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Eid Al Adha Khutbah (8 December 2008)




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It is in such a manner that We make plain our signs so that the course of the


criminals may become clear.



Bismillah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem.


Alhumdulillah. Peace and blessings on Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam), his Noble Companions and Family.


Brothers and Sisters, Muslims of commitment, conviction, hard work and a struggle...


audio on (17-03-2000)




Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar.


Allah is Akbar! Even though it may appear that the forces of those who are the enemies of Allah, opposed and antagonistic to Allah are greater.


Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar.


The Prophet of Allah said Allahu Akbar when the forces of those times appeared to be superior to the Prophet and the Muslims who were with him, but that did not mean that they were not going too face the fact that remains embedded in every Muslim mind and enshrined in every Muslim soul. Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar 


It is true that we have worldly centered Muslims who think, calculate and suppose that there are forces that are greater than Allah and in the time of our Prophet there were also the same forces that were at work. On this day and at this time of the year, hundreds of thousands, (there's supposed to be tens of millions), of Muslims. There's a place in Makkah that probably not many Muslims pay attention to; that place is where the opponents of Rasulillah met, discussed, deliberated and exchanged opinions on how to defeat Allah's Apostle. Not many Muslims want to go to this place and not many Muslims know the name of this place. It's called Dar An Nadwa- where the conspiracies against Islam and the Muslims were hatched. They discussed placing the Prophet under what we call today house arrest- that idea didn't go through; they discussed how to put the Prophet into permanent asylum- that idea didn't go through; they discussed how to kill the Prophet and they agreed to that idea. The forces that were at work against the Prophet were there from the 1st day; (this) was not because the Prophet was a diplomat or politician in the sense that is understood today- he wasn't! He had the word/book of Allah to render to the rest of Mankind and so they decided in their hostility to Allah, His Prophet and the committed Muslims to assassinate him. You would ask when Muslims go to the Hajj, why can't they ask where this Dar An Nadwa was?! Or, are there the powers that be who have eliminated it, saying "it would be some type of bid'ah to go and look at the place where the animosity to the Muslims was centered and located?" Is there anything wrong with that? This hostility to Allah's Prophet continued unabated; they didn't succeed in their assassination attempt or in the other attempts against him, but their hostility and animus to the Muslims continued until Allah finally- (because of the experiences that the community of the Prophet went through)- they had agreements with Ahl Al Kitaab and Ahl Al Kitaab sided with the Mushriks against the Prophet; they betrayed their agreement with the Prophet; the Prophet signed an agreement with the Mushriks themselves at the Treaty of Hudaibiyah and the Mushriks betrayed this agreement; all the forces around were betraying the Prophet every time he entered into an agreement with them- this pattern had to come to an end and it came to an end in the Hajj! This is a feature of the Hajj that is absent from the majority of Muslims who go to Makkah to perform their Hajj! Where is the Bara'ah from the Mushrikeen in Makkah we ask?! Answer the question- where is the Bara'ah from the Mushrikeen who stab us in the back every time Muslims sign an agreement with them?!


An ending to these types of agreements between Allah, His Prophet and the Committed Muslims (on one side) and the Mushrikeen (on the other side) (Surah At Taubah verse 1)


Does this bother anyone to have the Muslims in the world cut-off the relationship with those who are stabbing the Muslims in the back- there's plenty of them The murderers of Muslims emanate from this city and what are Muslims doing having relationships with these people (who rule) in this city?! Does it bother (anyone to say to) the Saudi Arabian governors, politicians and diplomats to say to them "you are treacherous to Allah and His Apostle because you honor the contracts and agreements that are spilling Muslim blood all around the world!" This Bara'ah is not the signature of a Saudi official some where; it has to be declared publicly, (out loud)


A declaration from Allah and His Prophet to the people on the great day of Hajj that Allah and His Messenger are free from these types of agreements with the Mushrikeen… (Surah At Taubah verse 3)


In our days, when we say Allahu Akbar and when we know quite well what the forces are around us, we mean that Allah will carry this affair to a better day. We haven't ended our thinking ability and our efforts for Allah in this world. We know from the Book of Allah and from the Sunnah of His Messenger what it means to cut off relationships with Mushriks who are responsible for quite a few things…


