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Islam bashing is not new

By Safi Abdi

Last edited: Friday, September 17, 2004

Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2004

Islam bashing is an old ploy, a scam spanning the centuries and the day's Islam bashers are simply recycling the very same old rubbish.

The last few years have witnessed a huge interest in the religion of Islam. With this came a great opportunity for many Muslims to share their beautiful faith with others. Many Muslims have risen to the challenge of informing others about Islam. But because of the fear of terrorism coupled with the day’s failed leadership in most parts of the world, many ordinary people who are not acquainted with Islam proper have come to an erroneous conclusion about the faith. If some cornered Muslim somewhere raises some dust, Islam suddenly becomes the culprit; no questions asked.

Exploiting this fear, certain groups have jumped on the wagon of Islam bashing, you name it: outright falsifications, misquotes, half-truths, taking things out of contexts, these and more are used as a means to an end: The defamation of Islam. There are numerous online sites that unashamedly cater to this kind of low life propaganda. It's evident from all the hysteria and Islam bashing that there are really very desperate folks out there and they will do anything to twist the facts. Any information that gives Islam a black eye is welcomed with open arms.

Sadly, the Media is a forerunner in this smearing campaign where Islam is portrayed as being the culprit every time. Fortunately for humanity, however, not everyone can be persuaded to forgo of their own personal happiness and what makes them happy and satisfied is pursued no matter what.

Opposing God and standing in the way of people’s happiness is actually as old as Satan himself, this is an old business. This concerted effort on the part of certain humans is therefore not confined to the day’s Media; it's an issue spanning the centuries and the day's Islam bashers are simply recycling the very same old rubbish.

The Prophet of Islam had a taste of this during his lifetime. Right at the dawn of the Revelation, the Quraish of Makka, (Elite of Makka who apparently felt threatened by the pure teachings of Islam and the Social Justice this way of life brought in its wake) these people of Makka, too, had employed this old tactic of deceit and misinformation. Having failed in their efforts to silence the Prophet  and for fear of having more people hear him speak, the Elite of Makka cooked up all kinds of tall stories:

Don’t listen to him, they warned unsuspecting people, the man is crazy, they cried.. He is possessed, a soothsayer and a sorcerer, all rolled into one, they sang. And so on went one character assassination after another. About the revelation, false allegations abounded, as they do to this day. He faked it! This is nothing but stories of the old!  they said. Understandably, the prophet of Islam was saddened by all the nonsense that circulated around his holy person and Message, as it must sadden all those who love truth to see deception paraded as truth. But these foolish people were his people, he wished them well; he knew things they did not know, and the kind, gentle human being he was, Muhammad was sincerely aggrieved on his ignorant people's account.

As a matter of fact, Muhammad wasn’t the first Prophet people attacked or mocked, nor would his people be the last to reject God’s message. And as Muhammad knew it it wasn’t him these people denied; it was the Revelation, not the man: for hadn’t Muhammad lived among them, beloved by all who came into contact with him, before he said: no god but God?  Nor were the people of Makka averse to the idea of worshipping God per se, it was just that they desired to do it according to their age-old superstitions and prevalent life style, and not on God's terms, and this was what Muhammad’s message took issue with. 

A poet by the name of Tufayl belonging to an outlying tribe was on his way to Makka when the Quraish vigilantes fell on him and warned him about Muhammad’s sorcery. Don’t listen to him!  the Makkans warned. The man was honestly worried, scared for his life. So upon entering Makka he stuffed some cotton wool in his ears as he did not want to be bewitched by the man’s words. When Tufayl arrived at the Kabah he found the Prophet there standing for prayer and reciting parts of what the Lord revealed to him:

“God would not have it”, Tufayl said later, “but that I should hear something of what was recited, and I heard beautiful words. So I said to myself:  I am a man of insight, a poet, and not ignorant of the difference between the fair and the foul. Why then should I not hear what this man is saying? If it be fair I will accept it, and if foul, reject it.”

 When the Prophet left his position, Tufayl followed him to his house, and said: “O Muhammad thy people told me this and that and they so frightened me about thy state that I stuffed my ears lest I should hear thy speech…So tell me the truth of what thou art.”

Consequently Muhammad, peace be upon him, clarified his position and convinced the man about Islam which is to worship God, associating nothing with Him, and the words uttered the final revelation of the Creator to humanity. Muhammad recited some Quranic verses and the man accepted Islam there and then.

I will not waste time here on trying to convince people a fact which is out there for anyone who wishes to know. Allah's last Message to humanity, the Glorious Qur'an, is here with us, in its original text, pure and as intact as the day Muhammad left this earth.  God is alive and anyone who wishes direct contact with his Creator can do so without asking anyone else for help. It’s therefore up to each individual to ascertain the truth for himself. It's not my job to guide anyone, God guides whom He wills. I'm simply sharing in order to raise wareness before eyes are closed.

For a true picture of Islam you will find the following links useful:


Quotes: from Martin Lings’ book: Muhammad

Reader Reviews for "Islam bashing is not new"

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Reviewed by Mohammed Advany 12/24/2006 

May God bless you for being the embassador of Islam. 

Reviewed by Robert Williams 1/18/2005 

Greetings in Peace,

Can one locate a ruler of a third world country that was not put there by CIA or their British bosses - MI-6? Saddam Hussein was put there in '62 by CIA and Iraqis suffered under him for 40 years! Today they're still suffering from U.S.-installed government. Same with Afghanistan, same with Sudan, same with Indonesia, Pakistan, Liberia, Panama, Nicaraugua, etc, etc. When we examine the government/corporatist joint-propaganda industry and the way it veils globalized economic fascism, we should remember that when someone gets angry and kicks their dog - the dog is not to blame.

Reviewed by Safi Abdi 9/22/2004 

Benjamin, you said:

<It is not the religion itself, but the actions of a small circle of thugs who bend the religious precepts to explain the reason of their criminal actions.>

If people saw Islam for what it is, then we wouldn't have all the Islam bashing, would we? Sadly, that is not the case. As it is, people are more interested in the actions of individuals than they are about finding the truth. Thank you! Safi

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