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It is Easy to Gain Thawab (Reward)


I am so glad I am a Mu’min (Believer). It is so easy to gain Thawab!

01. I say a simple 'Salaam (Peace)' to someone (instead of 'Hi'), I am rewarded!

02. I smile at someone, I am rewarded!

03. I say, 'Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Aalihi Wasallam' every time I hear the name of our Prophet, I am rewarded ten times for each one time!

04. I pray in Masjid, I am 27 times rewarded.

05. If I could not go to Masjid, I pray with my family members (not alone), I am 27 times rewarded.

06. I teach my children good, I am rewarded for all that I teach, all that they practice and for all who do the same looking at my kids!

07. I read a word of Qur'an, I get ten times reward for each letter of that word! (How much reward if we read a few pages every day?)

08. I begin anything with 'Bismillah'. That action (good ones) of mine is rewarded.

09. I grow beard, I get rewarded.

10. I wear abaya and my friends copy me, I get rewarded for myself and for what they do!

11. I delete mails concerning immoral movies, film stars, etc; I am rewarded.

12. I 'think' of doing a good deed, I am rewarded.

13. I do that good deed, I am ten times rewarded!

14. I get Thawab for all the bad, un-Islamic programs I never see on TV.

15. I get rewarded for all the bad songs and music I never hear! (And just think how many immoral songs are there today!)

16. I bother to read an Islamic message, I am rewarded.

17. I bother to send such a message, I am rewarded.

18. I get rewarded for all the people I send it to! (All I do is to 'click').

19. I get much more ‘Thawab’ if I act according to the message (after confirming it's the truth).

20. If I bother to confirm, and find out if it's authentic, I get rewarded!

21. What if other people act according to what I sent? I get rewarded for all good they get rewarded for (life time reward!)

22. And what if those people forward it to other people and it goes on? I keep getting reward for as long as it's circulated! (Reward even after my death!)

23. Even if they just read and delete, I get rewarded!

24. I control my temper, I get rewarded.

25. I buy my kids chocolate, I get rewarded.

26. I buy a good Islamic cassette, I get rewarded.

27. We watch it together as a family, we get rewarded.

28. We act according to it, many, many times rewarded!

29. I fear Allah (SWT) and do not buy immoral film CDs, I am rewarded.

30. I do not go to Theatre to watch bad movies, I am rewarded.

31. I hold the glass with my right hand while drinking, I am rewarded.

32. I go shopping dressed in an Islamic and respectful way, I get rewarded.

33. I go to school/college/work in proper clothing (Islamic way), I get rewarded as many times as all the male/female who do not cover themselves properly!

34. I write this, I get rewarded.

35. You read this, you get rewarded.

36. You mail this to all, we all get rewarded! Subhanallah! The list goes on ...

See how easy it is to gain so much Thawab? As easy as it is to gain, so easy is it to miss! You must know as you do, everything will be (Insha Allah) rewarded. Nothing will go unseen.

I have only mentioned little things... Think of all the Thawab you will (Insha Allah) get for praying, fasting, Hajj, Ziyarat, Charity, preaching, spreading Islam ...? SUBHANALLAH!

GLORIFY ALLAH ALWAYS ... Allahu Akbar!Al-Hamdulillah!Subhan Allah!~~~~~*****~~~~~


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