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Du’aa literally means to supplicate/call on God.


We can make Du’aa to Allah swt to ask for something of benefit or to remove some evil.


Du’aa is essential in Islam. In one ayah of the Qur’an, Allah swt says: ‘Make Du’aa to Me; I will respond to you. Those of you who are too arrogant to worship Me will enter the Hell fire humiliated’ (40:60).


God makes the connection between Du’aa and worship


The Sahabah RA had such a deep connection to Allah swt that they turned to Him for everything.



One Sahabah called out to God even when he broke his sandal.



This month (Ramadan) is the month of mercy, the month where we can truly understand ourselves and our nafs. It is also about freedom from desires. What do we really depend on/what keeps us going?


The Sahabah RA just relied on the Qur’an and Sunnah to keep them going


in God. One day he went sailing. The sea and weather were calm and peaceful. All of a sudden, the weather became stormy and the sea turned rough. The man became scared and didn’t know if he would make it out alive. He ended up surviving, but he said that for his whole life before that, he hadn’t really thought about God, but at that moment when he was in need of help, he called out to God. He promised that if God saved him, he would worship Him as He is supposed to be worshipped. He ended up forgetting his promise, as man is forgetful by nature (Insaan = forgetful). Then a friend gave him a Qur’an and he opened it to Surah Yunus (Jonah). One ayah used the analogy of sailing to illustrate how when people are in times of ease, they don’t think about God, but when afflicted with hardships they turn to Him. The man thought the author of this book must be a sailor, as the sailing experience was described in such detail. When he found out that this book was revealed to a Prophet in the middle of a desert, he accepted Islam.



We feel God won’t answer our prayers because we’re sinners, but we should not forget His mercy. A characteristic of the dwellers of Jannah is that they are those who repent, meaning they had to have sinned first.



The difference between a believer and an unbeliever is that the believer turns back to God, knowing He is merciful.


Tips for making Du’aa:



First glorify God by saying His names and attributes – This is a way of acknowledging His blessings.



Send peace and blessings on the Prophet SAS


Be firm when making Du’aa – Allah swt didn’t say He might answer our Du’aa, He said He will.


Be sincere


Do not be hasty/impatient – When you make Du’aa, it is either answered, saved until the akhirah, or an evil is removed from your path. So continue making Du’aa even if you don’t see it answered before your eyes.



Make Du’aa in sujood – Prophet SAS said a servant is nearest to Allah swt when prostrating.



Make Du’aa between the adhan and iqamah – Prophet SAS said that Du’aa made at this time is always answered.


As it is Ramadan now, we should take this time to start making Du’aa. If we can’t do it now, then when will we?



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