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Is India a Democracy?

by Dr. Kaukab Siddique


"Slum Dog Millionaire" Along with Dalit Voice magazine Provide Clues to the Real India


Indians are going to the polls and India is casually described in U.S. media as the world's biggest democracy probably owing to its population. The reality of India is its massive poverty which is so horrific that it boggles the imagination. The movie "Slum Dog Millionaire" gives viewers some flavor of the scope and immensity of the suffering of the people. The recent mujahideen raid on Mumbai [Bombay] created the impression that Mumbai is a city of glittering hotels where rich Indian Americans like Newsweek editor Fareed Zakaria and affluent Jews from Israel are comfortable.

"Slum Dog" gives an aerial view of Mumbai, of several million people living desperate lives in shanties. The movie got the highest Oscar awards but did not attract the sympathy of America's Zionist controlled media. One reason could be that it contains a scene of a Hindu mob attacking the Muslim slum and setting living people on fire, including a main character's mother.

The poor masses find solace in India's vast movie industry known as "Bollywood." People like Amitabh Bachan, a popular film star, have fans whom Obama would envy. The movie demolishes Bachan in a powerful scene in which he arrives at the slum in a helicopter to give out autographs. The masses live on illusions. Democracy in India is meaningless.


Most Indians overseas are nationalists and will not let Americans know what is happening in India. For real insight into India, one has to read DALIT VOICE edited by my venerable friend V.T Rajshekar. He is brilliant, umcompromising and consistent in his exposure of human suffering in India. He points out that India is in the death grip of the caste system ruled by Brahmins. The Black people of India, the Dalits, are the majority but India is ruled by a 15% Brahmin minority, Rajshekar writes.

The extent to which India's ruling class has looted India would turn Pakistani President Zardari green with envy. An article in the March 1-15, 2009 issue of Dalit Voice points out that Indian elites have $1,456 billion stashed away in Swiss banks.

As for the rights of women, Rajshekar quotes from an Indian newspaper, The Hindu, "Forty per cent of the world's child marriages take place in India, resulting in a vicious cycle of gender discrimination, illiteracy and high infant and maternal mortality rates."


Most people outside India do not know that India is being rent asunder by centrifigal forces. India could easily disintegrate if Pakistan were led by a Mahmud Ghaznavi or a Muhammad Ghori with the ability to understand India. Notice the burden of anti-democratic force India is using against its own people:


1. Kashmir is a Muslim state which wants to join Pakistan but is held down by 700,000 Indian troops, the biggest occupation army in the world. The entire Kashmiri people have been subjected to human rights abuses by the Indian army, including rape as a weapon of terror and suppression. Several hundred thousand Kashmirs have taken refuge in Pakistan.


2. Khalistan. Sikhs have suffered untold suffering under Indian rule and have wanted to create their own state known as Khalistan. They were suppressed with the utmost brutality by the Indian army. The holiest temple of the Sikhs was occupied and desecrated by Indian military forces. Thousands of Sikhs died resisting India. After that India implemented "anti-terrorism" laws in Sikh territories. Hundreds of Sikh youths were executed in fake encounters with the police and thousands of others suffered arbitrary prison terms.


3. Many Indians have accepted Christianity to escape the rigors of the caste system but they have not been able to escape Hindu bigotry. In recent years scores of churches have been burned down by Hindus, and Christians slaughtered and nuns raped.


5. Northeastern India is in crisis with recurring uprisings of peasants led by Maoist and Naxalite revolutionaries.


4. Muslims periodically suffer at the hands of Hindu mobs [as shown in the Slum Dog movie]. The historic Babri mosque was demolished by Hindu mobs organized by Brahmins on the false pretext that it was built on the birth place of the Hindu god [a story which turned out to be fabricated.]

Muslims are terrified in India owing to yearly attacks and massacres, big and small, including the mass murder and rape of Muslim women in Gujarat. They are so terrified that they are refusing to accept and bury the bodies of the mujahideen who were killed in the Mumbai raid.

[Dalit Voice often complains that India's Muslim organizations are trying to integrate into Hindu India instead of challenging the tyranny of Hinduism.] India's upper class Muslim groups have been issuing statements against "terrorism" [somewhat like ISNA in America] while keeping quiet about Indian atrocties in Kashmir.

There is hope for Islam among India's Muslim youth such as those who were part of SIM [Students Islamic Movement] which has been banned by India. These youth groups are in touch with Black Indians [Dalits]. When a prominent African American Muslim, Hodari Abdul Ali, a friend of mine, visited India, he was given an unprecedented welcome by both Indian Muslim students and Black Indians [Dalits].


Posted by Yusuf El-Irlandi at 7:52 PM

Labels: jamaat al-muslimeen, justice, news. current events, newtrend

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