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The return of European fascism

May 23rd, 2008 by altaf


We, the undersigned, - scientific, cultural, artistic and non-governmental personalities who look at the global culture from a logical and legal perspective - and are deeply concerned and astonished about the uncivilized behavior on the part of some of the European governments, media and pressure groups and through this culturally and ethically motivated statement, protest against such defiling, slandering and Fascistic anti-Islam and anti-Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) propaganda and call on you to exercise logic, ethics, freedom and negate all sorts of censorship and offence towards Islam. We also invite you to a transparent and open dialogue in the presence of world conscience.

We are deeply concerned that the unfair and violent project that is currently underway against Islam and the Muslims in Europe, producing hatred and fear against this Divine religion and waging a savage psychological war - which is a clear example of propaganda terrorism, cultural violence and breach of human rights of 1.5 billion Muslims across the world - against the radiant personality of the great Messenger of God, Muhammad (PBUH), who was a great teacher of ethics and spirituality, an apostle of mercy, rationality and justice for all mankind, would lead to unpredictable and unpreventable consequences of international dimensions.

… the multitudes of Guantanamo-like prisons will not be the solution to the crisis faced by the liberalistic capitalist system, which is the last of the materialist ideologies of the Western modernism. If Europe is suffering from the past history of its religion and religiosity, and if the past memories of the medieval ages and the domination of popes, the inquisition courts, crusade wars, Christian torture houses, animosity against science, or the burning of scientists agonizes the collective conscience of Europe, it should be kept in mind that the solution to such problems does not lie in campaigning against any kind of religion and spirituality. Europe should not take the revenge of its medieval age from Islam, which is the religion of knowledge, rationality, human rights and justice. Isn’t it true that the history of modern civilization of Europe bears eloquent testimony to the fact that the transition of Europe from the Medieval Age and its acquaintance with the modem sciences and its scientific and religious renaissance for the first time took place through its contacts with the Islamic civilization, translation of modern sciences of the Islamic world and the acquaintance of the West with the Islamic laboratories, universities, libraries and hospitals?

What the Muslims expect from you is not tolerance or even pluralism, any more. Rather what they expect is some degree of politeness and fairness. Unfortunately, the people of the world have lost faith in international organizations. However, resorting to the existing secular, oligarchic, dogmatic approaches, excessively suppressive methods, using the language of “humiliation and accusation” and the dictatorial, belligerent disciplines that have been adopted by the Western capitalist system would only fan the flames of extremism.

Slandering the illuminating personality of the Noble Prophet of Islam (PBUH), who is a divine mercy for the entire mankind, is a proof of secular fundamentalism to the exclusion of rationality, love and ethics from the world of media and international politics.

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