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With the nature of today's world's sophisticated yet subtle attempts at we, (the Muslims), especially with the not so observable preparations for a coming chapter of conflict that is being prepared, (as it seems), behind the scenes of the kuffaar and the Mushrikeen we think it is appropriate to anchor ourselves in the words of Allah. On this particular occasion Allah says after Musa (alaih salaam) takes 70 of his own people and they go up to the mountain, these 70 people ask Musa "Let us see Allah". We can fit today's Israeli psychology on these 70 people; and we can take a glimpse at their faces and watch them rubbing their hands in anticipation of visualizing God Himself. The consequences of that were known. They could not bear to see God. In the moments after that and after they came back to their senses, they said, (we want you to listen carefully because it's the same psychology that has reclaimed political and military power; it survived all of these thousands of years and now we watch it in bloody action. This Israeli psychology at that time said what? These are the words of Allah

Assign to us in this worldly life a benefit and in the ultimate life a benefit for we have returned and repented (Surah Al A'raf verse 156)

They knew how they were mistaken about Allah; they have recovered from their mistake and now they are asking Allah for the good of this world and the good of the world to come because they say they have made "our comeback to you."- meaning to Allah. What was Allah's answer to them? It follows immediately- He says - here are these failing "Israelis after their historical and institutionalized failures they turn to Allah and they ask Him and how does He answer? The 1st word that comes from Allah is

I will inflict My torment on whom I will and My clemency or mercy accommodates everything (Surah Al A'raf verse 156)

When Allah speaks about His punishment before He is speaking about His clemency, we know that He is speaking to Bani Isra'eel or else, when they asked Assign to us in this worldly life a benefit and in the ultimate life a benefit for we have returned and repented He could have said My clemency or mercy accommodates everything and I will inflict My torment on whom I will- but because we are looking at naughty individuals and a human nature that wants to play tricks with Allah, Allah's answer to them came as appropriate and as accurate as they are deceptive and crooked. Now, (you Children of Isra'eel and you Muslims who read the Qur'an), listen

This mercy of mine I shall assign to those who are cautious, guarded and warned and alert concerning My power presence in their lives... (Surah Al A'raf verse 156)

He said to them "My mercy is not for anyone!" thousands of years ago and today. We ask in light of these meanings from Allah, do these Israelis, (then and now), consider Allah's power when they plan their social activities, write their commentaries and analysis and when they plot their military strategies- does Allah figure in, (even though He spoke to them)?

... And those who administer their financial dispersion of wealth in an institutionalized way ... (Surah Al A'raf verse 157)

To the contrary; when we take a look at Bani Isra'eel we see that when it comes to money, all the institutions that they have is not to give money to where it belongs but to steal and dispossess others yet these others merit it more than they do.

... And to those who are committed to Our manifestations of power and authority (Surah Al A'raf verse 157)

The Israelis throw into the deep see anything that has to do with Allah's power or authority. We can see in light of these three qualifiers - yattaqun, yu'tun az-zakaah and yu'minuna bi ayaatillah- the Israelis disqualify themselves from Allah's rahmah because they do not honor any of these three qualities. The ayah doesn't stop here... Muslims, if you haven't been listening closely, now is the time to begin to listen closely.

... those who follow the Messenger, the unlettered Prophet, whom they find to be recorded in their Torah and in their Injeel (Surah Al A'raf verse 157)

Allah is telling us that Al Yahud and An Nasara had information of certainty coming from Allah pertaining to the advent of Allah's final Prophet. If these Israelis had any mind in them and any relationship to honor with Allah, they'd take a look at this final Prophet because Allah tells us they had written/scriptural information pertaining to the coming and appearance of this final Prophet from Allah. If they were true to Allah, His Prophets and the Scriptures that were revealed to them, they would confess and go public with the fact that God had given them information and He broke good news to them about Ar Rasul, An Nabi Al Ummi. But what do we have? (If) you go to today's Old and New Testament, ("At Taurah and the Gospel") do you find any obvious or direct information foretelling the coming of Rasulillah? The answer is NO! So what happened to it? What do you expect from these people who omit and virtually cancel this type of God-given information to them? What else do they have coming from Allah describing this unlettered Apostle and Prophet?

