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So What About Sharia Law and Western Civilization

Category: General

Posted by: jatticus


Wayne Ozmore, Former Chairman, 4th Cong. Dist. RPV, said he would "welcome your thoughts and viewpoints on the ramifications of the incorporation of SHARIA law with modern western civilization. Folks need to know that many are trying to make this happen...we need to know what to expect and to expose this thug mindset for what it is."

First, Sharia Law can not co-exist with Western Civilization. It especially can't co-exist with the English-speaking Peoples' Rule of Law. Fundamentally, attempting to have two legal systems means you have two kinds of citizens and two sets of laws. They will never be separate and equal.

The fact that Sharia is Islamic religious law and our secular law is based on a Judeo-Christian culture puts the two legal systems in extreme dispute. The Sharia is tied to a culture and its civilization stuck around the year 1250 AD - to be generous. Secular law is from a culture that has had a Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment - and in the U.S. three Great Awakenings. Islamic Civilization has not had a single Magna Charta moment. The closest thing to the Rule of Law is the Rule-backed-by-the-Army imposed by Kemal Attaturk on forced secularization and modernization of Turkey - which is now threatened by Islamists.

Culture commands. Culture provides the parameters for every aspect of life in a society. Individuals have rights and free will, but they exist in a cultural context. No two cultures can shape a civilization and its societies and their governments at the same time and place. None.

Lebanon came close for a few decades with very secular Muslims living among Christians until the Muslims became the majority and started their persecution and genocide.

Name one place where two cultures co-exist.

(French Canada is a European sub-culture more than a competing and contrary culture to its English-speaking neighbors).

My two favorite books that show how cultures can't co-exist are T.R. Fehrenbach's "The Comanches" and "Mexico: Fire and Blood". Everyone with an eye on foreign affairs and the
ultima ratio regum should read his "This Kind of War" about Korea.

If you establish religious law, you kill secular law. You destroy the rule of law and replace it with the rule of mullahs. You backwards in time 800 years. It is a return to the dark, deep cave of barbarism with no guarantee that there will be climb out to modern civilization.

How's that? The Canadian and Europeans who are turning over some jurisdiction of the law to family religious courts (Muslim courts) are committing social suicide - slowly. 

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