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On day-to-day Masail of Muslims

Replying: Mufti Muhammad As'ad Qasmi

Coordinator, Online Darul Ifta,


Married with bhanji unknowingly

Q.If someone did nikah with his niece unknowingly and had children from her too and then they came to know this relation, what should they do now? Can they live in a house as uncle and niece? What advice would you give to them?

Abdul Latif (India)

A.Whatever they did unknowingly, they are not sinners. However, they must break up the relation now. Since the nikah was invalid there is no need to divorce, and mahr is due on the man (mamu). Children's relation with him as a father is correct. After separation, she must spend her iddat (prescribed period) and then marry another man. This uncle and niece can live in a house, but since they have been once as husband and wife, they should not live together any more so that satan will not lead them to the same sin.

Doing business of video films

Q.My brother does the business of video films giving them on rent. Is it jaez? Will his namaz, roza, zakat and hajj be acceptable?

Hammad (India)

A.No, it is a prohibited business. Its income is also unlawful. He should perform namaz, roza, zakat, they will be completed as per Shari'ah ruling but he cannot receive the noor (divine glow) of iman unless he leaves this business and repents to Allah sincerely.

Performing sunnat after Fajr

Q.I have one query, please, do reply with reference to a Hadith. Is performing fajr sunnah after fajr farz allowed or not?

Javed Ansari (UAE)

A.According to ahadith, it is not allowed to perform namaz after fajr and asr. Thus, there is no nafl namaz as well as sunnat namaz after fajr farz. If you left sunnah of fajr in order to join congregation (Jamat), you should perform sunnah after sunrise but before zawal time, because the sunnah of fajr is highly recommended in ahadith.

Voting for politician leader guilty of shirk

Q.Will it not be unlawful and haram if I cast vote in favour of a political leader in the election, who does acts of shirk? Is this permissible according to Islamic ruling?

Arman khan (Saudi Arabia)

A.The political leader who is guilty of shirk but he is a good social worker too then it will be permissible to vote for him. You are not voting in his favour because of his religious affiliation. Instead, you are voting for him because you regard him to be the most suitable person to carry out the work entrusted to him.

To prevent habit of talking too much

Q.I have a habit of talking too much. How can I prevent this bad habit? Tell me some duas.

A.It is a sign of stupidity to talk before thinking. You should exercise restraint. Talk when there is need without engaging in any sinful talk. Apart from this, read dua': Allahumma saddid qalbiee wa saddid lisaani (Oh Allah straighten my heart and straighten my tongue). Bear in mind that only dua' is not sufficient. An effort with the dua is required.

Virtue of doing miswak

Q.Can you please give me the details of the battle where sahabah (companions) were not winning and when they started doing miswak, the enemies ran away and it turned to a victory? Please give me the reference.

Faisal Darbar (Saudi Arabia)

A.Once Hazrat Abdullah bin Mubarak (rahmatullahi alaih) with other Muslim fighters was in a battle. They tried much to conquer the fort of kuffar (pagans) but all in vain. With the thought how to conquer, he slept and dreamt that the prophet (saws) said: 'Use miswak whenever you perform wudhu.' In the morning when he woke up, and then he used miswak and asked his companions too to use miswak. When the kuffar (pagans) saw Muslims doing miswak, they were in panic and overpowered and they got down and rushed to the chiefs and informed that the Muslims were sharpening their teeth to eat them up after the victory. At length, they sent a messenger to Muslims to ask if they wanted to take wealth or life. Abdullah bin Mubarak said, 'we want neither your wealth nor your life but we want you to accept Islam and rescue yourselves. So they accepted Islam. (Salaat-e-Masoodi, page No. 106) this reference is given in a book named [Fazail-e-Miswak] written by 'Maulana Mufti Muhammad Irshad Qasmi' on page No. 73.

Performing prayer in shoes

Q.I saw many people performing prayers especially funeral prayers while wearing shoes. Can we perform funeral prayer or any other prayer in shoes? What are the conditions for performing namaz in shoes? Please guide me because I do the same though I feel uncomfortable.

Waheed (South Africa)

A.The namaz could be performed with shoes as long as there are no impurities on them. Thus, before starting your namaz in shoes you have to check them properly.

Must sister-in-law do work of her husband's brother?

Q.Is there any hadith that commands us that bhabhi (brother's wife) should do work of her husband's brother) such as washing his cloths, providing him with tea or breakfast. Please reply me, mother-in-law asks me to do this work.

Farheen Syed (India)

A.There is no such hadith in my knowledge regarding this. It is your moral job in the society to do such helpful work. Through this, you are helping your husband's mother which is good. However, Shari'ah does not compel you to do the same.

Chicken dipped in hot water

Q.Is it permissible to eat chicken which has been hand-slaughtered and then dipped into 60 to 65 degree Celsius of hot water without cleaning the impurities to remove the feathers. If not what should be the maximum temperature of the hot water in which chicken can be dipped that is permissible. Also I would like to know every time the chickens dipped, the water used has to be new or the same water can be used again and again.

Danish Ansari (India)

A.In principle, the impurities in the chicken should not penetrate in the meat of the chicken. That depends on the temperature of the water in which the chicken is dipped in. I think 60-65 Celsius hot water is too hot and the impurities in the chicken could penetrate into the flesh of the chicken. The chicken can be dipped in the same water repeatedly.

Picture of the gates of the raudha

Q.Please tell me if it is permissible to put a picture of the gates of the raudha of the prophet Muhammad (saws) on the wall in one's room?

Jameel (Bangladesh)


A.Yes, you can keep it as it is allowed. But be cautious about the picture of any living being in the wall, as figures on walls are forbidden.


And Allah knows the best

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