... He orders them to establish and constitute and institutionalize what is self-evidently good, Al Ma'roof and he bans and prohibits them from establishing and institutionalizing whatever is self-evidently bad, Al Munkar... (Surah Al A'raf verse 157)

A Prophet, leader, decision-maker and a statesman cannot do that without power! There cannot be Amr bil Ma'roof and Nahi An Al Munkar without power! They understand the character of this Prophet (probably) more than some Muslims understand.

... and he makes permissible to them the wholesome things in life and he makes illegal to them the toxic things of life and he relieves them of the burdens and restrictions they had imposed upon them by Allah...(Surah Al A'raf verse 157)

Because of these people's un-Godly behavior with Allah they had legal and moral restrictions that made life almost intolerable. In their law, if someone was murdered or killed, the murderer or killer or executioner or criminal face the death penalty; they had no such thing as diyah or blood-money or a type of relief from the death sentence. Even their dietary laws were harshly restrictive and burdensome. The Prophet came to relieve them of all of this.

... as for those who were committed with Allah's Prophet, believed in what he had to say, shouldered the responsibility of an adherence to Allah, supported and aided him and followed the light that descended upon him- they were the on-ward committed Muslims. (Surah Al A'raf verse 157)

Some people may think that these ayaat are speaking about something historical. No! We're not speaking about something historical; we're speaking about something contemporary that has a historical accumulation to it. This is not just a page from ancient history, because now we have an Israeli psychology- that is doing what? This is not an Israeli psychology that is confined to synagogues and that says "we want to separate synagogue from state"; this is an Israeli psychology that wants to kill and it is not satisfied with killing individuals, it wants to kill populations. Should any Muslim be surprised? Some Muslims are just psychologically flat! They can't read and understand what Allah is saying. This is an ayah in Surah Al A'raf; an ayah that is not from those that are called mutashaabihaat; it is clear, direct, defined and indisputable in its meanings. Ask the average Muslim, (many average Muslims go to interfaith meetings), does anyone of them say what Allah is saying i.e. you have the mention of Muhammed in the Torah and in the Bible? OK, show or explain to us what happened- of course, all of this can be said in a very friendly and at a low pitched, with calm words and no one being upset - just placing the facts out there, on the table in front of us; but the Muslim psychology today is so run down, (especially the individuals and persons who go to these meetings), they are so deflated that they can't take the truth and the words of Allah with them to these types of meetings. So, what are they expected to do? To massage the egos of Al Yahud and An Nasar when Al Yahud and An Nasara, (these are not words of emotion, these are words of fact and reality), are killing us in any way they can- from having military bases and weapons of mass destruction in our Holy Lands to placing spies and cameras in the Masajid and Islamic Centers we have. We want to ask you, (brothers and sisters- committed Muslims), if wanted to turn this around and we, (the Muslims), had our military bases here, in the United States, around the Vatican or in or around Tel Aviv, how would these people who call themselves Jews and Christians act and behave? That's not the case- we, Muslims, don't have one measly truncated and abbreviated military post anywhere in those territories and areas- no where at all; we don't have one camera, (not one), in their Churches and Synagogues; we don't have one informer or spy who goes into those Churches and Synagogues and they have scores swarming into our Masajid and Islamic Centers! Now, to put some icing on the cake, they burst out in public with the type of social self-satisfaction to defame and malign our Prophet; and before, during and after doing all of this, we, (Muslims), are the ones who are misbehaving and the zionists and Imperialists who have not only occupied the Holy Lands, (but have also occupied Holy Scriptures), with their court scholars and clergymen are the ones who appear to the unknowing eye to be modern and civilized. We are the terrorists and they are the keepers of civilization- this is what happens to a psychology that turns against God, Prophets and Scripture. Now, they prepare, (behind closed doors), their next round of war and warfare against us. You would ask and think where are those people who call themselves "true Jews and true Christians"? They don't have the equivalent of what we have- have you ever seen any where in the world a Jewish congregation that cannot go into a synagogue? No! We know of no such issue. Have you ever seen a Christian congregation that cannot go into a Church and is forced to observe its religious mass or service outside the Church- in the streets, on the concrete, in public night and day, Winter and Summer? We haven't seen and don't know of any such development anywhere in the world, (even) in the most fanatic parts of the world. Jews can go into their Synagogues and Christians can go into their Churches. Now, the new development is (that) the government in Saudi Arabia is for the 1st time thinking seriously about having Christian build their own Churches in Arabia- which would be a qualitative improvement on their thinking if it weren't for the fact that these Churches would become auxiliaries to the military bases that they have. Why can't they think? Why can't they sign policies that are in accordance with the spirit of the Qur'an and the Prophet? Why can't they say that we will welcome Christians to build these Churches in Arabia, but every time they build one Church they close down one military base?! That would seem like the right thing to do, but now, these inferior Muslims, (we're being generous by calling them inferior Muslims), are reacting to their own fanaticism. 9/11 was a time in which their masters turned against them and said you have gone too far, (and), now you have to make up for those lost years (or) now is pay-back time; so the Muslims who govern and rule Arabia are beginning to tell these people who they say belong to the Abrahamic faiths, (we don't think any imperialist and zionist belong to the Abrahamic faith- but because they haven't been thinking for so long, they can't distinguish between an observing jew on one side and a zionist on the other side; they can't distinguish between an observing Christian on one side and an imperialist on the other sided). Brothers and sisters, committed Muslims- this is what happens when Muslims fail to open their minds and welcome the meanings of the Qur'an into their hearts via their minds and these are the results that we have to live with! Once again, this ayah for those who read the Qur'an with their tongues but abandon the Qur'an with their minds... 

