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Accepting Responsibility To Build Our Community Pt.2

By The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Updated Mar 25, 2009, 01:58 pm



[Editor’s note: The following are excerpts from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s address delivered Sunday, March 8, 2009 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois.]


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.


I want to talk real clear to you today, because Satan’s job is to deceive the whole world about a man that would come into the world to end his world. The question we have to answer: Is this world out here God’s world? Or is this Satan’s world?


This is God’s earth. This is God’s universe, and all the riches that are in the earth are the Lord’s—but the institutions that are on the earth that were made by corrupt man, that is not God’s world. The nations of the earth are not God’s nations. The institutions are not God’s institutions.


Don’t tell me that you’re sending your children to God’s school when His name can’t even be uttered and remembered in the school. Don’t tell me that this is God’s system of jurisprudence when so many people are crying out because of the lack of justice. Don’t tell me that this is God’s economic system, because if it is, why are there so many poor people? Yet, the earth can produce food to sustain the birds, the bees, the ants and worms—everything! But here’s the greatest of God’s creation, and you are waiting for a welfare check and food stamps, or, you are waiting for somebody to feed you as though you don’t have the ability to feed yourself!


Look at the pain and misery of the people’s condition. Satan has literally all but destroyed The Clear Path that was laid down by God’s prophets. Whether you call yourself a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist, you are apart of a world whose institutions have shaped us so that the mosque, church or synagogue does not have the power to change that it once had when God’s prophets were among us. Or, we really have the power to change the people’s condition, but we don’t have the guidance of how to exercise the power that we already have.


Satan’s time of deceiving the world


This is Satan’s world, and naturally, Satan is fighting to hold on to the power that he has over the minds and hearts of the people of the earth. The Bible teaches, “And Satan deceived the entire world.” Are you and I in that world? Could it be that you and I have been deceived?


Nobody wants to admit, “I’ve been deceived,” because that means you would have to admit that a “game” was played on you, and that somebody pulled the wool over your eyes, so our ego gets in the way of looking at things in a more truthful way.


In Arabic, Muslims pray, Audhu billahi mina-shaitan ir rajim, “Say I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan.” Satan is one driven away from the Face of God, so his whole aim is to pull those who would want to be close to God away from God by making evil fairseeming. Satan has to know truth in order to deceive the people who seek it!


In several places in the Qur’an, Satan says to God: “Respite me till the day when they are raised.” What does “respite” mean? According to Webster’s dictionary, “respite” means “a period of temporary delay.”


In Surah 7 “The Elevated Places,” Satan is angry, and is carrying on a conversation with Allah (God): “Respite me till the day when they are raised. [God] said: Thou art surely of the respited ones. [Satan] said: As Thou hast adjudged me to be erring, I will certainly lie in wait for them in Thy straight path, Then I shall certainly come upon them from before them and from behind them, and from their right and from their left; and Thou wilt not find most of them thankful. [God] said: Get out of it, despised, driven away. Whoever of them will follow thee, I will certainly fill hell with you all.”


Who is them referring to? It is they—humanity—whom Satan is working to deceive. “Until they are raised.” Raised how? What means and methods shall be used to raise the people in such a way that it ends Satan’s power to deceive them?


“Then I shall certainly come upon them from before them and from behind them, and from their right and from their left; and Thou wilt not find most of them thankful.” This should tell you that Satan has been given an enormous amount of power to deceive when he’s going to say to the Face of God, “I’ll get them all and make them deviate!”


And God does not argue with him: “Whoever of them will follow thee, I will certainly fill hell with you all.” Allah (God) is going to put Satan in hell, and all who follow him. Now, this sounds kind of “spooky,” but we’re going to make it real clear for you, so you won’t make a mistake thinking that “hell” is some place that you have to die to go to—and you’re already in hell right now. The hell that we are in, made of our own hands and our own doing, is getting worse and worse. And God is allowing it.


In another part of the Qur’an, Allah (God) says, “You will get all except my purified ones.” Now certainly, I would like to be one of the purified ones who escape that, but there’s no guarantee except that you and I continue to seek a refuge in God.


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that 75 percent of what you read about the “Jesus” spoken of in the New Testament is referring to The One that comes at the end of Satan’s time, because that One comes to end Satan’s world.


“Respite me till the day when they are raised.” How do you raise them? If they are lowered and have to be raised, what lowered them? It was the lack of knowledge that lowered them, and it is Satan manipulating their ignorance, that keeps Satan in power!


This One that comes after the workings of Satan is on time. He comes to really “point out Satan.” The Bible teaches, “That day shall not come except there be a falling away, first. And the man of sin be revealed.” Not “the spirit of sin”—the “man of sin!” You are a man, and you can only be deceived by one of your own! There is no calf, no cow, no snake that can deceive you! It has to be a human being like yourself! And how can you be deceived except someone comes in the name of the one whom you love? And skillfully turns you away from his path?




This Jesus, when he comes, he opens the eyes. He is the Son of man.


Ever since we have been down, we’ve been longing to get back up, so the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that whatever we desire for ourselves that we are deprived of, soon the Law of Nature will bring forth from the womb of a woman a child born to satisfy a natural need that we have been deprived of.


