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Thank you, Senator Obama

06.24.08 | Comment?


In the flap about the recent Obama Hijab issue, much is being made about the nature of the apology, as well as the
presidential candidate’s tepid outreach towards the Muslim community in this New York Times article.

Some have argued that Obama’s apology was politically motivated and did not go far enough. For them, it was an attempt to retain Muslim voter support while maintaining a continuing distance from the community.

For others, it was coddling of terrorism. A number of rabid, racist and Islamophobic sites have tried to link the two women involved in the incident to terrorist groups. Nothing new, of course. In post-9/11 America, every Muslim is a potential terrorist according to these foolish bigots.

We here at would like to simply say a heartfelt thank you to Senator Obama. At a time when he is struggling to define his relationship with a community that is the equivalent of a persona non grata, and a much maligned faith, his apology was deeply appreciated. It was a principled stand in the face of incredible pressure to deny any type of link to Islam and Muslims.


While is not in the business of endorsing anyone for president, on behalf of Hijabed Muslim women, we would like to thank Senator Obama for acknowledging that a wrong was committed, taking a stand against it, and publicly speaking out about it.

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