Brothers and sisters, Maa'sharal Mu'mineen ...

After locating our thoughts in Allah's reference book we come out and look at the real world and we emerge into reality and observe the following- there have been news items in the past week or two that the Mufti in Saudi Arabia, (remember- this is in light of what we just said), is contemplating, (according to some reports; and according to other reports), he actually has sent out invitations to zionist Rabbis to attend an inter-faith conference, (presumably to include those who represent Muslims, Christians and Jews)- more recently, (in the past day or so), the office of that Mufti disclaimed such news items saying "No! that was not the case." In the meantime, their has been signals going from the Kings office, (the Holy Land is not supposed to be a Kingdom or a family controlled territory), that "Yes, we will be willing to have Churches built in Arabia for the Christians that are there and in the meantime these zionists occupiers and imperialists, (and we certainly know the difference between an observing Christian on one side and a practicing imperialist on the other side; equally so, we know the difference between an observing Jew on one side and a practicing zionist on the other side; we are not delusional about this as is the case with the Heads of State in and around our Holy Lands) are going into a war mode. They are distributing their gas masks, recalling their reservists officers, mobilizing their armed officers and (in the next couple of days), they are about to undergo the largest mock military exercises in their history- now, you tell us that there is no connectional relationship between the inter-faith activity coming out of Saudi Arabia and the military activities taking place in Occupied Palestine? The Muslim mind that they require is a mind that cannot see the connection, nexus and network that is at work between and among zionists and imperialists and their subordinate Arabian inferiors. If they want to fool anyone, they should at least have the common sense to know that they have fooled us enough- and enough is enough!!! What do they think? They think and calculate that if they have some expiring Arab regimes on their side they are in a position to dictate to the coming Muslims who are on the horizon?! They will see- they will experience what they experienced the Summer before last in Lebanon of the will of a contingent of committed Muslims; they will see how in the future there will be waves upon waves and waves after waves of committed Muslims; the time is approaching and let them rely upon the physical and material instruments of Ash Shaytaan and we will refer to Allah's almighty, everlasting and sustaining power of Allah (and) the word of taqwa- the concept that is supposed to be prevalent in our minds and hearts this time every week. 


Audio on (04-04-2008) 

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