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What to Do with Islam?


By R.J. Godlewski

© December 7, 2009, All Rights Reserved.

The author of this article is very critical of Islam and Muslims. We invite readers to write an article opposing Mr. Godlewski’s points of view.   Managing Editor of

    I had a nightmare last night. I was in a very beautiful Catholic Church – you know, the old kind with Renaissance art and sculptures everywhere – and a nun was speaking and leading us in a rosary beneath an exceptionally beautiful portrait of the Blessed Virgin. It was a beautiful ceremony, part traditional prayer and part spontaneous adulation of God – except.

    In one corner of the church was a small group of Muslim men who were very vocal and disruptive. Their commotion became so intense that I could not hear the words being spoken by the nun standing just a few feet away from me. I looked around for the priest, but he was nowhere to be seen. I suspected that he was out trying to enlist the aid of the authorities (who never did come) and so I set about writing a complaint myself. As within many dreams, the words were hard to remember, the physical act of writing difficult to control. My efforts seem to function in slow motion and often I could not conduct the simplest of tasks. Then, my new puppy Bronson woke me up so that I would take him outside.

    Usually, I let my subconscious thoughts dissipate as soon as I am conscious enough to climb out of bed and begin my longer than average days. Often, as my readers know, I believe that our Lord presented specific dreams to me in order to carry out a specific purpose. Such as during my youth when I now believed that I was on the verge of death, or much later when Sara was actually preparing for her own entrance into Paradise. I wonder if God was talking to me again.

    There are several evident “truths” within my latest dream that deserve discussion. First, Islam has become a major distraction within the world; a distraction that challenges the peace and sanctity of the much more mature Judeo-Christian faith. Second, the voices of women were being silenced by the actions of a few belligerent Muslim men. Last, but by no means least, the secular authorities were nowhere to be found and hence unable to stop the chaos generated by the Muslims. Not much of a revelation – or is it?

    If one faith were to disappear in an instant, would the world be better off without Islam or Christianity? If one doctrine were applied universally and without challenge, would the world be better off with the Qur’an or the Gospels? Would you feel more comfortable with a neighbor who felt that entrance into paradise mandated his dying to save your life or one who thought that it mandated his killing of you and your entire family? Sometimes the greatest revelations are the simplest to see – if we are only perceptive enough to catch the obvious.

    Christian ethic has survived for two thousand years – even in criminally anti-Christian modern society – because it is based upon truth. That there are some things motivated by God and some things motivated by man’s desires. Christian earthly world is not perfectly suited because it is inhabited by imperfect humans. Our Lord is a shining beacon, calling us away from the treacherous shoals that seek to shatter our hulls, yes, but He is also a lifeguard prepared to leap into action should our course wash us upon these terrible reefs.

    The infinite chasm between Christianity and Islam is that only Christianity knows that the individual can choose to consider whether a cry for assistance is warranted or not. That the individual can make a stand upon those jagged rocks and declare, “This earth is dangerous to my being but I willingly choose to remain here instead of trying to meet the Lifeguard halfway.” Muslims cannot think truthfully for they believe that everything is preordained by Allah. The only thing preordained by God is the free will of His human creations. He gave us not only complete reign of the earth, but also the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

    In my current Illicit Finance course in school, we’re studying the effects of the collapse of the economy in Dubai. While reminiscent of the collapse of the U.S. housing market (largely brought about by socialistic “provide mortgages to anyone with a heartbeat” practices), the crisis in Dubai rests squarely upon unsustainable Shari’a finance.

    Islamic finance has five basic tenets, which are the antitheses of proven capitalistic enterprise: no interest, no speculation, no haram (forbidden) investments such as pork, gambling, etc., the requirement for sharing of profits and losses, and asset backing. Who among you would invest in a bond that does not bear interest? How many jobs are created without speculation? Or technological breakthroughs? Dubai was an Islamic disaster just waiting to happen. When God said, “fill the earth” I doubt He meant creating palm-shaped islands and miniature maps arising out of the sea.

    Consider also, that while Christ chose men to administer his Church, He did not sidestep the participation of women within the process. He elevated His mother to Queen of Heaven, hailing above all angels and saints. After His Resurrection, He appeared to a woman before the one He handed the keys of Heaven to. In the entire Bible, the one who contributed the most to charity was an old widow.

    Muslims may claim to value women, but their actions are contrary to the claim. They restrict their actions and hide their presence. They view them as secondary to men, not as human equals. They may correctly believe that God granted men and women some physiological differences, but they ignore that God also granted both free will.


    I cannot help but feel that much of the Gospel – the Good News – is distinctly a warning against Islam. First, you have the warning against false prophets. Next, you have a prohibition against praying on street corners. When Christ said to go and lock yourself in a room where no one but God could see you pray, I cannot help but think that he was forewarning us against being publicly called to prayer five times per day. Then, there is the entire Christian ethic of reaching out (by example) to those who do not believe and removing the plank from one’s own eye. The Qur’an simply retreats human progress to adolescent Judaism when the Israelites had to be weaned from animalistic instincts. Christ replaced the temporal with the glorified.

    I personally feel that Islam is a sham – if not an outright shame. Its expansion came about not from within a hostile climate such as Christianity did with pagan Rome or through the virtues of civility but through unceasing treachery and rampant breeding. The true Christian holds his wife as an equal until death do them part. The Muslim within Muslim lands views his wife merely as livestock – corralled, branded, and part of a large herd.

    So the question begs, “What do we do with Islam?” What do we do with a people who are obligated to lie to us non-Muslims? For starters, we need to ditch the religion moniker and accept that it is nothing more than an all-encompassing political ideology much like communism or Nazism. Unlike Christianity, which seeks to prepare individuals for the afterlife, Islam seeks to prepare the planet for a new existence. It expands not by example, but by force. It is not – and never has been – an ideology based upon tolerance of outsiders. Any true Christian would be appalled over another Christian blowing himself up in order to kill women and children. Christ embodied Forgiveness; Islam embodies revenge.

    Yes, I have a dream. To rid the world of the nightmare that is Islam. I will try to do so as a faithful Christian but, alas, if there is one thing that I have learned from my Catholic heritage it is that we are all human. I just know that my God is God. Thy Will be done.


Debbie on December 07, 2009 at 11:47 AM in Current Affairs, Looney Left, Main Stream Media, Military, Personal Responsibility, Politics, R.J. Godlewski, Religion, Terrorism, US

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