What have we been deprived of? Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding. Life, Liberty, the True Pursuit of Happiness. Freedom, Justice, Equality. Building a home for yourself. Family life. Brotherly Love among us as a people. We have been deprived of all of that which we long for. You long to see yourself in a position that you can dream of, but you haven’t actualized it.


“Respite me ‘til the day when they are raised.” Now you are being raised degree by degree; and the end of Satan’s world is here now. During my Saviours’ Day address March 1, I said that President Barack Obama inherited The Fall of America; and he inherited the collapse of her institutions. He inherited the end of her world. Now, there’s some work for us to do.


America’s destruction through Divine Plagues


America is broke. Very, very broke: Currently $65.5 trillion in debt. Did you know that the debt of America is more than the value of every building that is on 3,000 by 2,000 square miles of land called “The United States of America?”


The FBI building is up for sale. The Drug Enforcement Agency has already been sold. Foreign companies are buying up taxpayer dollar buildings, and leasing them back to the government. No matter how much hope you have in the Stimulus Package, I’m here to tell you what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said. He said that foreign wars and divine plagues are destroying the economy and the American way of life.


God—The One Who makes rain, hail, snow and earthquakes—hasn’t let up on His Wrath on America since Barack got in. In fact, the plagues are coming harder and faster, so how can you think a Stimulus Package is enough? Tornadoes, fires, floods and global warming. The Messenger would not buy anything on the East or West Coast, because he said it’s going to be pushed into the center. Now Mr. Al Gore is saying that as the Poles begin to warm up, and the Arctic area begins to melt, building up the water on the East and West Coasts, it will begin to flood out the coastline.


What does it say in the Qur’an? “Allah would curtail her of her sides.” God is working today! Satan’s world is finished! And if you stay a part of it, you go down with it! Don’t you think that the enemy is not plotting to take the people that God is after down with him.


Do you know that you are being held right now as a hostage? When somebody takes a hostage, they hold the hostage in the line of fire so that the person who is firing will see the hostage and miss the real one that they’re shooting at! You say, “Well, how am I hostage? No one has got me!” Oh, yeah? If they have your mind, then they have you!


Look what the scripture teaches: “Shall the prey be taken from the mighty and the lawful captive be delivered?” See, you are a lawful captive. The 13th Amendment made the slave a “citizen”—you didn’t vote to be a citizen! But the catch is that if we were to be charged with a felony and found guilty, then all our citizenship reverts to “slave status.”


Schemes of the International Bankers


President John Fitzgerald Kennedy—our first Catholic president—was the most charismatic of the presidents, and had great support from the American people. He felt that he could defy the international bankers through his signing into law Executive Order 11110 on June 4, 1963, and get away with it. Pres. Kennedy was not killed because he was favoring some rights for Black people.


This Executive Order he signed took away the power of the Federal Reserve to print the money. He then put $4 billion into circulation in $2 and $5 denominations—and all $4 billion was backed by silver. Six months later, like it was with Lincoln, President Kennedy was shot down in Dealey Plaza.


The killing of these two presidents sends a message that international bankers must not be defied, because they run presidents and kings. These wicked people: They don’t give a damn about you and me if you’re going to interfere with their takeover of the world!


Did you know that without the knowledge of Congress or the American people, President George W. Bush met with President Vincente Fox of Mexico and the Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada? They talked about merging the three countries’ economies and politics, and have already printed new currency to replace the “dollar.” It’s called the “Amero.” The American people don’t know that they want to build a Super Highway from Mexico all the way to Canada.


What are you dealing with? You’re dealing with Satan who has blinded the people and deceived Congress. That’s why I say to Brother Barack: You better have another source from which you gain your intelligence, lest you end up like Colin Powell. What happened to Colin Powell? The CIA falsified intelligence and fed it to a Black man who could be trusted by the American people! And Gen. Powell ruined his reputation by lying to the world that there were weapons of mass destruction sitting up in Iraq. The devil is a liar! He’s a murderer! He’s an international bandit!


What do you think? Do you think they went to war in Iraq because Saddam Hussein was a “dictator”? You see how Satan works: He always gives a noble motive to what he’s about to do. What was it that America was after? She was after $30 trillion worth of oil in the second largest oil reserve in the world.


The U.S. government has been fighting over the last few years to get the government in Iraq to make a deal over how the oil revenue is going to be distributed. They don’t have that arrangement yet. Pres. Obama has said his plan is to withdraw the troops in 18 months. “We do not want your oil. We want a stable democracy …” but his words are making somebody upset.


Afghanistan: America’s New Vietnam


The violence is escalating again in Iraq now; and America’s troops are coming out, but not all of them are coming home—30,000 troops, maybe more, are being sent to Afghanistan: America’s new Vietnam.


How did we get involved in Afghanistan? Do you know the history of this country, and its ties to the United States government? Did you know that Osama bin Laden was paid by the CIA?


