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American Target- Terrorism or Islam? 

Terror or terrorism is one of the oldest disasters on the earth. It can be said that this system named terrorism is, for the centuries, here on this earth. But there have always been differences to define it. If you talk from the side of terrorists, you can hear different reasons of terrorism from every affected area of terrorism. If not going deep into, it can be understood, the affected victims of the society call it terrorism what the terrorists indulged in terrorism call it crusade, revenge or an offensive action to oppose. The worldwide terrorism has different reasons in different parts of the world. Somewhere the terrorism is to get freedom or somewhere to get sovereignty. At same place, these activities are being carried out to free the region from the opponents. At some places the basic reason of terrorism is poverty, starvation & unemployment. But at international level, the media mostly talks of, that is so said the 'Islamic terrorism'.

There were terrorist activities even before the 9/11 terrorist attack on America. But the form of terrorism was different from the form of terrorism prevalent now-a-days. Before 9/11, America was known as the spectator of so said Islamic terrorism or at some places it was known that it worked as a helper to organize it. But the event of 9/11 forced America to think that even America can fall victim to own pet snake. So on this day, American President Bush declared to start a worldwide 'war against terrorism'. After the event of 9/11, America took a vow to uproot the tree of terrorism from the world. Most of the Muslim countries of the world strongly oppose the thought of strong religionist terrorism & call it anti-Islamic. These Muslim countries openly favoured America against terrorism after 9/11. Even the terrorists accused the rulers of these Muslim countries, who opposed terrorism, as anti-Islamic or Pro-American. The terrorists felt that these countries were in favour of America & so they were their enemies. During this period, America tried to tell the world that it is not against the Islam or the Islamic teachings or the Muslims of the world. But it is against those people or of people having that thought, who talk of religious war & misuse name of the Islam & attack the innocent people of the world. But can this claim of America is right that its opponent is not the Islam or the Muslims but only the terrorists?

There is no doubt that sometime ago, Pope Benedict had called all the Islam Literati together & gave hints to establish religious harmony between the Islam & the Christianity. Not only this, Pope even gave a show of this harmony & tolerance by visiting an ancient mosque in Turkey. If there is any disaster in the Muslim countries, may it be from a military action or natural calamity, Pope has always given an appeal from the core of his heart that showed him as a true religious leader. He is in favour of not only Christianity but humanity. Despite all this, there are some events that compel the Muslim world to think a lot.

For example, on the last May 9, an American sergeant, in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, while giving training, fired aiming at Quraan Sharif. The fourth infantry division commander Jaffrey hamaud, beg pardon for this event in Iraq. Not only commander but American President George Bush also gets pardon for this event from the Iraq Prime Minister Noori-Al-Maliki. This was an inciting & painful incident by a commander. Before this lieutenant General William Jeri Boykin called the war being fought against terrorism by America as the spiritual war. He even called the Muslims, Satan. Boykin even said that their God was greater than that of their Allah. And even this American General said that his God was real while that of the Muslims, an idol. The hate spreading activities of the American army officers are not limited, but these are unlimited. In the torture camp being run by America at Guantanamo Bay, the American soldiers tore the Quraan Sharif to pieces & threw it into the toilet, which was an inciting action. After this, the Muslim prisoners in jail, where there may be some terrorists & some innocent prisoners & some accused, they were forced to see it. In another event, a training programme was run to fight terrorism on May1, in Pennsylvania in America. About 120 workers from 30 different government departments took part in it. During this training, an unreal copied structure of a mosque was formed. There, a heavy firing was done on this structure & a demonstration to control terrorism & to have escape from it was shown.

Does the above example prove that the army of George Bush or the American administration under his leadership is girding up their loins against terrorism only & not against the Muslim world or against the Islam? It may be that such inciting activities have not been given consent by Bush or Bush administration. But these anti-Islam messages compel the Muslim world to think that if America is fighting against terrorism or not. But its hateful activities against the Islam & the Muslims are continuing. Such incidents rouse the terrorists to openly oppose America.

So the need arises that just & transparent steps should be taken against terrorism. The terrorism should be limited as a culpable & inhuman action. The Quraan, the Mosques or the Islam has no links with the terrorism & neither there was. As the heavy bombing on the innocent people in Afghanistan & Iraq by the American army or the Bush administration can't be called an inspiration from the Christ, in the same way, the accidents by terrorists can't be called the Islamic terrorism or inspired by the Islam.


(About the Author)
Author Tanveer Jafri is a columnist based in India.He is related with hundreds of most popular daily news papers/portals in India and abroad. Jafri, Almost writes in the field of communal harmony, world peace, anti communalism, anti terrorism, national integration, national & international politics etc.He is a devoted social activist for world peace, unity, integrity & global brotherhood. Tanveer Jafri is also a member of Haryana Sahitya Academy & Haryana Urdu Academy (state govt. bodies in India). Thousands articles of the author have been published in different newspapers, websites & newsportals throughout the world. He is also a receipent of so many awards in the field of Communal Harmony & other social activities.
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