastructure forced the citizens to look for better alternatives elsewhere, he added.  “I will not accept any reason to suspend any reform aims at upgrading the health sector,” he noted.

In another development, MP Dr Hassan Jowhar recently asked the government and Parliament to approve pending laws before closing for the summer holidays, reports Al-Qabas. Jowhar asked his colleagues to respect people’s rights by working harmoniously with the government to implement vital development projects. Wondering why HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah failed to finalize negotiations with political parties on the formation of the new government, Jowhar said he will present a proposal on the regular evaluation of the performance of the executive and legislative authorities. He also asked three political blocs in the Parliament to call for a discussion on the government’s failure to execute its development plans. 

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