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The Death Grip Of IPAC And The Gun Lobby

By David Truskoff

06 June, 2008

On a New York City police report I counted over one hundred gun shooting calls from 5/05/08 to 5/31/08. In my home state Of Connecticut one sees the almost daily reports of shootings on the nightly news in the cities of New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport.

If the candidates now running for the US presidency and seeking to become the most powerful figure in the world, can not address the fact that the Gun lobby and the Israel lobby have a death grip on the congress then they can not fulfill the promise of change they all are presenting to Young Americans. If they can not get the guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals and they can not change our foreign policy because IPAC will not allow it then the sinking ship will only sink faster.

Monday, June 2, 2008 The Republican candidate McCain, groveling before the Israel American Political action Committee said,

"It's a pleasure, as always, to be in the company of the men and women of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. And I know that all of us are proud to be in the company of the distinguished senator from the State of Connecticut, my friend Joe Lieberman."
Llieberman was the US senator who was removed from the Democratic Party because of his war mongering stance on Iraq. He is now the favorite son of the Republican Party and IPAC.
Obama, The Democratic Candidate, also on his knees before IPAC, said,
"All of you involved in the work of AIPAC have taken up a great and vital cause -- and a cause set firmly in the American heart.

That effort begins with a clear and strong commitment to the security of Israel: our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy. That will always be my starting point. And when we see all of the growing threats in the region: from Iran to Iraq to the resurgence of al-Qaeda to the reinvigoration of Hamas and Hezbollah, that loyalty and that friendship will guide me as we begin to lay the stones that will build the road that takes us from the current instability to lasting peace and security. "
That all means that there will be no change. Sometime politicians don't even know when they are lying. To keep repeating the phrase that Israel is a democracy is carrying out the great lie. The truth is one Israel child out of three is poor, a poverty report reveals. Every third child in Israel lives below the poverty line, according to an annual National Insurance Institute (NII) poverty report . It does not state how many are not white, Eastern European Jews.

Over 400,000 families in Israel suffer from hunger " 28% of Israeli citizens, or 1,600,000 people are living in poverty.

Only Orthodox rabbis are allowed to marry Jews and many secular Israelis travel to other foreign countries to have a civil ceremony, which they can not receive in Israel. Israel does recognize marriages performed abroad by the Conservative and Reform movements; however, divorces issued abroad by rabbis from these movements are not recognized by the Rabbinate in Israel.

In an article titled For Jews Only? April 25, 2007Sonja Karkar writes'
"The time will have to come for Israel to declare its hand: is it "a state of the Jewish people throughout the world" as it defines itself, or a state of all its citizens, both Jewish and non-Jewish? So far Israel has managed to convince the Western world that it is the only democracy in the region, but neglects to add that this democracy works only for its Jewish citizens. This is the conundrum: Israel has been unable to reconcile what it says it is, with want it wants to be democratic and exclusively Jewish."
In Ha'aretz Gideon Levy asks, " What sort of democracy is this, if exactly half the state's residents don't benefit from it? Indeed, can the term "democratic" be applied to a state in which many of the residents live under a military regime or are deprived of civil rights? Can there be democracy without equality, with a lengthy occupation and with foreign workers who have no rights? And what about the racism?

We must not lightly let these phenomena pass by. We must not forget that the entire structure is wobbly. Once Israel became an occupying state, it ceased to be a democracy. There is no such thing: Israel's claims about its democratic character are empty boasts. Just as there is no such thing as a partial pregnancy, there is no such thing as a partial democracy, either."

The irony to all of this is that the $3billion dollar a year US creation that the American tax payers have had to carry for more than half a century will not survive when the American empire goes down, Israel is sure to go down with it. Short of a political upheaval in America, that seems to be the future we face and all of Israel's nuclear weapons will be rendered useless because we will both die by our own hand.

Author of "What The Hell Is A liberal"


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