Number 1- stifling this central message of the Hajj. We ask, on this day while we say Allahu Akbar and while we know that Allah will bring to nil their policies in stifling the Hajj; but we say to them "we know these Saudis are protecting themselves, because the Mushriks are protecting them; and they don't want the Muslims to come to Makkah and realize that there's a globalization of policies against the Muslims. They don't want the Muslims to reach the Qur'anic and Sunnatic conclusion that there should be no dependency relationship upon any Mushrik or kaafir bloc in the world.' But, in the meantime, (we remember how just a few years ago) the Mushriks went to them and said "we are being hurt when the prices of oil go up; you have to do something about it." This was being done during the days of Hajj – this is the irony of it- when these Saudis are saying with their mouths Allahu Akbar in Makkah, they are saying with their works and deeds Amrika Akbar in Washington! And you want to continue to fool the Muslims?! We say Allahu Akbar knowing that these dynamics are at work. These Saudi officials went to the rescue of the Mushriks instead of coming to the rescue of the Muslims! They should be exposed to the rest of the world, beginning from Makkah all the way to Washington. They think that they are going to ride the tide of ignorance among the Muslims?! That tide is come to an end! Let us demonstrate to you how ignorant Muslims are… All/most/the overwhelming majority of us know what a gallon of gasoline costed (back then)- $1.80 or $1.90 a gallon. But, they don't tell us how much the Saudis and their cartel- who are in the service of the Mushriks- are selling a gallon of oil for; they tell us how much they're selling a barrel of oil. We don't know how much a barrel costs over here and we're don't know how much they're selling a gallon over there! Between  a barrel and a gallon they want to take the Muslim mind for granted- as if we can't figure out and as if it can't become public knowledge and information how much we were selling a barrel of oil. Muslims were selling a barrel of oil in the world for around $9. A barrel of oil is 159 liters, which is roughly about 40 gallons. With a simple mathematical process/equation, you (can) divide $9 by 40 gallons and you come up with something like $0.25 for a gallon of oil that these Saudis and their cartel were selling to the kaafirs who's policies are draining the Muslims of their blood. Due to the effort of some more enlightened Muslims within this cartel, the price of oil has gone up in the market here, to $1.80, (depending where you are and what gas station you go to etc.). (Back then), the price went to around $32 a barrel. (Once again, if), you divide- we should not continue to be ignorant Muslims. The Saudis and their group were selling to the Mushriks- who Allah is telling them to cut relations with and to depend upon themselves- for $0.80. So, what's this $1.80 doing at the gas pump? Where's this extra dollar going? Is there any Muslim around to think about this? There were truckers who were protesting as to "why oil had gone up to that price?" Yet, it's still a miniscule of what it's supposed to be! They're still robbing us dry of our resources and these Saudis and their company still have more relationships with the Mushriks. What are they doing in the Hajj?! Where is Surah Al Bara'ah?! How does it fit into the contemporary world? These Mushriks betrayed and were treasonous to the Prophet and so, this type of agreement had to come to an end. There is no question in Islamic history about the 9th year after the Prophet went to Al Medinah when Surat Al Bara'ah was revealed and the Prophet sent two of his companions to the Hajj in Makkah and he said to them to declare to the rest of those who were coming that the Muslims were now terminating all these types of agreements with all the Mushriks around. If it was an indefinite agreement, there are four months to lapse and that indefinite agreement is over; and for those timed agreements, when that time period lapses, there would be no renewal of these types of arrangements. Here we are- look at the arrangements they have. One of these other states, the Emiraat in the Gulf, signed a $6billion contract with the American military industrial complex to buy 80 F16s. This means they will depend, (the key word is they will depend), on the Mushriks for their own protection. Allah doesn't want this dependency relationship and the Mushriks will take them to the bank because these planes need maintenance expenses, training, military bases and these Muslims who go to Makkah and say Allahu Akbar come here and pay homage to the Mushriks and Kaafirs and depend upon them for their survival. Where is the meaning of Hajj in all of this?! Where is Bara'ah in all of this?! It is conveniently swept aside and eliminated from all aspects of being in Makkah. This was not done by chance; this was not a natural evolution of things; there were evil minds that took this Bara'ah from the Muslims in Makkah, and now they have a free-for-all with the Mushriks. They are more in tune and comfortable with the Mushriks than they are with the Muslims in Makkah. We realize this, and even though this is the case, there'[s no dent in our determination; we will go on like the Prophet himself and say Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar. Allah is greater than all that they have on their minds. Allahu Akbar because tomorrow is going to be better than today; Allahu Akbar because we have Muslims around the world who Allah is nurturing and guiding to a better tomorrow. We know what is happening to us; we see that the policies of these Mushriks that have the Saudis and their company addicted were causing 8,000 infants to die daily in the Muslim land of Iraq. Do they think that we don't see and don't know this?! Do they think that we don't see and don't know what they are doing to the Muslims in the Caucuses, Algeria, Southern Sudan, Europe, and the United States?! They have occupied and subverted Masajid, Makkah and Al Medinah and only a few Muslims have the mental courage to see through the propaganda and rumors engineered to enter into our subliminal being and too see through this façade and realize that there's not really much difference between the Saudi rulers in Makkah and Al Medinah and the Yahudi rulers in Al Quds! Both of them are serving the same interests; both of them are relaxed and comfortable with each other and both of them are trying to combat our consciousness and adherence to Allah and His Prophet- we know there's a war in process and because of that and regardless of that we say Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar. We will continue to say Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar and let these Saudis and their company stew in their conspiracies against the Muslims. The day shall come and the time shall approach when they shall be held accountable for what they are doing. They hide behind closed doors and have security around- why? Don't they feel equal with the rest of the Muslims? Why don't they come out? We have no security, our securer is Allah; we do they hide and not listen to us and then speak to other people behind our backs? If they have the courage and integrity of Islam that is demanded of every Muslim, then come and speak to us heart-to-heart; man-to-man and face-to-face. Don't speak about us behind closed doors and in the company of your Mushrik superiors. Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar. They're afraid of Allahu Akbar, but they're not afraid of it if it is automatically said in Makkah; they are afraid of it when Muslims know what it means and to behave Allahu Akbar. That is what they are afraid of and their day is approaching and we continue to reverberate, say and echo with our brothers and sisters and committed Muslims anywhere and everywhere in the world Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar- Allahu Akbar.


Kullu aamin wa antum bi kheir. An Eid that is a motivated Eid with the meanings that belong to it in the hearts and minds of all of us and unto a better Eid in the coming year. 


This khutbah was delivered by Imam Mohamed Asi on the occasion of Eid Al Adha on 17 March 2000. The Imam is based in Washington D.C. He previously led the daily and Jum'ah prayers inside the Masjid. His speeches were revolutionary and thought provoking; and eventually irritated and threatened the Middle-East Ambassadors who control the Masjid. Finally, the Imam, he's family, and other Muslims faithful to the course of Islam were forced out, into the streets. This khutbah originates from the sidewalk across the street from the Islamic Center, currently under siege.


 Sun Dec 7, 2008 4:29 am



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