Afghanistan is a Muslim country; and Socialists and Communists had started ruling Afghanistan. Now, during this period of Islamic revival all over the world, the Muslims in Afghanistan are rising up to come back to the pristine purity of the Islamic faith. So when the Muslims start rising, they begin to challenge a Socialist government. This also happened in Egypt under Gamel Abdel Nasser who was a Socialist, but the organization “Muslim Brotherhood” wanted to return Egypt to Islam in its purest form. This is going on all over the Middle East now, so most of the “moderate” Muslim leaders, they’re all in trouble, because the masses are rising. The masses want Islam, but they want it in its pure form. But America is not interested in helping to build any nation that will be true to Islam.


Israel is a nuclear power in the world, and the only real nuclear power in the Middle East. In an article from Press TV, an ex-official of Israel stated: “Israel can hardly wait to attack Iran. Tel Aviv has by no means shelved its plans to strike the Iranian nuclear infrastructure,” says a former Israeli envoy to the United Nations. The envoy is Mr. Dan Gillerman, former Israeli UN Ambassador, and he said Tel Aviv could not afford to wait any longer for diplomatic efforts to curb Iran’s uranium enrichment program, adding that it was preparing a military offensive against the country.


During his presidential campaign, I heard Barack Obama when he went before AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee). There he declared that Iran would be destroyed if they attacked Israel. Hillary Clinton, his opponent at the time, also went before the same committee, and said she would wipe Iran from the face of the earth. Well, she is now his Secretary of State. And now, the country is spoiling for a war with Iran.


Iran is not Iraq; and if the U.S. had trouble in Lebanon with the Hezbollah; and they had trouble in Gaza with Hamas, they should let that be a lesson because when you’re dealing with Iran, you’re dealing with an entirely different Muslim nation.


Does Iran have the right to develop her nuclear knowledge to build that which will cause her not to depend on oil, but on a nuclear power-generated source of energy? Does Iran have that right under international law? Yes.


Iran is a signer of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty—Israel is not. Even if Iran developed a nuclear weapon, what is she going to do with it? Iran says, “We’re not breaking any law. We’re going to build nuclear energy producing facilities in our country, and if Israel or America attacks, we have something for them both.”


I don’t know what they have, but I know this: You have this hawkish Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, forming a government in Israel, whose mindset is: “I don’t care anything about America! I’m going to do what I think I need to do to protect Israel.”


If you don’t have the testicular fortitude to use the leverage that America has to rein in the hawks in Israel, then Israel will create a war that will lead America to her destruction!


Our Valley of Decision


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that America will not win another war. “Why are you talking like this, Farrakhan?” Because I don’t know how much time I’ve got—and I can’t waste time. But you’ll never be able to say that I did not warn you of what America is facing, and what you are facing. If it costs me my life, I was born to die! I do not intend to choose the method or the way by which I die, but I intend to choose the state of mind that I will be in!


This Qur’an says, “Die not unless you die in faith, die in submission to the Will of God.” I believe that that’s exactly what I’m preaching: The Will of God! And you that don’t see America at the Bar of Judgment; those of you who are trying to make friends with God’s enemy, then you go ahead. She will not win another war; and foreign wars and the plagues that are hitting America and the world are destroying the American economy and the American way of life.


“Come out of her, My people, and be ye not partakers of her sins and her plagues for her sins have reached unto heaven.” That is what John the Revelator said. Well, where are you going? It doesn’t mean “go here; go there.” It means “come out of the way of life that you are living under the guidance of an enemy of God.” You can come out of that. You can stop doing the thing that you’re doing that makes you an enemy of God!


America could be healed. That’s painful to a Black man to know that this country did us like this, and God could take His punishment off of America, and White folks, for the evil that they have done. Babylon could have been healed, but she was not. America, too, could escape The Wrath of God if she changes.


If we don’t understand that the Messenger said that “Black” was not “national,” it is “universal,” then you really don’t understand what Master Fard Muhammad brought to him unless you can put it in universal terms. If we, as Muslims, cannot grow to see what this book, Qur’an, and what Jesus, The Messiah, wanted to bring into existence, where Jesus was saying, “No Jew, no Greek, no male, no female, no bond, no free, all become one in him,” then we are not with The Messiah or The Mahdi.


This book, Qur’an, is not about “Black and White.” This Qur’an is about “Wrong and Right.” If I say, “I am your brother because I am Black; we are the same people,” does this mean I’m really your brother? This means that I have potential to be your brother—because look at what Jesus said when the multitude said to him: “Your brother is outside. He wants to speak with you; meet with you.” Jesus said, “My brother is in the temple with me; and my mother.”


Disbelief is not the brother of belief. Faith is not the brother of faithlessness. Right is not the brother of wrong. So we can be from the same mother, but if you want to choose wrong over right; and another member of the family will choose right over wrong, then the family is split. That’s why The Master said “Two of you will be laying in the same bed”—you can’t get no closer than that!—“but I’m going to take one, and leave the other.”


So your brotherhood is not because you share the same bed. Two will be grinding at the mill, meaning they are engaged in the same work of grinding wheat into flour. However, just because we are in the same work doesn’t mean that we are going in the same direction. Everybody is in the valley of decision.


Thank you for reading these words.

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